Reader Question – Canadian Style Bloggers?

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Hi Allie,

I love your style, but some of the shopping tips don’t help me because I live in Canada. We do have the Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic thing here, but no Nordstroms and I’d never even heard of Ann Taylor before I read your blog. I don’t live close to the border, so cross-border shopping isn’t an option, and I hate all the extra fees I have to pay to have something shipped here.

Are you aware of any bloggers who do something similar to you: know the online deals and good finds, but for Canada? I’m sure I can eventually find them, but the internet is so vast I could waste a lot of time searching. And sometime Google just doesn’t cut it.

Thanks for what you do!


What say you oh fabulous readers?  I have to admit, I have some style blogger faves, but I often don't even notice where they live on this planet.  I am slammed with work today so I wanted to send this question out to the blogosphere – what are your favorite Canadian bloggers who photograph their daily outfits and talk about where they shop?  I look forward to the responses, and seeing if there are some more fabulous blogs that I need to put on my blogroll!

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  1. I am in Canada. I don’t post my outfits everyday like Allie does…but I have been getting more into it again, and also often post wish-lists from stores I like.

    I am not really aware of any Canadian style/fashion blogs (mine is more mommy/life/exercise/weight loss/style/fashion…etc…etc. I will follow this thread and watch for some though, I would love that.

  2. I have to admit that I’ve started making trips to the US for the increased clothing options (and sizes) and lower prices. I don’t have any Canadian blogs to share but I’ll be watching to see if anyone else does!

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