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I realized recently that it has been a hair over two years since I first began blogging at my original blog. Now I have FOUR blogs on Blogger and one on my MySpace profile, from it I have met a ton of amazing people both virtually and in person, have been introduced to a world of great writers, product reviews and vendors I would have otherwise not known about. The blogosphere may be a joke to many, but to us regular bloggers, we know it as a true community and a great tool!

Every so often I respond in a post to questions I receive via comments and to my email account. I try to respond to all individually, but when I get more than one person asking a similar question, I find it best to answer them all in one post. So here you go!

  1. I work for a consulting firm. We do all sorts of things with all sorts of clients. No real need to know more than that, I work in a cubicle, often left alone for days at a time, often times leading or attending meetings with staff and clients. This explains how one day I will be wearing jeans and another day a suit.
  2. Regarding my weight loss or any other questions about me, products I use, size I wear… do note there is a taskbar at the top of my blog in silver. This is a very cool feature of Blogger blogs, you can put in keywords like “weight loss” and find any post that I have written describing it. Handy dandy tool that is on the majority of Blogger blogs. Do use it, it’s amazing what questions you find answered by your favorite blogs!
  3. I do not live in Washington D.C. proper, but in one of its close suburbs.
  4. I may love fashion and beauty, but I am not a real shopaholic. I have one full-time job and a few side jobs which leave little time for me to investigate the amazing shopping of our Nation’s Capital and surrounding areas. I do a ton of shopping online because it’s quick, easy and can be completed on my lunch break. I also find a lot of independent boutiques do not cater to larger sizes, and to drive across town and feed a meter to find dresses only in a size 4 seems to be a waste of time (or to try on what is labeled as a 12 or 14 and find it fits more like a 2 or 4… that’s just downright frustrating). If you can prove me wrong with local shops that honestly provide a decent selection of my size and do not sell vintage tees and patchwork pinafores for $350 a piece, I would be happy to check it out.
  5. I didn’t remove the links to other blogs on purpose; I went to delete a survey I had posted for Coutorture and accidentally deleted both sections of the sidebar. When I have a free moment I will re-post blogs I admire, visit, or support. I will not link share with any old person, this is a blog about personal style and I try to have the links relevant to you readers.
  6. Same with advertising. I have had ads on and off on this blog and have decided to remove the majority of them because they just slow down the page and often times do not match my personal interests or views. To make a few bucks didn’t seem worth it. I have the Google AdSense on top because I don’t find it distracting, and may soon have ads from Coutorture (if you haven’t visited this site, you should because it is an amazing home base for blogs about beauty, fashion and such) but will try to keep it from affecting the content of this blog. I hate nothing more than a blog that has tons of pop-ups, sidebars covered with ads and ads between each post. I don’t blog to make big money, I blog for fun. However if you wish to click on ads, I won’t stop you!
  7. I will not promote anything I do not believe in, I will not advertise anything I find to be crap, and I will delete any comments that are advertising crap or their own blogs. FYI.
  8. I love you readers, and it makes my day when I see comments from you in my Inbox! Thanks so much for your support, your feedback and your friendship! This has been a fun two years and I hope to keep it going for many years more!
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  1. 2 years, wow, I’m not even up to 1 year yet! I love your blog and read it everyday. Getting left comments makes my day too. Keep it up!

  2. Yes, please do keep it up. Yours is one of the best blogs I have come across on the whole world wide web. That’s *world wide*, you know. :-p

  3. I really enjoy checking out your outfits and your writing. Its great to find someone like me who feels its worth making the effort, not to snag a man or a promotion but just because it makes you feel good. Keep up the good work

  4. Dilly you do a fab job on this blog, keep up the good work! If it wasn’t for you I’d be going out the house everyday looking like a tramp! 😉

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