Does the ever by X Dress fit Plus Sizes?

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Does the ever by X dress fit plus sizes? An honest review on Wardrobe Oxygen by a size 22 body

When I did an ever by X dress review one of the biggest questions I got was does the ever by X dress fit plus sizes? Ever by X is a sustainable fashion brand that offers just one dress out of vegan silk that claims to fit US sizes 6-24. I showcased it on my body, but you wished to see it on a different body that was a different size and shape from me. My friend Carrie offered to model the ever by X dress and share her thoughts. Spoiler alert, Carrie liked the dress so much I gifted her my ever by X dress!

What is the ever by X dress?

The ever by X dress is strategically designed to not just fit sizes 6-24, but to be styled in a multitude of ways. If you check out my ever by X dress review you can see the eight different ways I realistically styled it for a range of situations and weather. The ever by X dress comes in three lengths: petite, midi, and grande. Petite is for those who are under 5'4″, midi is the standard length, and grande is for those over 5'7″ or anyone who wants more of a maxi-style dress.

ever by X is an Australian woman-owned sustainable fashion brand. Pieces are made in small batches with deadstock fabric to reduce waste. The dress itself is a sustainable design to assist you in having plenty of style with a smaller closet.

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Does the ever by X Dress fit Plus Sizes?

Carrie wearing the navy ever by X dress cinched with a wide black stretch belt from her own closet.
Meet Carrie! She is wearing the ever by X dress in Night Sea in the petite length

While I know from following the brand on Instagram that ever by X had a recent photo shoot to update their site with their new lengths, new colors, and with models in a range of sizes, shapes, and skintones, it's currently hard to shop the line not knowing how it fits on a range of body shapes. I know you saw me wear it, and I recommend checking out Lilli at Frocks & Frou Frou who has also reviewed the ever by X dress. But I know the more variety of bodies, the easier it is to know if an item may fit your unique shape.

Carrie in the ever by x dress styled as a caftan

Some of you may know Carrie, she is the talented person behind Woodnote Jewelry and is also the Community Manager for the Wardrobe Oxygen Community on Facebook. I met Carrie through Wardrobe Oxygen, she started as a commenter and we became virtual, and then IRL friends. We've both been invited to Universal Standard events and we went together to see Lizzo in concert! Carrie “gets” the Wardrobe Oxygen community, shops a lot of the same retailers I do (or I recommend) and I couldn't think of a better person to share her thoughts on if the ever by X dress fits plus sizes.

Carrie in the ever by x dress

Carrie is 5'5″ tall. She wears a Medium in old styles of Universal Standard but takes a Large in some of their new fits. For Torrid, Carrie wears a 22 or 3X. Carrie would likely have done better with the midi instead of the petite, but since I am a 5'3″ shortie it's what I had available for the shoot. That being said, Carrie has worn the dress multiple times since this shoot.

Carrie laughing in the ever by x dress

For this shoot, Carrie styled the ever by X dress in two ways: open and loose like a caftan, and cinched with a wide elastic belt from her own closet. She found the self-belt lacking and preferred the style offered by a wider stretch belt. Below I share some other wide stretch belts in plus sizes that would also be great with this dress:

Shop Plus Size Stretch Belts:


Is the ever by X dress as versatile for Plus Sizes?

Carrie belting the ever by x dress

I knew just by trying on the dress that while it would work for a range of body sizes and shapes, it wouldn't be as versatile for larger sizes. If you go back to my post, you can see that I buttoned the neck, but it was snug on me. The self-belt may not be long enough to do all the creative twists and ties, and cape-like styles may not be as cape-like due to lesser volume.

Carrie showing the back view of the ever by X dress

However, the dress is designed to look great on a range of bodies. The sleeve style is comfortable and cool looking on larger arms, the neckline is open enough for comfort but won't expose a large bust, and it can be worn open or belted, with the self-belt or a belt or scarf you already own.

Carrie wearing the dress like a caftan.

About the ever by X dress Carrie shared with me: “I'm not self-conscious about my arms in this dress which is a nice change. It doesn't feel tight on me anywhere, but I also don't feel like I have some of the drapey options that smaller women do. At 5'5 the petite works for me, but I'm definitely on the line!”

Carrie wearing a navy ever by X dress unbuttoned and loose. She is standing in a field with her left hand on her hip and she is laughing.

I asked Carrie to followup and share how she has styled the ever by X dress: “I haven't styled it other ways yet – I wore it belted to dinner with my folks and felt very chic but super comfortable; I wore it open to when I sold jewelry at a vineyard on a hot and humid day – no sweat stains, super comfy, and felt like a cool lady!”

Alison and Carrie together laughing
Carrie and me when my husband the photographer likely said something funny

Thank you to Carrie for being an ever by X dress model, and for being such a wonderful part of the Wardrobe Oxygen Community! As always, I am here to be a resource for you. If there is a brand. you are curious about, let me know in the comments. You never know it may be the next brand I and/or another member of the #WO2Fam will review for you!

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  1. Oooh this dress looks just so great on everybody! I’m being tempted to buy it again… The thing is, I know I don’t generally like this sort of shapeless dress on myself, preferring draping to be anchored in more structure. So I really shouldn’t, especially with the price and the shipping to Germany. But it’s so pretty!!!
    So could you tell me why you gave it away, Allie? Not your thing, ultimately?

    1. I gave it away because I got it for free, and get a lot of clothing for free with this job and wanted to share the wealth to a friend who was generous enough to model for me. I figured I could buy myself a new one in the spring when it’s the weather for such a dress here in the US. I let the brand know… and they’re sending me another one in thanks for writing these two unpaid reviews! I recently bought a cute belt at Zara that I think will look great with it once it arrives (darn supply chain issues!).

  2. Hello, I own two Ever by X dresses and I love them. I also own clothes by the designer who produces the fabric. It’s lovely to wear in warmer weather and doesn’t show much wear and tear. I’m not sure if it’s ok to link to other blog posts but I first saw this dtess reviewed on an Australian blog, Frocks and Frou Frou. She has written two posts about the dress and I thought people might be interested to hear her thoughts after having owned the dress for 12 months. The first post is here: https://frocksandfroufrou.com/2020/10/a-dress-for-all-seasons/ and the follow up post is here: https://frocksandfroufrou.com/2021/08/desert-island-dress/
    Apologies if links aren’t encouraged!

      1. Oh I’m sorry – I was so excited about seeing the dress that I must have missed that you’d already linked to Lilli!
        On another note, I’ve only just discovered your site and I’m really enjoying it – thanks so much!

    1. Can you share who that designer is? Or how you found that out? I just bought my first Ever by X dress and I am super interested! (I also realize this may be a whole thing.)

  3. Maybe not quite as many ways to style it, but it looks amazing on Carrie – her photos are pushing me closer toward buying one! We’re the same height and I think the length looks great.

  4. I looked at the website and still have no idea what “vegan silk” is. Is it rayon? There’s a lot of flowery language about fine denier threads and luxurious Japanese textiles, but I find no real explanation of what, exactly, the fabric is. Ideas?

    1. Kerryl from ever by X receives this fabric from a high end designer, it is deadstock fabric, but it is patented for this specific designer. By using this fabric, ever by X gets the look of silk but is ethical by being both vegan and keeping this leftover fabric out of landfills or being destroyed. ever by X is contracted to not share the details in exchange for accessing the fabric, just that it is vegan and it really does feel similar to silk, or cupro. It is machine washable, not stretchy but has some give, and has a lustre.

  5. Carrie looks wonderful in this dress. That color is so cute for her. I like it with the belt as it shows her curves. Reviews like both of yours help us all figure out if something is a good fit or not. Given how short I am (5’1”) and the price, I know this dress is not for me. That’s a personal thing, though, and not anything against the models or the manufacturer. I just know I wouldn’t wear it. Thanks, Carrie, for modeling!


  6. It’s so lovely to see Carrie featured on the blog after seeing her name and words so often! I’m on Team Ever by X – I bought mine after seeing it on WO2 – great to see it on a different body and lovely to see how flattering it is!

  7. Alison, LOVE your blog/writing/sense of style! Have you ever done a post about Plus Petite? I love the size at Talbot’s but don’t know of any other place that sells that size.
    Also is there a way to pay by PayPal for your “Buy me a coffee”? I hate to drag out my CC for small donations.

  8. Thank you Allie and K! I’ve worn this dress to meet a friend for lunch and dressed it up another time with that belt above (amazon) and sandals. I definitely CANNOT button the neck buttons for reference. I love this dress and I’m so happy to have found your blog and similar style sense, and more happy that we are friends!

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