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Recently I have done some shopping.

In stores.

Seriously, I never go shopping in person any more.  Having Emerson and a full time job and a husband who I adore and love hanging out with (and who hates shopping), my life is planned on the Internet.  Everything except groceries is bought online.

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Well Saturday I had to buy a birthday present for a friend's kid so I headed to Target.  While there, I saw this fantastic dress.  I had to try it on, and the Large fit me perfectly.  A hair too long, but I was able to walk just fine in my stacked J. Crew flip flops.  I wore it that very day to the birthday party with flip flops, air-dried beachy hair, silver cuff and hoops, a silver bead necklace from H&M and bronzer.  Very fun beachy look.  The dress washed and dried great (I did not follow the instructions to air dry while twisting it for the crinkle look – I was hoping to shrink it some).

I personally like it better non-crinkly (especially since the crinkling falls out with wear).  The dress is fully lined, completely covered the boobs (maybe not work appropriate but great for anywhere else).  I think this dress is great for barbecues with flip flops, but would also be lovely for a summer wedding if the flops were switched out with proper heeled sandals.  I got a bunch of compliments and my husband said I looked gorgeous.  Win!

051810 008
 Do know the bodice lining is showing due to a baby pressed against my bust, not due to poor construction of the dress.  And sorry, only pic I have of me in the dress from the day…

Monday I was supposed to go to traffic court but my conscience got the better of me.  See, less than a week after my birthday I got pulled over at 6:00am for running a stop sign in a Metro parking lot.  When the Transit Cop (yeah, not regular cop) took my license, he realized that my license expired on my birthday.  Fabulous.  So I got almost $200 worth of tickets for a 3-day expired license and running a stop sign in a virtually empty parking lot.

Well I decided to go to court, hoping the cop wouldn't show up.  As time went by, I got notification on the ticket for the stop sign, but never for the expired license (I went two days later and got it renewed).  I checked online, they only had record of the stop sign ticket.  And well… I DID run that stop sign (well I slowed down…).  So the date of my court hearing was coming and I chickened out.  I couldn't go and lie to a judge, and what if the cop DID show up – Metro is hurting for money.  So I paid it.  But I still had the day off work.  So I went shopping.

I finally got Emerson's baby announcement custom framed (it came with an 11″x17″ poster version of the announcement).  I bought some frames to work on decorating the master bedroom.  I looked in various stores for a mirror that would look right in the nursery.  And, I looked for clothes for me.

I wasn't looking for day-to-day clothes, but proper attire for the Bonnaroo Music Festival.  I know before I mentioned that I found THE ULTIMATE ROO DRESS at Old Navy.  Well, notsomuch.  The XL was humongous on me.  By time the Large was back in stock and I received it, I realized the dress is ridiculously sheer.  Like so sheer you could see my belly button through the dark purple one.  Boo.  So I have been freaking out for Roo clothes.  In a panic, I got the ivory version of my navy maxi dress from Gap.  I look like butt in off-white, and this dress doesn't seem to fit quite as well as the navy one but I felt desperate.  I took two dresses from '08 Bonnaroo that don't fit in the bust and cut off the straps to make them skirts.  Not a good look on me (tank and full skirt) but I figured it was better than nothing and I couldn't afford or justify spending a lot of money on Roo attire.

Well Monday I went to Ross and wow.  Seriously, if you are looking for some cute sundresses head thee to Ross!  I tried on 27 dresses, and most of them were at least halfway decent on me.  I was thisclose to buying two super cute matte jersey maxi dresses – one was a gorgeous shade of purple and had a silhouette similar to the one from Target that I wore Saturday.  Another was a red and black zebra print that actually was wearable sans bra thanks to padded inserts in the bodice.  The thing was… I don't have a life to wear sexy matte jersey maxi dresses.  They weren't work appropriate, I don't have any weddings or bachelorette parties or Girls Night Outs on the books.  And if I did, I could wear my new dress from Tarjay or my LBD from Ann Taylor that I bought last year.

But I did get a cute blue print maxi dress from She's Cool that I can wear sans bra and rock at Bonnaroo.  I also got a gauzy black calf-length sundress that has straps just wide enough to cover my bra straps (don't remember brand).  The dresses were only $12.99 each.  Rock on!  I think I may return the off-white Gap maxi dress now, and I may keep trolling Ross to see if I can get another dress just like the blue one but in a different print (I need an XL and I found shorter ones in XL that weren't quite right, or the longer version in L or 1X).

So it's kind of exciting to have a nice pile growing for Bonnaroo and a few new pieces in my closet.  Also I have lost a bit more weight recently so the 14 regular white Gap pants from last year are snug but work and the 16s are loose, but good casual pants with a fitted top.  And best thing – neither are too short any more.  Wow, this crazy ever-changing postpartum bod!

Oh yeah, other outfits from recent…

051810 018

 Sunday I went to breakfast with the fam and my mom.  I wore a deep indigo top from Banana Republic Outlet with the white Gap pants mentioned and a navy bead necklace from J. Crew.   Not a great pic, but nice to see all three of us together.

Monday I wore the new Tarjay dress when shopping.  Yeah I heart it that much.

Tuesday I was back to work and I wore my turquoise dolman top from Kenneth Cole with winter white trousers from Talbots and a turquoise multi-strand necklace from a boutique in Rehoboth Beach.

Today I am wearing a purple print blouson-sleeve shift dress from Ann Taylor Loft with my Duo boots and turquoise necklace.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I love your blog and have been reading it for years πŸ™‚
    I just picked up this dress as well at our local (Minneapolis…the home of Target!) Salvation Army Target, as I call it. Target donates all of their samples and extras to the downstairs portion of our Salvation Army thrift store. We get insanely low prices on brand new Target clothes. I got this dress for $10 πŸ™‚ I remembered reading about how much you loved it, so I had to try it on when I found it there! I’m excited for my find πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve been looking for a maxi dress and that one is really cute! They are sold out online but we are going to the city for the weekend (hubby’s b-day) so I’ve got my fingers crossed that it will be in stock at the store.

  3. Gosh, don’t you just love finding a fantastic dress at target? I love that red color on you, too.

  4. I just bought that Target maxi dress! I haven’t worn it yet but I love it and I’m looking forward to pairing it with some nice jewelry.

    I just scored a nice (not so summery) dress at TJ Maxx, and I’ll have to look into getting to a Ross sometime soon.

    I hope you have a good day!

  5. I’ve never been to Ross, but yay for new dresses! I agree with the others, you look so great in the red dress with the hair and freckles!

  6. That red dress is CUTE! I may have to check out Target. And you are adorable in that picture with your beachy hair and your freckled nose–what a great summer look.

  7. While I was reading, I was thinking: “I wonder if she has a Ross near her…” and lo and behold! Ross has been my go-to for summer dresses for the past couple of years, to the point where I really need to AVOID going there this year…I’ve got more than enough!

  8. wicked, wicked jealous you’re going to bonnaroo! i’ve alwaye wanted to.

    that red dress is totally smashing on you.

    funny the model has no cleavages. it’d be nice if they’d use real women now and then, eh?

  9. Ross seems to have lot more racks of dresses this year and I agree the selection isn’t shabby. Last week while there the lady who was stocking said she has been stocking everyday!

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