#SecondhandSeptember & Revisiting Palm Springs

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palm springs vintage jumpsuit

This January, I went with friends to Palm Springs. Our last day, the car packed up for our drive to San Diego for a conference I was attending after our getaway, we stopped for coffee. And next door to the coffee shop was a vintage boutique – Iconic Atomic. We stopped in, though I figured there wouldn't be anything on the racks that would fit me. Anyone over a size 8/10 knows that pickings get hella slim when it comes to great vintage clothing, and the larger the size, the less selection there is. But among the racks I saw a dress that looked about my size. I pulled it off the rack and realized it wasn't a dress it was a jumpsuit. I tried it on and it almost fit me perfectly! Clearly handmade, but by someone who knows how to sew.  Carefully lined and tailored for a woman similar to my shape but a little taller, I bought the jumpsuit knowing my tailor at home could shorten it and nip here and there to make it perfect for me.  I dreamed of all the places I'd wear this jumpsuit; I knew I'd wear it with my Margaux Uptown Sandals and took them with me to the tailor for the right length. That was January.

iconic atomic palm springs

Jumpsuit: Vintage purchased at Iconic Atomic | Shoes: Margaux (read my Margaux heels review) | Earrings: Jenny Bird | Bracelets: one is from Gorjana (this is similar) and the other is from Metal Marvels | Lipstick: A now-discontinued red with Fenty's Cheeky gloss over it

And then COVID happened, and there were no situations where I could rock this amazing vintage jumpsuit. Too delicate to wear about the house, it has collected dust in my closet.  But then I remembered September is known as Secondhand September, a time to promote second-hand shopping, something that makes a heck of a lot of sense considering our current economy, our current lifestyle, and the current condition of our planet.  No better time to rock this amazing jumpsuit, which I know will make it's world debut once things settle down.  But for now, a little shoot on our back deck!

vintage jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is so unique because it looks like a wrap dress, but the back view is classic jumpsuit.  It is fully lined, the jumpsuit as well as the wrap portion in front and has a back zipper. The only thing I'd love is pockets in it, but heck I want pockets in everything!

vintage wrap jumpsuit

These are seriously the only heels that my feet comfortably fit into this deep into COVID shoe life (which has been Birkenstocks, hiking boots, sneakers, and the occasional wide-width flat sandal and Rothy's flat).  Not only that, they are the only heels I still feel stable in.  These shoes are incredible and even though they won't get worn out and about any time soon I don't regret buying them.  They will be there for me when the world opens up, and they're fun to dance around in on my back deck!

iconic atomic palm springs jumpsuit

While there is no way to be able to get this exact jumpsuit, I did a little searching for fun vintage and second-hand pieces like this for you to peruse and made sure to have the collection as size-inclusive as possible:

  • More Than Your Average is an online boutique that curates thrifted and vintage pieces focusing on sizes 12+
  • Los Gitanos Vintage is a DC-based shop that curates the most covetable vintage and thrifted pieces. Her eye is impeccable. 
  • The Plus Bus is a curated collection of gently used and new plus-size fashion. They have a store in California but also do sales via Facebook and Instagram.
  • Venus Vintage Clothing is a UK-based Etsy shop that focuses on vintage clothing in US sizes 10-24
  • Persephone Vintage is a US-based Etsy shop I have shopped from that finds thrifted and vintage pieces that are incredibly on-trend for right now
  • The Edit Vintage is a Canada-based Etsy shop I have shopped from (the owner used to be a fashion blogger back in the day).  She also has a storefront and sells on Instagram
  • Braxae is a US-based Etsy shop that specializes in the most glorious sequined and fabulous vintage. The prices aren't cheap, but gosh the selection is divine! 
  • Vintage Apparels Goods is a US-based Etsy shop I stalk for vintage graphic t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and memorabilia 
  • Wardrobe Oxygen has a Buy, Sell, & Swap page on Facebook
  • I also have a Poshmark shop, and this is a reminder to list some more stuff very soon!
  • The Plus Directory is a great resource for plus-sized boutiques and they state if the boutiques are vintage, second-hand, or consignment.

If you have suggestions of great places to shop second-hand online, do share in the comments! 

Shop Vintage Fashion Online:


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  1. The fabulous way these colours look on you has me convinced, Alison, that you’re a deep/ dark autumn. I know you said a while back that you were ‘diagnosed’ as an autumn but gave up on colour theory because it didn’t really fit, but I have a similar look to you (with fine but curly dark hair & lighter skin in comparison, albeit different ethnicity) & recently had my colours done to know that they’ve evolved past just the basic 4 seasons now.

    This might seem random lol but I just wanted to share because apparently dark autumns are often misdiagnosed as winters instead, because they require more contrast & depth to their colours than a ‘true’ autumn (like the rich navy & warm browns of the print you’re wearing against the off-white/ cream base), & I remember you saying that you’re often drawn to typically winter colours instead (except for orange of course, lol).

    I hope this has helped to convince you to give colour theory another go? I’m in no way affiliated with Kettlewell but I thought this link does a good job of explaining it further (better than me at least, lol): https://www.kettlewellcolours.co.uk/seasonal-blog/2018/the-seasonal-sub-types-autumn

  2. I’ve been wondering what happened to this beautiful jumpsuit. I almost emailed you the other day and then got sidetracked. It is so pretty and I’m glad that it’s still in your closet, even if it is just gathering dust.

    #SecondhandSeptember is my new favorite thing.

    1. It looks super familiar to me too. I do know that my j. Crew sundress this summer the fabric was available for sale on a lot of websites, I wonder if the same held true then!

    2. Yes, my mom had a long dress (naturally!) in a similar print that she wore on a cruise in the 70s. Those colors…the same ones they used for appliances in those days.

  3. Looking good Allison, what a great find. Not sure your tailor should get all the credit. All the Covid peloton work you’ve put in shows. Luv your jumpsuit,
    Is you tailor in Greenbelt or close by?

    1. Yes, I go to Mode Custom Tailors in Greenbelt. It’s been open since the ’80s, first owned by Mr. Kim’s father and now he is the tailor. Wonderful person, great prices, and great work!

  4. There is a store in Portland Oregon called Fat Fancy that is strictly a plus-size thrift store. I was able to go there last summer, and it blew my mind. For budgetary reasons, I had to limit myself to just buying one dress, but I am definitely looking forward to returning there some day.

    I would highly recommend following the store on Instagram–sometimes they have live sales or list photos of items for sale, and you can DM the owner to buy them.

  5. That is such a great vintage find. Really, it is timeless–meaning it would look great at any point, in any era.

    I actually love shopping second hand, and vintage. Desert Vintage in Tucson was a fabulous store not far from me that I used to check out regularly. Once I found a perfect dress that looked to be from the 50’s–a little short-waisted for me but not so much it showed. Like your jumpsuit, it was clearly handmade and so well sewn! I wore it so much while I was working. . . post-retirement, and on into Covid, not so much! When I did a huge closet clean out a few months ago, I still held onto it.

    Sadly, Desert Vintage moved to a new location and became a VERY high end vintage shop that I occasionally go into to admire the beautiful clothing, but can’t afford to shop at anymore, except for their very occasional sales. But I love walking by the window regularly, as it is sandwiched between two of my favorite beverage places–a coffee house and a tap room.

  6. I hoped that this survived your closet clean out. Yeah! It’s really a spectacular outfit.

    I know it’s sleeveless, but the colors & print makes me think non-traditional Xmas outfit. Or more conventionally, thanksgiving & Halloween.

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