Less Than a Week Ago I Wore Shorts

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This is a year where you can NOT plan content in advance! I felt that hard Friday night, and on a far less important level, I feel it with these photos from an outfit I wore less than a week ago.  Shorts? It's FALL! It's time for pumpkin spice everything and cozy sweaters and faux leather leggings (though I prefer joggers) and thick socks. But less than a week ago I went to the dentist and this is what I wore.  And because my dentist has such a beautifully manicured yard, I took the photos outside!  I'll delve into the outfit but also will share my experience going to the dentist during the ‘demic.

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Blouse: Talbots (XL petite) | Shorts: J. Crew (14) | Sneakers: Cariuma | Bag: Maxwell Scott (a gift from the brand almost a decade ago) | Earrings: Chico's (mine are over a year old and look like new) | Mask: Johnny Was | Mask Chain: Chico's

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A couple of weeks ago I shared this promotion for Dress for Success and with it, Talbots offered to send me a top to wear to promote the intitative. Because I am unsure of my size and how things fit, I asked for the sweater I wore in the post, but also this blouse as a backup. I loved both and asked to keep both and Talbots said sure! And I really love this blouse. It's lined in the bodice so no need for a cami. There are so many pretty details – elasticized cuffs, ruffle trim, tie neckline… the longer you look at it the more interesting things you find. With blouses like this they are often super precious, but I have washed this blouse twice in the machine (gentle cycle) and hung it on the line to dry and it still looks like new. And while Talbots doesn't offer everything in their full size range, this blouse is available in petite, plus, and plus petite. I got an XL petite to have room for my bust and not have the sleeves too long and I like the fit; if I wanted to wear it untucked with slim jeans I think I would choose the regular for a bit more length in the bodice. Also with these sleeves, it's okay if they're a bit long or short because it works.

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The shorts are from J. Crew and were my summer mainstay. This year has been so weird, I never got up in the attic to fish out my summer clothes from last year and the only shorts I had to wear this summer were these and a pair of cutoff denim ones… and I didn't miss the other pairs.  Now that the weather has cooled I'll go up in the attic and pull out the bag so I can compare it to this summer and see what I can donate or sell. I always recommend sizing up on shorts, one size larger will make shorts hang better, trust me.

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This bag… this is the first purse I have used since the beginning of March. When I did my closet edit, I purged a lot of bags I realized I only kept because they would work well for an outfit post. And in the purge I found this bag which I had forgotten about. Beautiful color, brilliant design, classic shape… this is the kind of bag that makes sense to hold onto even if your tastes change. And when I've needed to leave the house with more than just my card case and keys, I've grabbed this bag.  It has several sections for organization, an easy one-handed closure, looks good over the shoulder or across the body, and won't tip over when placed on a table. It's not a cheap bag, but going into my archives I see that Maxwell Scott gifted me this bag back in 2015, if I had paid for it, it would have paid for itself. Maxwell Scott makes amazing leather goods far beyond saddlebags. Luggage, wallets, business bags, and more for men and women. I know I was just wearing these shorts last week but the holidays are around the corner and with the election coming up I recommend thinking about gift shopping sooner than later.  Maxwell Scott may have the perfect something for that special someone on your list.

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Okay on to the dentist! I did a series of Instagram Stories about my experience and received so many replies I felt it valuable to also share here. I have been very cautious this year and haven't left my home unless necessary, or with family (I am “podding” with my mother and sister who both live within a mile of me; we are being upfront with our activities and travel, testing and quarantining when appropriate to keep one another safe). We rarely go to stores, we haven't dined out, the only non-family visiting has been at least 6′ apart and always outside… so I was nervous about going to the dentist. I likely wouldn't have gone if my husband had a dental need; I figured if he was going to be exposed all three of us might as well go to the same dentist and be checked out. Before we went we checked with the dentist to find out their safety protocol; from your Instagram Story replies, I have heard some horror stories so be sure to ask before making an appointment.

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Many asked in Instagram where I go; I go to McCarl Dental Group. I don't know insurance details as my ACA insurance doesn't cover dental. The dental practice had us wait in our car and call when we arrived. I let them know my car color, they came out in a gown, gloves, mask, and face shield and met me (I was wearing a mask) to take my temperature. I was then guided into the building where they sprayed my hands with a sanitizer and then led me into the treatment room. The practice had an air purifier in there as well as the lobby. The hygenist wore a gown, gloves, mask, glasses, and a face shield and I was provided glasses. The dentist had this gadget connected to suction and oxygen that went into my mouth, I bit down on it, and it would block my airway so I wouldn't send fluid or breath towards the staff.  It scooped down so they could still access half my teeth front and back. They scraped and then polished one side, then the other. Everything was sanitized before and after I arrived. The receptionist was behind a plexiglass wall and hand sanitizer was available everywhere. For someone who has been incredibly cautious, I felt quite comfortable going to my dentist. I plan on scheduling my mammogram and other appointments before winter comes so I can feel secure as I hibernate through the season!

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  1. I saw my dentist months ago and the protocols were similar. My hygenist did not polish my teeth, due to the risk of saliva spraying. I’ve hade 3 Covid tests since then, all negative.

  2. You are looking radiant, lady! My husband and I recently had our dentist appointments and I was surprised they were allowing people inside to wait their turn. For our children we have had to wait outside, in a social distanced line until they were ready to see them. Life is weird right now.

  3. My dentist had very similar protocols when I had to go back in June. And, much like your family, my husband and daughter also went. I’m the problem patient with the bad teeth but we all got our cleanings done. I was so thankful for my dentist taking all necessary precautions, especially since I’m in Florida and it’s a crap shoot as to how places of business will handle the virus precautions. I would definitely go back if I was living in pain.

  4. (1) That blouse & shorts are super-cute! and (2) I had a dentist appointment and all went very well, just like you described. I also had a mammogram where I felt super-safe and all precautions where taken. My big decision now is do I need to go to the Eye Doctor? They kept pestering me that it’s time for annual exam…

    1. I went to the dentist on Monday, too, and similar protocols were in effect at her office. She left her former practice about a year ago to go out on her own, and I’m really pleased for her that her patients have been coming back pretty much in pre-Covid numbers since she reopened after our state lifted the Sheltering at Home order.

      I need to go to the eye doc, too — my granddaughters have knocked my glasses off enough times that I can no longer bend the little nose gripper thingies back into alignment, and my glasses are now so crooked that I might be better off not wearing them! My husband huffed and puffed when I insisted at the end of last year that I wanted my new prescription put into my old frames so I’d have a backup pair, and I’ve spent the last six months heroically locking my jaws so I don’t accidentally blurt, “I told you so!” My new mantra is What Would RBG Do. Obviously she’d just be the better person and not the snippy spouse. If my brain doesn’t act fast enough to keep my jaws from unlocking, though, my extra-stellar husband will just practice her selective deafness.

      1. One caution about going to the eye doctor: I just went and because the mask fogs up my glasses, it was impossible to do the eye (vision) test that requires holding the little stick in front of your eye-that fogged it up even more. I could not see a darn thing. Luckily I’m not having any complaints about my glasses, and was able to get the eye-health parts of the exam handled.

        Allison, definitely don’t put off your mammogram and other appointments. I’ve been to several doctor appointments during the pandemic and it’s the place I felt safest!

        1. Yeah, I thought about that, too, Karin. I need to have the glasses realigned because they’re so off kilter that I’m getting blurry double vision. I can’t imagine how the spectacles specialist can adjust them properly, when pre-Covid she needed to see my whole face to make sure the frame was straight under my eyebrows. It usually took several tries, with a lot of brushing my hair aside to make sure the sides rested comfortably over my ears. Maybe I can just hold the mask firmly over my mouth and nose while she tinkers. Or hold my breath until I turn blue?

          I called at the end of August to make an appointment for my mammogram, and the first available appointment is November 3! Maybe having body parts flattened will take my mind off of the election. . .

  5. The safety protocols for my dentist visits have been similar to those described here, including describing my car and waiting outside until called. When I signed my paperwork, I was even given a take-home pen.

  6. I’ve been to the dentist, a couple of my docs, and had my mammogram in the last 3 months – I’ve honestly felt the safest in those locations than I have going anywhere else. I live in a red area of a purple state and these have been the only places where I can 100% count on mask compliance, distancing, sanitary measures! 🙂

  7. I just went to the dentist to have a cracked tooth repaired and the protocols are great. You wait in the car, call them, then go up to their office, they take your temperature. They have an air filtration system, there are no other patients in the waiting area. The dentist and all other personnel are all wearing masks, shields and disposable gowns. You rinse with a peroxide mouthwash before. I felt very protected.

  8. Wow! The only change made when I went for a cleaning a month ago was that I wore a mask into the examination room. There were other patients in the waiting room without masks. I live in a rural area in PA where the COVID numbers have fortunately been low, because many think COVID is a hoax and that mask wearing violates their rights. Yes, there are Trump signs everywhere! On another note, I have been eyeing that blouse for awhile and asking myself where I’d wear it! I just love that color.

  9. Very similar experience with my dentist. Mine had me swish with a special mouthwash before the procedure, that’s supposed to be protective, at least short-term.
    I wouldn’t put off going to the dentist over Corona fears, the protocols are very strong.
    I think the patients chance of being exposed is low. Certainly not worth living with a toothache or letting dental work go undone and having it turn into something bigger.

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