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In the past year, I have made a concerted effort to feature more brands with heart. Be they companies who produce their product in the United States, products made with sustainable materials or created via Fair Trade, brands that give back to their communities, or small businesses who want to change the face of retail, I’m honored to provide a platform and introduce them to you readers. As a blogger, I receive many pitches from small and new companies and many of them go right into the Trash. However, some really stand out, and I’d like to introduce them to you. Therefore, I am starting a series called Small Business Sunday, where I’ll be sharing businesses and artisans who aren’t big retailers, but are creating amazing things worth noting. This series won’t be every Sunday, just when I learn about a brand that really is something new, fresh, and inspiring.

This Sunday, I’d like to introduce you to Appalatch. Appalatch is a company that wishes to make custom fit wool sweaters, ethically made in the United States.

applatch mission

Choosing the classic trend-proof crewneck sweater, Appalatch will use a 3D printer to ensure a custom fit for each of their customers. Be you tall, short, busty, athletic… Appalatch will made a classically designed wool sweater for you to enjoy now and many years from now. Not only are these sweaters ethically made, but by being made with quality and classic design they should be a piece that lasts and is worn for many years, becoming an investment not just for your wardrobe but the environment.

Appalatch 3

Appalatch currently has a KickStarter to raise the funds to finance a 3D printer for these sweaters. Appalatch is already an ethically driven company that offers tees and small accessories, this KickStarter will allow them to expand the brand to offer the custom fit which I think so many people desire in a wardrobe staple or investment piece. I was so impressed and inspired by their story, I kicked in a few dollars for their KickStarter.

I think these sweaters are brilliant. Pair with jeggings and riding boots for the weekend, wear over a crisp button-front shirt with a leather skirt and heels for the office. With a custom fit you don’t have to worry about oversized shoulders, bagginess, tight arms, or the other issues found when purchasing sweaters off the rack. All that, and Applatch’s sweaters will be ethically made in the USA, using the finest wool in America. Manufacturing these sweaters will create virtually zero waste, choosing classic style and quality materials means it won’t be landfill waste in a couple seasons.

If you’d like to learn more about Appalatch please visit their website, their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts; if you’d like to support them making these custom wool sweaters consider giving to their KickStarter.

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