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Hiring a Personal Stylist – My Experience with DC Style Factory (plus a giveaway!)

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To be a successful blogger, you need to provide benefit to your followers. Most readers come to Wardrobe Oxygen for fashion advice or style inspiration. Prior to joining Corporate America, I worked in apparel and retail as a visual merchandiser, personal shopper, and trainer. When I started blogging, I did closet clean-outs and style audits as a side hustle. I felt my experience made me a bit of an authority,…

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What to Wear When Running for Political Office: The Woman Candidate’s Capsule Wardrobe

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This post contains affiliate links; if you click on a link and make a purchase Wardrobe Oxygen may make a small commission. It’s 2018 but when you Google what to wear when running for political office, what to wear for a political campaign, or any other similar search almost all advice is old and geared towards men.  Where's the advice for women political candidates? At the October Women’s Convention in Detroit,…

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Hiring a Personal Stylist – My Experience

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As I shared in my first post in this series of hiring a personal stylist, DC Style Factory informed me I’d want to book Special Event sessions – one to assess my current closet and figure out my personal style and needs for the conference I am attending, and one to look at what I ordered and create final outfits.…

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Do Stylish People Hire Personal Stylists?

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Next month I am attending a conference for rewardStyle, the main platform I use to monetize this blog. Most of the links and those little carousels of the items I'm wearing are created through rewardStyle.  The conference is invite only; 200 of their top bloggers will congregate in Dallas, Texas to attend seminars to improve their blogs, meet with brands, and side eye one another’s outfits as they sip rosé…

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Giveaway: Remote Styling Session with DC Style Factory


Many of you have asked over the years if I do personal styling consultations. While I did this in the past, I stopped once Emerson was born and started researching personal stylists to be able to recommend quality individuals to you. Through this research I got to know, and become friends with many personal stylists and one is Rosana Vollmerhausen of DC Style Factory. As a wife, mother of three,…

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#WO2turns10: Behind the Scenes (AKA what I wore and all that jazz)

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I’ve planned parties before – Frozen and mermaid themed birthdays, showers for friends, and even a birthday for Karl where we hosted over 75 people in our home and a band played in our living room. Planning my wedding was stressful, but it was fun to take my vision and make it a reality. But when it came to planning a party for my blog, I had no interest. It…

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#WO2turns10: Celebrating Wardrobe Oxygen’s 10th Anniversary


Yeah, this pretty much sums up how I felt last Thursday evening. I was famous for being a quitter. When the going gets tough, I was known to cave. The main reason I got mediocre grades in school wasn’t because I didn’t understand but because I’d get overwhelmed by assignments and just not turn them in. I’ve had great ideas but never put them into action because I quit before…

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