What I Wore: Wear the Overalls!

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Universal Standard black overalls with a black cashmere sweater, EVA Birkenstocks, and the Dagne Dover Dakota backpack on Wardrobe OxygenWomen, if you want a pair of overalls, get thee some overalls! So many of you email me and leave comments worrying about figure flattery in regard to overalls. Will you look like a toddler, a Weeble Wobble, a try-hard? Can you REALLY wear overalls? Let’s be honest for a second. Do you really think you look svelte, chic, and stylish in those jeggings, beat-up suede ankle booties, and long cardigan? How about that activewear that doesn’t see a single minute in a gym? I say when you’re dressing to work from home, be at home, or run errands about town… wear what makes you happy! If jeggings and tunics make you happy, by all means, rock them. As for athleisure, I too am a fan. But if you’ve been thinking about something outside your uniform I am giving you permission to try it. Hello, my name is Alison and I am an overalls enabler.  Here I am wearing overalls from Universal Standard.

Universal Standard black overalls with a black cashmere sweater, EVA Birkenstocks, and the Dagne Dover Dakota backpack on Wardrobe Oxygen Universal Standard black overalls with a black cashmere sweater, EVA Birkenstocks, and the Dagne Dover Dakota backpack on Wardrobe Oxygen Universal Standard black overalls with a black cashmere sweater, EVA Birkenstocks, and the Dagne Dover Dakota backpack on Wardrobe OxygenOveralls: Universal Standard (S) | Cashmere sweater: Nordstrom Collection (similar and in a nice range of sizes) | Cashmere beanie: Halogen (similar) | Shoes: Birkenstocks | Earrings: Found at a beauty supply store (same) | Bracelet: Had forever (budget-friendly option) | Backpack: Dakota c/o Dagne Dover 

Universal Standard black overalls with a black cashmere sweater, EVA Birkenstocks, and the Dagne Dover Dakota backpack on Wardrobe OxygenI now own three pairs of overalls. I have a pair from American Rag that came in a Gwynnie Bee delivery and I loved so much I decided to buy them (seen on Instagram). I then got these Universal Standard overalls; you’ve seen them on the blog before with muddy boots and a sweater, and with a striped tee and engineer boots. These have been washed and dried dozens of times and they are still a rich saturated black and look like new (this is my experience with everything from Universal Standard). My current favorite way to wear these overalls is like this – with a black cashmere crewneck, cuffed a bit short, paired with a pair of slip-on shoes. My feet don’t get cold; actually the opposite so these EVA Birkenstocks are a fave now that the weather isn't sub-zero and are always sitting in my house right at the door ready to slide on and head out. I loved these two pairs of overalls so much, I recently acquired my third pair from Carhartt (reviewed here, and seen here on Instagram). I wear all of them weekly. Overalls are my favorite work from home attire.

alison gary 1As for the hat… well as I mentioned in my work from home capsule wardrobe, hats are a must when you work from home. They hide bedhead, gym hair, that third-day funk, and roots that will be covered by my stylist this Thursday (totally hypothetical, I am perfect 24/7 and never have roots). I am a silver jewelry girl so I throw some on to feel polished, but overalls make such a statement accessories aren’t really necessary.

universal standard overalls in blackThe same goes for makeup. This is my daily faceDr. Jart’s Cicapair in place of any foundation, a bit of Becca Under Eye Brightener covered with Glossier concealer, my favorite tubing mascaras (Almay on top, Blinc on the lower lashes), and my go-to red lipstick. Oh, and brows. I always fill in my brows. But the face only takes a couple minutes, holds up all day so I don’t need to reapply if I have an afternoon meeting. Putting on my face each morning makes me feel ready for the day, just as it did when I applied makeup for a day at the office. When you work from home, it’s the little things that help you find a schedule, stay on track, and be motivated.

universal standard overalls blackBut that doesn’t mean you need to wear a suit. I’m clearly all about the overalls, in the house and when out and about.

vigilante coffee college park college park vigilante coffeeThese photos were taken at the new Vigilante Coffee in College Park, Maryland. When I went to the University of Maryland, this building was the liquor store in town with a drive-up window. Nearby was a weird McDonald’s where the window was on the wrong side, and some other sketchy establishments. Now, all of those buildings have been torn down and replaced with tall apartment buildings with restaurants and shops on the main floor. Vigilante College Park is tucked away between them all, a little oasis (with a little free parking lot for paying customers!). the interior is small, but well designed to maximize space. Blue tile and wood accented with plants and their signature skateboard decks makes it a charming place to grab a cup of coffee with a friend, or telework for a little while.



A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. You make these look super cool!! One question though – do you find they ride up and give you a wedgie when you’re sitting down? I have some super 70s ones I got last summer (dark denim, fitted on the butt with a flared leg!) but sometimes I find when I’m lounging around the house they ride up a bit. Might just be me and my long torso tho!

    1. I have the opposite issue, they all are drop crotch on me! So I am not sure but all the reviews I see online say these are comfortable and stretch with you.

  2. I’d have said overalls fall into the “if you wore them the first time, you shouldn’t wear the second time” category for me — I was all about them in the late ’90s (black corduroy overalls with combat boots and hanging out at the college coffeehouse … ah, memories!). But you look adorable, so maybe I should give them a go. You’re inspiring me to give Cicapair a second try too, by the way — I expected it to be the Holy Grail but I couldn’t get the hang of applying it.

    1. You do need to rub it in pretty hard, it took a while to get the hang of it. Now that I’m near the bottom of the jar I’m using an old makeup brush to apply it to the face which has helped me spread it before rubbing it in.

  3. Super cute, Allison! I own Two pair of linen overalls, navy blue and an ivory pair. I always get compliments when I wear them but most important – I love them!

  4. Oh, I was eyeing some black overalls the other day and REALLY liked them but then worried about being too old to wear them (50) … But given I work from home almost all of the time, I guess what I wear is my business 🙂

  5. Since leaving behind my own Guess black-with-white-polka-dot overalls in the early ’90s, I have been a full-on hater of overalls, but I have to say you look amazing in that outfit — and even svelte and chic! Those overalls are exceptionally flattering. And I’m about to order my second pair of EVA birks (for inside use only, like slippers — they fit my orthotic), so I’m glad to be able to use your affiliate link. I ordered my first pair at your recommendation and loved them.

  6. You truly represent overalls well! I had real farmer overalls bought from a hardware store in Tennessee when I was a college student. I even embroidered some flowers and stuff on the back pockets.

  7. You look so cute and it may be time to try overalls again–my last venture was a super oversized “Cross Colours” pair in the early 90s. Oh, how I loved those with my Timberland boots!

    I totally copied your white EVA Birks after an earlier post and took them on a vacation to Costa Rica. I love them. I haven’t tried this yet, but read on another blog that one woman runs hers through the dishwasher on the top shelf to clean as needed, so that is potentially an option as well!

  8. Love this look! How easy is it to keep your white Birkenstock slides clean? Yours look fab and I think you’ve had them for a bit.

      1. Thank you! I knew about the EVA composition, just not how easy they are to clean. I’m off to snag a pair myself.

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