Chico’s DefineMe Denim Review: 3 Pairs Tried with Photos and Honest Thoughts

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Chico's DefineMe Denim Review by Wardrobe Oxygen

Chico's is a favorite denim destination for me. I find the quality stellar, they always have classic and on-trend options for washes, details, and cuts, and the fit really works with my curves. Many of you have shared with me over the years that you too love Chico's denim. So when Chico's launched their new DefineMe denim, I had to try it out and provide you an honest Chico's DefineMe denim review.

Please note, I am a Chico's Ambassador. While I received these jeans and the tops styled with them as gifts from the brand, this is an unpaid and honest review that was not edited or even read by the brand prior to being published. There are affiliate links in this post.

Chico's DefineMe Denim review by Wardrobe Oxygen who tries on three pairs of these new jeans from Chico's and shares her honest thoughts.
Marketing for the Chico's DefineMe Denim

What is Chico's DefineMe Denim?

While I have had great success with Chico's denim in the past (their Girlfriend jeans are pretty perfect for me), I am not the shape of all women and many desired a better fit. Chico's DefineMe Denim was created to eliminate the three most common jean fit problems for women – back gap, muffin top, and too much stretch in the rear (AKA the dreaded “diaper butt”). How Chico's DefineMe Denim achieves this:

How Chico's DefineMe Denim Eliminates Back Gap

Chico's DefineMe Denim has a contoured waistline which positions the jeans slightly higher in the back and gently dips 1.5″ lower in the front center. The waistband also has enough stretch to be comfortable and stay in place through and entire day's activities (Chico's says they're even comfortable enough for a nap). And Chico's states the stretch fabric of their DefineMe denim will hold its shape and position all day long.

How Chico's DefineMe Denim Eliminates Muffin Top

Chico's DefineMe Denim uses a smoothing stretch denim that won't dig into your midsection to create segmentation, AKA “muffin top.” This linen of denim also features forward side seams that are supposedly slimming and will amplify curves and contour your body. The back pockets and yoke are strategically placed to provide a lift to your rear.

How Chico's DefineMe Denim Eliminates Too Much Stretch in the Rear

According to Melly Birkett, Chico's Vice President of Design and Product Development, the DefineMe denim, “comes in superior stretch and recovery denim fabric.” Chico's claims this denim will keep its shape all day long, so they will look as great at the end of the day as they did when you put them on in the morning.

Chico's DefineMe Denim Overview

The DefineMe denim comes in two silhouettes – Slim Jeans and Ankle Jeans. While the DefineMe Slim Jeans look great, I know with my athletic legs and full calves they would be skinny jeans or jeggings on me, and I am not currently looking to add more of that silhouette to my wardrobe. Knowing different washes of denim fit differently and have a different weight, and also not being exactly sure how the DefineMe Denim would fit in comparison to Chico's other denim I asked for and received from the brand:

Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen wearing a denim ruana from Chico's with white straight jeans and a white tank and gold Margaux Uptown Sandals. She is standing against a pale gray brick wall, one hand in a pocket, looking at the camera.
Hi, I'm Alison and in this photo I'm wearing Chico's Girlfriend jeans in a size 2

What Size I Wear in Chico's Denim

I am 5'3″ tall and usually wear a size 14 in most brands. In Chico's denim, I am usually a size 2. I went up to a 2.5 because if I was going to do a Chico's DefineMe Denim review I knew it would be more helpful if the jeans skewed too big than too small, and I didn't know if this new line of Chico's denim would be as… generous and forgiving as their original collection where I can sometimes even fit into a 1.5 if I'm looking for a very fitted effect.

Having both sizes 2 and 2.5… I don't know which really fits me correctly, and I really wish that Chico's DefineMe denim came in petite.

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Chico's DefineMe Denim Review

As you can see in the photos in this Chico's DefineMe Denim review, it's hard to say which pair fits the best. The size 2.5 clearly would fit my body better in a petite fit. This is a mid-rise jean that is almost a high-rise on my frame and the crotch ended up dropping with wear.

Great Barrier Indigo Ankle Length DefineMe Denim Review

With the jeans I am wearing this top from Chico's in size 2. It also comes in olive and navy.

The Great Barrier Indigo pair of DefineMe Denim I have worn the most. I liked the wash and the distressing right out of the shipping box, and immediately tore open the plastic and tried them on. They felt a little big, but I liked how they felt. Within a half hour I wish I had ordered a size smaller.

You can see the contour of the waistband in this photo. The technology is really there if the jeans are the right size.

I really liked these jeans when wearing a belt; the belt cinched the jean at my natural waist and gave more of a contour that matched my curves and kept the jeans from sliding. I wore these jeans for six hours with a belt and thought they looked great at the end of the day just like they did when I put them on. No baggy knees or “diaper butt.” I didn't wash them between that wear and this shoot. However, I wore these jeans after the shoot to drive around town and run some errands and the jeans ended up stretching so much I was able to take them off without unbuttoning.

The top is this one from Chico's in size 2. The shoes are from Ally NYC. The earrings are these from Chico's. My lipstick is Tom Ford's ‘Impassioned.'

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chicos defineme denim in white
The DefineMe Denim Ankle Jean in White, per the Chico's website

White Ankle Length DefineMe Denim Review

With the jeans I am wearing this blouse from Chico's in size 2.

The White pair of DefineMe Denim was a heavier weight than the Great Barrier Indigo (which meant they were opaque, even with non-skin colored undies). Even with a different weight of denim, these jeans had the same cut, size, and fit as the Great Barrier Indigo. However, they didn't benefit from the addition of a belt.

These jeans are so opaque you can't tell I'm wearing dark colored underwear. Chico's is the best for white jeans!

Due to the heavier weight, a belt just made the top of the jeans look like they were a size too big and being cinched with a belt. It ruined the line of the jeans. I wore these jeans the day after this shoot for several hours and they didn't stretch like the Great Barrier Indigo, but they still slid down because these were just too big for me. I think the DefineMe Denim Ankle Jean in White would be perfect for me if it came in a size 2 petite.

The blouse is this one from Chico's in size 2. The shoes are from Ally NYC. The earrings are these from Chico's. My lipstick is Tom Ford's ‘Impassioned.'

gray ankle length jeans on a model from the Chico's website
The Grey Sky Chico's DefineMe Ankle Length Jeans as seen on the brand's website

Grey Sky Ankle Length DefineMe Denim Review

With the jeans I am wearing this striped shirt from Chico's in size 2 (it also comes in two other colors).

The Grey Sky pair of DefineMe Ankle Jeans were a size 2, and a good thing because the grey denim was the thinnest and stretchiest of the group. I think a 2.5 would have been impossible for me to style for this Chico's DefineMe Denim review.

Maybe it's my height, maybe it's my booty, but you can see these jeans are at least trying to work their magic!

That being said, the size 2 in these jeans was also not right… but not right for me. I have tried several brands of jeans in the past that fit like this that were brands that folks raved about. Swore by. Bought in multiples for fear the brand would go out of business. These are soft and stretchy and the legs don't bag out and the knees don't get weird and they're so comfortable that you truly could nap in them.

However, they're not shaped for my booty and belly. I'd stand up and have to hike up the jeans. I'd walk out to grab the mail, and come back and hike up the jeans. Before this shoot, I washed these jeans and put them in the dryer because there was no way after wearing them for a day I could do this review because they were not functional on my curves.

The top is this one from Chico's in size 2. The shoes are from Ally NYC. The earrings are these from Chico's. My lipstick is Tom Ford's ‘Impassioned.'

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Who is Chico's DefineMe Denim Designed For?

If you are 5'5″ or taller and deal with jeans gaping at the back, these are fantastic jeans for you. Also, if you take a regular or tall fit of jeans and hate how denim gives you a muffin top, I think you will really like Chico's DefineMe Denim.

Chico's DefineMe Denim is great for those who want the washes and styles of on-trend jeans but hate the discomfort of being segmented, restricted, or having hardware dig into your midsection. Chico's claims these jeans are comfy enough to nap in and I think that is true… that is if the jeans work for your shape and height.

Are Chico's DefineMe Denim Right for Me?

I think the denim quality is stellar for Chico's DefineMe Denim (especially in the white and blue). The little details make these jeans premium. They're just not shaped for my body. I would try again if the DefineMe denim came out in a petite option; I think the rise is just not right for my short torso and round booty.

But then, Warp + Weft jeans don't fit me. Liverpool jeans don't fit me, which is cut similar in fit to Mott & Bow which also doesn't work for my shape. Good American doesn't fit, nor does Madewell and Kut from the Kloth only works in certain cuts. These are all brands of jeans that folks have told me I NEED to try because they are SO GOOD. And they ARE good, they are just not good for me… and that is totally okay.

It's just proof that even with amazing technology and details to have denim fit well, it can't fit all women's bodies because we are all shaped differently and desire different things in our jeans. Jeans are as personal as bras; one person's Holy Grail can be another's major fail. And something that doesn't work for me may end up working for you (which is clear based on how many jeans I sell from this negative Madewell review!). So while Chico's DefineMe Denim doesn't work for me, that doesn't mean it's bad denim. Quite the contrary.

Black Coolmax turtleneck and white stain resistant jeans from Chico's styled on Wardrobe Oxygen with black Clarks ankle boots and the ALLSAINTS North/South tote
Wearing Chico's No-Stain White Girlfriend Jeans in size 1.5 to achieve a skinnier effect than the size 2 pair on me seen at the top of this article

In the meantime, you'll find me in Chico's Girlfriend Jeans, which continue to be some of the best-fitting denim I've found for my figure and quality that rivals brands that cost twice as much.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I am 5’3” and size 14-16P. I have never worn Chicos. Just checking it out. I feel like more of a boot cut would be better on me. These pants seem tight in the waist, rear, and calves which are my biggest areas. Isaac Mizrahi’s 24/7 pants look amazing on me but have more stretch or are thicker. I’ll need to try these out.

  2. Really appreciate this very honest review. I am 5ft 0 inches and also wish they came in petite!!

  3. I love your reviews – the perfect balance of positive and negative, always authentic and honest, and with really helpful interpretations, suggestions, and styling!

  4. Thank you for this review and highlighting how jeans actually designed for petites involve more than just cutting 2 inches from the length. Rise definitely needs to be taken into consideration too. I recently did some closet organization and realized my jeans selection were all from several years ago. I just can’t find a decent pair with the current rib-crushing high rises on offer. I wear my current stock sparingly as I’m not sure when I will be able to find new ones.

    About 10+ years ago I ordered a pair from a site called MakeYourOwnJeans, for which I supplied all my measurements. I got a pair of skinny jeans with some stretch to them and they were absolute PERFECTION. I remember how strange they looked when I took them out of the bag and thought they’d never fit (given what the jeans I had been wearing looked like) but they fit like a glove. Dummy me tossed them after a few years when I lost some weight which has now come back on. I may look back into them once again.

  5. Thanks for another great, honest review. I’m built like pooh bear with really skinny legs and a heavy top half. If I find jeans to fit my tummy, my butt disappears. If I find jeans to fit my hips, I suffer muffin top all day. The best jeans for me are KUT, Paige or JCrew. I hate that brands keep messing with the fabric content. Seems like you find a perfect blend and they change it. Still, I love wearing jeans. Silly bear.

  6. I’m a 5’5″ curvy girl who’s buying new everything after a recent 36lb weight loss. Tied these on last week, and I came home with them in blue and white. The higher rise (compared to their girlfriend jean) fixed my issues with muffin top and back gape, and the ankle-length is perfect. So I am that woman they made them for.
    Have not done an all-day wear yet, but I will let you know if I change my mind.

  7. I don’t know if this is written just for me (!), but your comment that these jeans are “great for those who want the washes and styles of on-trend jeans but hate the discomfort of being segmented, restricted, or having hardware dig into your midsection” made me laugh, as this was my exact complaint on yesterday’s denim post.

    I guess I just don’t like jeans anymore. Every pair of jeans that you describe as being too loose strikes me as being too tight. I think I just prefer a less restricting fit in my clothing.

    To each her own! Thank you for doing what you do!

  8. Thank you for such an informative review. I need new white jeans, I think I will start the search with these. I am short but long-waisted so hopefully the lack of petites will be ok for me.

  9. I’m curious if you have tried Democracy jeans. I have found them to be very forgiving and I am also vertically challenged!

    1. I have tried Democracy! They seem to fit me well, but I have yet to find a wash/style I need to add to my closet right now. The brand reached out recently and wanted to collab but I never heard back, I need to go follow up!

  10. I’m often disappointed in Chico’s petite options -so few compared to the regular size! This is especially true in dresses and kimonos. Might give the petite girlfriend white jeans a try, though. Thank you for the honest review!

  11. Great fitting jeans truly are the holy grail of fashion. Might need to venture out to my local Chico’s to give these a try.

  12. I have one pair of high-waisted black jeans from Old Navy that I wear all winter when not at work in the office. Otherwise, I try to avoid jeans. I wear girlfriend chinos in spring/early summer/early fall and shorts/dresses during the hottest months in summer. Besides the fact that it requires a lot of work to find a good pair of jeans as we get older, I also think they just don’t look great. I think they start looking sloppy and other kinds of pants or dresses/shorts are much more flattering (and comfortable no less).

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