Dreaming of Bonnaroo…

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We decided to not go to Bonnaroo again this year. We’ll be attending other festivals, but Bonnaroo still holds a special place in our hearts because it was the first we ever attended. Also for those who have attended Bonnaroo, you can agree it’s a life-changing experience. The heat, the lack of creature comforts, the crowds, the mud, the dust, the sun, the crazy variety of humans, the new music and art and experiences and friends. Did I mention the heat?

So while I sit in my cubicle this Friday, I shall dream of Bonnaroo…

bonnaroo camping list

I’ve learned a lot in the past year or two about festival preparedness.

  • Last year I took one of these chairs from Alite with us to Forecastle and it was perfection – when packed up it’s not much bigger than a large waterbottle.
  • Speaking of water bottle, I recently got one of these bottles from Bobble and it is utterly genius – built in cap but even better a built in filter! I love the pink color, and love how the strap from the cap to the bottle can also be a loop to keep the bottle attached to my bag.
  • Finally, last Bonnaroo I attended I was sans camera and phone because they both lost their charge. Since then I have bought a Soladec which could charge my electronics even while walking around Centeroo!

I’ve also learned a lot in regard to fashion.

  • I’m a loyal fan of Ray-Ban aviators, and have a couple pairs now. They’re lightweight, stay in place, provide plenty of coverage and are classic cool. I’d love some with the green mirrored lenses for festival season, they’d be a fun accent to my festie outfits.
  • I’m loving my bamboo scarves from Nepali by TDM Design; the bamboo isn’t too hot in the summer and a scarf like this one would work as a headwrap to fight the blazing sun, around the neck to protect from the rays (and dampened for the cooling factor), tied over the face for dust, and worn as a shawl when the sun goes down and there’s a bit of a breeze. They’re so light it wouldn’t be much of an issue to stuff in my bag.
  • Speaking of bag, while I’m a fan of a backpack at festivals, since going VIP I’ve found I need to carry less stuff. A waist pack (if I call it than instead of a fanny pack does it make it cool?) would be great for late night when I don’t need to cart around sunscreen, chairs, and the kitchen sink.
  • And I have learned that for me, the best festie shoes are boots. A pair of slouchy black short boots like these from Frye would look cute with cotton sundresses as well as distressed denim shorts.

This weekend, I know I will be checking out the live stream of Bonnaroo, and stalking Instagram to see all the photos my friends will be sharing.

Ah well… only a month until FORECASTLE!!!

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  1. That fanny pack is gorgeous…but at $450 there’s no way. Any similar style but less spendy?

  2. Allie,

    I was thinking of your festival lists last weekend while I was baking in California’s Central Valley. Last weekend had record breaking high temperatures several places in California and in other states. I was at a 3 day air show but as I have mentioned before, the conditions are similar to a music festival in many ways.

    Because of all the blacktop and no shade at an airport, it is even hotter that the temperature reported at nearby towns, Now we’re from the Northern CA coast where a hot day is 70. I like our coastal rain and fog and don’t do at all well in the heat. But I will put up with a lot for aviation.

    So last Friday was 107 and last Saturday was 117! Where we were had very low humidity. We could not get enough water down and we were drinking at a rate of a quart an hour. Oh yeah, we were applying sunscreen very often. The sunscreen worked, Amazingly no sunburn.

    We did many of the things you suggest. Here an additional suggestion. It looks a little funny, but in that kind of heat, survival, not fashion is what matters. I’m talking about a wet hand towel around the neck. It really made a huge difference.


    1. I just picked up a bandana that has magic crystals in it that are supposed to keep you cool. I’ll be trying it out this weekend. Also I usually carry at least one frozen water bottle, a mister bottle (great to spritz the face, I usually put either mint essential oil for cooling or patchouli to keep the bugs away. works on stinky feet, too) and a little fan. I also carry an umbrella that doubles as a parasol (I need a pack mule)

  3. I love your festival preparedness guides. I use them for all sorts of summer outings, including the beerfest I’m headed to tomorrow! Now if I just had a magic bag-lightener!

  4. I’ve never been to a music festival. My husband went to the SARS one in Toronto. He enjoyed it and didn’t catch SARS.

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