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Picture 032Picture 035Attire:
Banana Republic: Black wool shift dress
Gap Maternity: Bootcut lowrise jeans
Liberty: Silk Scarf
B.P. for Nordstrom: Black leather heeled sandals
Silver cuff and hoops

Second day
Messy ponytail with black elastic and a few Bobby pins
Matrix Sleek.Look spray
Curling iron to smooth bangs

L'Oreal: True Match foundation in C3 as concealer
Cargo: Matte BeachBlush in Tenerife as spot powder
Nars: Blush in Orgasm
Maybelline: Brow Powder in Dark Brown, Shadow quad in Mocha Motion – darkest gray on lid, Ultra Liner in Black on top lash line – very fine
Body Shop: Eye Color in Soft Black in crease and along lash lines
Avon: Luxury Eye Liner in Black
Imju Fiberwig
Victoria's Secret: Lipstick in V.I.P.
Burberry London

So I went out on a limb and ordered some maternity stuff at awesomely low prices from Kohl's. It didn't hurt that on top of the low prices, i had a coupon for 10% off and free shipping.

All so gross. Sorry, but I have NEVER had luck at Kohl's. I know many of you email me, swearing by this store but I find most clothing there in the same category as Kmart or Wal Mart – which in my opinion are steps below Target. It usually misses in sense of style (not quite on trend or a couple seasons behind) and the fabrication and construction is often quite cheap. I got a red simple crew-necked tee, a pair of denim Bermuda shorts, and a print cotton typical short-sleeved empire waist maternity top.

The tee is fine… but MAN it runs small! I couldn't believe it was a maternity AND a large. I will keep it because it came out to be about $3, but if it was over $6 I would probably return it for fear it won't fit me in a few weeks. Also it is really cheap construction – found far better quality knit and construction at Old NAvy and Target.

The shorts are hideous. Big buttons on the back pockets in a very feeble attempt to look hip/True Religion. Why do cheap brands do this? Keep it simple and don't try to mimic the designer brands. That is the failure of most department store and lower-end clothing. Keep it simple (hello Target and Old Navy_ and no one can tell if it's $600, $60, or $6. On top of the dorky back pockets, the shorts were that cheesy stonewashed color that was hot a decade ago, they tapered, and they had these little weird slits on the sides of the leg openings that made them look even MORE dorky. Not even worth the $8 – so heading to the nearest store this weekend to return them.

340303The top… well typical of a cheap brand (see left). The sleeves are slightly flutter, but short. The armholes are cut weird so you see a bit too much armpit from the front view (surely doesn't fit like the mannequin – maybe because I have Pregnant Woman Boobs), but the bra is covered. Surplice neckline, smocked band at the empire waist, straight midsection that ends with a ruffled band. Print is a plum/rust/olive combo that is sort of boho (why I considered it in the first place). In person, the print is not as watery/blendy but still not too extreme/gaudy like most maternity prints. However the fabric (100% cotton) is this weird slimy texture and it stinks like major chemicals. The print is through the fabric/not silkscreened so not really sure what is causing the icky texture and horrible smell. As with the tee, this runs pretty small in the tummy area (tiny bit loose now but should be as that I am only 18 weeks – not sure how it would work in a few weeks from now). Anyway, this top ended up costing me $12 and I am still torn as to whether I should attempt washing it to fix the texture and smell, or return it with the heinous shorts. It does look fab with gold jewelry, the color is fun and unique, it is comfortable and not a bad price and it looks nice with denim, with white, and would be appropriate for work even once the dress code is instituted when paired with tan, brown, or ivory trousers.

In other news… Time for a haircut! It has been… gosh three months! I am going through Kathleen (my brilliant and cool stylist) withdrawal! I'll see if I can fit in an appointment next week before my trip to Rehoboth Beach…

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Hi Jean –

    I get my hair cut in College Park,MD at the same salon I have gone to since college. The place is called Bananas and my stylist is Kathleen (301-277-4500). For cut and partial high/lowlights I pay… $120? Not sure. I am getting only a cut tonight which I think is around $40 and will decide whether to do a color touchup or hold off a couple more months…

  2. I understand what everyone is saying about Kohl’s. My sister LOVES the place so I am sometimes forced to go there with her. That being said, I have had some luck with the Daisy Fuentes line (2 pairs of cute jeans-she takes into account “curves” in her line)and the Apt. 9 line- not bad.

  3. My personal experience at Kohl’s is what you describe. However, my Mom ROCKED a totally great summer wardrobe (complete with senior discounts!) 🙂

    I’m also in the MD/DC area. May I ask what you pay for cut and color? I’m considering returning to a salon, but the cost is super high.


  4. You do look especially pretty with your hair this way! I never noticed that a lot of things at Kohl’s are made cheaply until I read this article. In my mind I compared my fab tshirts from both old navy and target to a regular tee I got at Kohl’s, and I realized I don’t even wear the ones from Kohl’s because the hem at the bottom is all fallen apart and it’s way too see-through. I haven’t bought one since so I don’t notice. I do like some of the things at Kohl’s though like an occasional Simply Vera article or one from that Elle collection. Most of my favorite things are from other places though, not at all from Kohl’s.
    Your shirt looks pretty.. I guess I’d keep it and wash it; maybe the weird texture and smell will go away after it goes through the dryer.

  5. I agree, your hair looks really pretty up like that.

    I’ve gotten some clothes from Kohl’s before…it’s very hit and miss for me. I like it more for the other departments. I did stop there when I first started looking at maternity clothes and was really unimpressed. The styles weren’t very flattering, and it was more expensive than Target and Old Navy! I much prefer Target, Old Navy, or, the cheapest option, borrowed stuff from friends. 🙂

  6. It’s too bad so many others have had such bad luck with Kohl’s, as I have found several great pieces there. True, there is a lot of junk and you have to watch the old-lady factor. But their Vera Wang and Daisy Fuentes lines are both well-suited to my little apple shape and I have gotten some excellent quality pieces. I’ll take Kohl’s over Target for the better fit and better value any day.

    Glad you took that icky top back, though, Allie. How creepy that it smells badly!! 🙁

  7. Hi Gaela!

    For some reason my hair only looks fab up when I am in need of a haircut! 😉 I used to wear it up a lot and then saw in pictures that my head didn’t look big enough for my body and started wearing it down more often. 🙂

    As for the cuff, I wrote about it here. Very simple, now quite scratched up but a fave of mine. 🙂 Def. my signature piece!!

    The hoops, the current pair I own are 3″ wide (I usually stick around this size hoop) and the endless style (post goes straight into the back – hoop itself is hallow). These often vary – when I break them I get a new pair. I get them at mall kiosks, kiosks in airports when I travel, wherever I see a pair I like.

    I store both in my jewelry armoire which is not air tight, so I occasionally polish them with a polishing cloth and a couple times a year pull out the silver polish or one of those tube of liquid jewelry cleaner.

  8. Hi, Everyone is right ~ You hair looks great put up, I think you should do it more often. I’ve been reading for a good while now and have a question. I’m just very curious about the silver hoops and cuff bracelet, are they your “signature” jewelry? I’d like to see them up close. Also, I change my bottom earrings daily and I’d like some hoops, I just don’t know what to get. Any help out there? And you really look fab these days! Pregnancy does you well.

  9. Your hair looks really pretty up! I love it!

    I hate Kohl’s clothes. Even if I find something I like off the rack, it falls apart after a couple of washes. I have found lasting kitchen things and accessories there though. It’s so hit-and-miss, I would rather go to good old reliable Target. My mother-in-law loves Kohl’s though, and always finds me a misshapen sweater or cardigan for Christmas. She’s the reason they stay in business.

  10. I’m like you – I don’t like bows, frills and florals. I’m not a girly-girl either when it comes to patterns. If I was pregnant, I’d still be wearing my favorite colors: black, red, royal blue…solids and ethnic/boho prints.

  11. I have already gotten a few things from ATL maternity – they had a major clearance a month or so ago and I got a white cotton shirt (long sleeved so you’ll see in a couple of months), a printed matte jersey dress (a bit big and long sleeved so also will be later int he season), white jeans (wore last Friday) and dark jeans (bigger for later on). Found the quality to be equal to traditional ATL.

    However the current stuff they have for summer is just not my personal style. Too many muted colors, delicate florals, girly touches like bows and ruffles. We’ll see how the fall/winter season proves to be because I have felt the quality has been excellent and on sale – the prices have been too! 🙂

  12. I hate hate hate Kohls with a passion.

    Yes,they have cheap knoockouts; their “Chaps” have similar designs with Ralph Lauren Polo; but that’s exactly what you get: cheap knockouts. They may be fine for teenagers who can look cute in trash bags or potato sacks, but for 30+’s, Kohls is a total throw-away of your money.

    For cheaper fashionable clothes, I agree that Target is great. I also like Ann Taylor LOFT when they have killer sales. They have a new maternity line. Let us know if/when you try it out.

  13. I thought I was the only person who hated Kohls! I have friends who LOVE it and rave about it! About once a year I wander in and check it out, just to make sure I’m not missing something but ALWAYS leave empty handed. Everything is such crappy quality and ugly!

  14. You guys are the best!

    I am going to return all three items – I always tell everyone else to not keep what they don’t love and well… shouldn’t I do the same? 🙂 I’ll stop by a Kohl’s this weekend so it won’t sit around my house taunting me!

  15. Allie I had to gasp at how beautiful you look with your hair up. Very pretty. I agree, I never have luck at Kohl’s. Those items always end up being my ‘wardrobe orphans’ as Angie of youlookfab would say. And now that you mention it they would do well to KISS. (keep it simple.)

  16. Personally, I would return the top as well. It might be comfortable now, but it won’t be for long and it doesn’t sound like it passes the ‘fab’ test (e.g. does it make you feel fab?). Not a keeper, I would suggest…

  17. Amen to all of this!

    I hate Kolhs, absolutely despise the place. Especially since in the last couple of years, they’ve hiked up the prices but it’s still the same quality (aka sucky).

    Unfortunately my boyfriend’s mother shops there and believes it’s the greatest thing in the world. So when she buys him stuff, it’s ill-fitting and cheap looking. Makes me sad.

    I also have to mention that thanks to your blog, I’ve actually tried the Target clothes and I must say, they’re not half bad. Nice price and good fits.

    Anyways, love your blog, Allie! You’re an inspiration to us all.

    Sincerely, Ran

  18. I like your hair up!

    And I totally agree with you about Kohl’s. Ick. Everything there is just a bit “off” for us 30 somethings,LOL!

  19. I really like the print of the top too, so if it were me, I’d return it for a larger size and then see if that works & if the smell is still there. Sizing is a weird thing and sometimes you can’t go by your true number. H&M is another store who’s clothes are cut ridiculously small. I hate them! I’d return the shorts and the red tee.

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