Best Outerwear for Large Busts

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Hi Allie. I’m still breastfeeding and eventhough I can fit my old jeans my chest is still huge. I can’t fit my old puffer coat, where should I look for a coat that fits a large chest?

I was large busted before I breastfed Emerson and am even larger now so I feel your pain. Some brands just don’t have the room in the bust for comfort, let alone a cableknit sweater. I’ve learned over the years some ways to find coats that fit the bust without making me look like the Michelin Man.

Shopping Tips: Where to Purchase Outerwear for Large Busts


Don’t Shop Juniors

Juniors and Misses clothing is cut differently, and you see it the most in the bust area. Rarely will you find a roomy enough winter coat from American Eagle, Rampage, Topshop, or Xhiliration. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what brands are Misses and which are Juniors at department and discount retailers. When a number size, Juniors are odd numbers while Misses are even. Even so it can be tough; if it’s too tight know it’s not you, it’s likely the brand.

Read the Reviews

These days, most online retailers accommodate customer reviews. Some even let you filter them by age or body type to narrow down to reviews that relate to you. It’s worth a few minutes of scrolling through pages of reviews to get a good idea of what a coat is like before pulling the virtual shopping cart trigger.

best coats for large bustsCoats Highly Rated for a Flattering Fit:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Look for Contouring

I adore my Bernardo puffer vest not just because it’s warm yet not too thick and has a ton of pockets, but because the quilting contours the vest to my shape. Strategic stitching creates an hourglass shape which not only flatters my figure, but gives room in the bust. Elastic nips in the small of my back. Even the Lands' End parka I own, which is a bit stiff and bulky but perfect for snow activities, has elastic gussets and internal drawstrings to nip in the waist flatter the figure while still accommodating the bust.

outerwear winter coats for large chestsMy Picks for Bernardo Outerwear:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Contouring and strategic stitching will tailor a piece to your curves and prevent you from looking like a marshmallow. I liked my Bernardo packable down vest so much, this fall I purchased their packable down coat which has the same figure-flattering and accommodating details.

Shop Brands with Extended Sizes

If a brand stops at 10 or 12, I hate to say it but it’s likely, even if you are a smaller size, that their brand won’t fit your bust. I’ve found with outerwear, choosing brands that are comfortable with petite, plus, or tall factor in a larger variety of figures, and often have more selection to find a piece that fits your specific body type.

winter coats for large busts

My Picks from Lands' End:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

I’m a big fan of Lands’ End for outerwear. They have a broad range of sizes, and plenty of styles to fit most any figure. They often feature contouring or strategic stitching, and plenty of customer reviews to help you choose the right coat. I own three coats from Lands’ End and all of them fit my large bust without being too big in the waist or shoulders. Not only that, two of them are over a decade old and still look like new. Lands' End's return policy is fantastic so if you have a defect or receive it and change your mind, you don’t have to stress.

Where have you had shopping success when it comes to outerwear for large busts? Share your tips and brands in the comments!

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  1. I would love to find a high quality down vest for a large busted woman. All the technical outfitters have these vests, but only go up to XL and those usually fit only junior size girls. The ski shops think if you are an older woman or large breasted, you probably are not interested in sports requiring technical grade outerwear. I ski all over the country and have yet to find a ski coat or vest (or ski pants) that fit! Right now, I have to settle for low cost, cheap outerwear. On this site, that is again what I am finding. I am willing to pay more for a generous, well made down vest and every year hope someone will make one. If anyone knows an online source, please let me know. Again, I want a quality, well made generous vest. Not cheap, fashion plus sizes. Also, your models don’t reflect large busted woman.

  2. Have to tell you: I ordered the Bernardo vest and it showed up last night, and it is the bomb. I put it on and it looked like it was tailor made for me! Thanks so much for the tip and info, really helpful!

  3. Perfect timing! Just starting to get chilly here in Western MD and Land’s End is having a HUGE 40% off outerwear sale. I deleted the email but when I saw the pictures in your blog I thought I’d retrieve that promo code. Off shopping!

  4. Thanks for these great leads! I ordered the vest from Nordstroms based on your rave reviews — fingers crossed! I had great luck with a blue Calvin Klein puffer I found at Lord and Taylor last year. Can’t find quite the same this year, but i have generally had good luck with the fit of CK coats and blazers.

  5. I recently bought this Michael Kors coat (on sale of course!) as a replacement coat. In Seattle, ALL my winter coats have hoods. I bought this in large and there’s plenty of room underneath for a bulky sweater… On me, it’s more mid thigh than shown.

    757 shopper(s) love this
    MICHAEL Michael Kors Hooded Zip-Front Peacoat

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