Thursday – Put a Bird on It

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BlouseOld Navy
Skirt – Halogen (this year's version)
Necklace – eBay (similar)
Pumps – Nine West (similar)
Bag – Thrifted (similar)

I haven't had much luck with Old Navy as of late. A lot of their dresses are strangely high waisted (not empire, and they aren't petites yet they are up near my ribcage), and some of the quality has been even worse than I am used to with the brand. However, they had a promotion last week and I figured while I filled up my online shopping cart with skirts and tanks for Emerson, I'd try something for myself. And this blouse? Quite pleased. Nice feel, cute print, flattering style (wore it untucked with jeans last night yet tucks in well too). I'd say this is a win, and I hope a sign of the future for Old Navy!

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  1. Ha put a bird on it. Love it. I could watch the opening song from season 1 on a loop and die happy.
    I have the same shirt, I am loving the addition of the bib necklace. Love little E’s outfit too, she needs her own tags!

  2. Gerat style Alison-it’s so simple and understated yet it makes such a great impact with the blouse and shoes. You look fabulous and stylish! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  3. コンセプト. [トリー バーチ] クリエイティブ・ディレクター”ToryBurch“本人のスタイルと スピリットを反映し、古きよきアメリカンスタイルにミックス感覚を織り交ぜた「手の届く ラグジュアリー」を提案するライフスタイル・ブランド,トリーバーチ 小物.

  4. I saw that blouse and teeter-tottered about it, and now I see it looks fabulous on you! Great outfit, and a very darling little girl too  : >

  5. The dresses have been a major fail for me too but I did get some cute items. I saw this shirt but worried I couldn’t style it in a cute way and left it behind. Major regrets because it looks great on you. 

  6. I am heading to Old Navy this weekend to give my closet some love! I need more summer dresses and blouses because apparently I have a 70% winter wardrobe. I’m definitely going to be looking for this baby! Plus, I love the way you styled it with leopard. Leopard as a neutral is pretty much my favorite ever! 

  7. That’s good to hear. I adored Old Navy when I was pregnant and was disappointed that when I got back to non-maternity sizes they didn’t work for me any more. They really “get” what an expecting mama needs for her wardrobe (like covering bra straps and the bottom half of the belly), maybe they’re starting to “get” other women again!

  8. I’d like to say for anyone pregnant that Old Navy is on a great roll right now.  I’ve been pregnant three times (this third baby is my final) and so I was hesitant to buy anything new.  Well, after two stints in my closet my old maternity stuff looked…tired.  Old Navy had great skinny jeans to tuck into boots in the winter, and now that it’s warm, they have had several sleeveless dress options that have straps wide enough for a bra!  Their tops are long enough to cover what needs covering, and with the exception of some cuffed denim capris (whose calves were teeny tiny) I don’t think I’ve returned a single maternity item I ordered.  

  9. You look great and I love the top.  I was looking for this in my size and it is sold out.  And Emerson…oh my what a cutie.  She looks like a “big girl” now!


  10. So jealous! I’ve looked all over for this top at stores and no luck! Looks fabulous. My son thought it had drumsticks on it!! Haha

  11. I found a blouse at Old Navy last weekend too.  I love this one.  I have a funny anecdote about buying these blouses…we were shopping, and Gabby walked over to me.  I had a blouse and tank and a dress, and I had picked them all up from this display in the middle of the store.  Gabby goes, “You need to stop picking stuff out of the hipster section.”  I say, “What?  There’s no hipster section in Old Navy.”  And she goes, “Yeah, that over there is the college girl section, then there’s the mom section, and then the pajamas and exercise stuff.  And this stuff with the polka dots is the hipster section.”

    Whatever, I still love my new blouse with white pants.  Put a bird on it, hipster!

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