The Best Summer Bra from Soma

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My favorite bra is a molded cup balconette. It lifts my bust, provides shape and modesty, and is smooth and invisible under my clothes. However, there's nothing more uncomfortable than a molded cup bra during a DC summer. It's hot, it's so humid, and my bra becomes a sponge collecting sweat, feeling heavy, hot, and just plain gross. So when I heard about Soma's Cooling Collection of bras I was intrigued.  Could this be the summer bra I've been looking for?

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The Cooling Collection of bras from Soma have perforated contour cups which increase airflow. They wick away moisture, stay cool even after washing, and like other Soma bras (which I adore and wear regularly), they offer the same comfort, lift, and great support. The Cooling Collection offers a wireless bra, a full coverage bra, and a balconette. Soma sent me the Cooling Balconette Bra. It is available in four colors; this is Soft Tan.

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I immediately noticed how good looking this bra is. The straps are three strands of satiny fabric that not only looks pretty if it peeks out from your summer sleeveless dress or tank top but help prevent the straps from slipping. There is sheer ribbed fabric that crosses under the cups which adds a modern and elegant detail and mimics the detail of the straps.  However, with these details, the bra is still invisible under fitted knits and light-colored fabrics.

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I am pretty particular about my bras. I like bras that lift me up, give me shape, and don't dig into my shoulders while also having not-too-thick straps and low enough of a neckline that I can wear a cami or scoop neck without it showing. That's a big ask of a bra, and I was thrilled to find that the Soma Cooling Balconette Bra checked all the boxes. The bra is extremely comfortable and feels lighter weight than my other molded cup balconette bras and was so comfortable I didn't want to yank it off at the end of the day.

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A gorgeous but hot and sweaty day in Georgetown – perfect for trying out the Soma Cooling Collection bra!

I wore the bra for a day of sightseeing in DC.  It was hot, not a cloud in the sky, and not a lot of breeze.  We walked the C&O Canal, we wandered through Georgetown, I had to reapply sunscreen three times I sweat so much.  Usually, after such a day I would race home to be able to take off my bra, it would be so soggy and heavy and gross.  I was surprised to find the bra was not soggy, didn't feel any heavier than when I put it on, and it didn't rub under the breasts like most bras do when they get sweaty.

soma cooling bra review 3

The Soma Cooling Full Coverage and Balconette bras offer a variety of neutral colors and sizes up to 42 G. The Soma Cooling Wireless Bra comes in five colors and sizes up to 40DD. And don't just take my word for how great the Soma Cooling Collection is, check out all the rave reviews from other customers on the Soma site. This is the best summer bra I've tried. While this post is sponsored by Soma, all this raving is my own thoughts. In fact, I'm wearing the bra today as I type this! I've been a fan of Soma for many years and they continue to provide innovative and beautiful intimates that I can't wait to wear and add to my lingerie drawer.

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  1. Hi, I’m somewhat fixated on well-fitting bras. Though I heard that most of the women wear the wrong bra size; is it true? I’ll concede this that bra doesn’t really fit you well in the cups as I would like to think. The wires at the front should lie level against your rib confine which they don’t in your photographs, they are pushing on the bosom tissue.

  2. I love Soma bras especially buying them in person in the store. Sadly, the nearest Soma store is hours away from my house. I have tried ordering on their website but find it not quite as user friendly as it could be. Still a fan of Soma PJs and bras especially since they have held up so well over time.

  3. Hi. I’m a new reader to your blog and I love reading your articles, even though you’re petite and I’m tall!

    However I feel I need to say (I’m a bit obsessed about well fitting bras- I’ll admit this) that bra doesn’t actually fit you well in the cups in my opinion. The wires at the front should lie flat against your rib cage which they don’t in your photos, they are pressing on the breast tissue.

    I am in the UK so I can’t comment about sizing as I am not sure if they are the same as ours here, but I am big busted and use a site/shop called Bravissimo, here is their fitting guide:


    I think a lot of bra manufacturers don’t go small enough in the band size and cup size which leaves not a lot of choice.

    Anyway, love the blog, just thought you might be interested.

    1. I agree with you. With these campaigns I have to guess my size and they mail it to me. I love that you’re obsessed with fit, a great bra makes all the difference!

  4. I wanted to like the molded cups (and I did keep the strapless model) and bought a few Soma bras based on your last recommendation, but they are just not for me. I dislike the extra padding and even the full coverage model didn’t cover my top puffy breasts and keep them in. I did get the Soma 1″ minimizer which is stretchy and silky underwire and I love it. And this is years after being a Wacoal loyalist. Soma has great prices.

  5. You and I are built almost exactly alike and I have not tried Soma. I’ve been a loyal Wacoal customer since I found a Wacoal rep who does fittings and REALLY knows her stuff. I may have to give Soma a try though. Any advice on sports bras? Most of those are really hot and uncomfortable. BTW…would love to hear about your weight training sometime. I’m over 60 and started working with some pretty heavy weights. HUGE difference in how my clothing fits and how I feel.

    1. My current favorite sports bra is Freya, I got it in January, it’s washed regularly and still gives great support without requiring me to be Houdini to get it on and off. I ordered the SHEFIT after hearing so many rave reviews and… I don’t love it. It does hold everything in place but I find it very bulky and lumpy under clothing. Here’s my Freya bra review along with my other favorite underpinnings including the other Soma bras I love: https://www.wardrobeoxygen.com/favorite-bras-panties-shapewear/

  6. Thanks for the post! I am bigger busted as well and always am on the look out for a better/supportive/comfortable bra. I was recently speaking to a friend about some shoulder and upper back pain and she suggested a bra that clasps in the front. I was just curious if you have ever heard of bras like that helping with those types of issues. I feel like those bras are usually few and far between to clasp in the front.

    1. I find front-closure bras don’t provide me as much support. I have found getting fitted in person helped a lot with shoulder issues because I was relying too much on straps for providing support. Getting the right fit and the right style of bra for my specific body made it where the cups were doing the most work and everything else was just keeping the cups in place. This post shares my in-person bra fitting from last summer: https://www.wardrobeoxygen.com/a-soma-intimates-bra-fitting-my-experience-sponsored/

    2. Love SOMA! I switched to them after trying bras on for 45 minutes at Nordstrom and coming away empty handed, then later going to SOMA and walking out after 15 minutes. In that short amount of time, I had been fitted, tried on several bras, and purchased three of them. I’m going to have to try the cooling bra! Sounds heavenly.

  7. great looking bra….i’d be interested, but….while the bra goes up to 42G it isn’t size inclusive on the other end…If Soma asks you for feedback, please remind them that some of us need a band size smaller than a 34….it would be lovely if all their bra’s started at a 28 or 30

      1. I agree–the more I hear “Go up in the cup; down in the band”, the more I realize that we get better coverage and often, are happier with the fit. But if most brands start at 34, we can’t really GO down in the band. I’ve only seen a few size 32 bras and definitely no 30s in stores. (And only online, although a specialty lingerie store might carry them.)

    1. +1000!

      I have been searching for a wicking, everyday bra for years. There are times, particularly when playing tourist, that you need something that handles sweat, but you don’t need a full on sports bra. So disappointed that they start with a 34 band.

    2. I also cannot shop at Some. I was just looking for some new bras and went to Soma’s website when I remembered your sponsored posts. But they do not make a 38 A. It is, admittedly, a difficult size to find, but I’d expect a large company like Soma to produce it.

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