Tie-Dye Sweater and Faux Leather Joggers

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It's a new year, but I'm not doing any “new year, new me” stuff. I like me. I have ways I can be better, but just like I said in Thursday's post where I recapped my business for 2020, as long as I am one bit better than last year, that is a success.

New Year's Eve Day I FaceTimed with my best friend and while she put away laundry, I organized my closet. I highly recommend this to all; it's way more enjoyable to do a chore with a friend. I put my phone on this tripod so I could carry it around and have it sit there at the right height as I worked in my closet.

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But that time in my closet had me thinking about my wardrobe for 2021. And like my personal goals, my wardrobe goals are similar. Nothing major, just at least one bit better than last year.

In 2020, I spent a lot of days not getting dressed. It would be 4pm and I would still be in my pajamas with bedhead. I would have gotten a lot of work finished, all in the zone without distractions, but I didn't feel like a person, and I had no desire at 4pm to get pulled together nor did I have any desire to do anything beyond sitting or lying on the couch. Those days I spent way more time in front of my laptop though that didn't mean I was accomplishing more work or important online tasks.

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The days I pulled myself together, which usually just meant making my hair not bedhead, and changing from bedclothes to loungewear, I felt way better. It may have taken a bit longer for me to get into my work zone, but I was more likely to hop on a FaceTime or Zoom with a friend, go for an afternoon walk, get up from my laptop and complete a task around the house, and just be more of me beyond the laptop robot.

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Sweater: Madewell (large) | Pants: Spanx (large) | Earrings: Lightning Bolt Earrings c/o Rellery | Ring: Insignia Empress Luxe Ring c/o REALM | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Boots: La Canadienne

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So I have been assessing my 2020 wardrobe. What things made me enjoy pulling myself together, what things were essentially an extension of pajamas, what was too complicated for this existence, and what made me feel fierce. I realized early on that I like color, but I also realized I liked subtle prints and little architectural details in my tops to keep them from feeling too utilitarian.

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I saw this tie-dye puffed sleeve sweater from Madewell and felt it ticked off all the boxes. It was on clearance at Nordstrom and still in my size and I am glad I purchased it. I love it with my faded jeans, I've worn it with my high-waist flares, and I love them with my Spanx faux leather joggers.

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My daughter jokes that these are my Michael Jackson pants and I don't care. I freaking love them. They are stretchy and comfy and a nice change from my knit joggers while still being just as comfy and flexible. I wear them at least once a week and they make me feel fierce.

The boots are from La Canadienne; I bought them back in 2018 I believe. They're waterproof but soft and buttery. I added insoles; they along with my Danner boots sit at the door and are really the only shoes I wear outside the house (besides my EVA Birks which are my garden/let Oscar out in the morning shoes).

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I'm not going back to power pantsuits and pumps any time soon. And once my family and I have gotten the vaccine I don't know if I will then. Okay, I'll be back to pantsuits, but they'll likely be with sneakers, but you know what I mean.

I am not going to act like this is a temporary moment and let it slip by. I let a lot of 2020 slip by and life is too short to sacrifice any of it. I like clothes, so I am going to enjoy what I wear. I can be comfortable while also having fun with what I wear.

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I don't want to wear a uniform, I don't want to be utilitarian, but I do want to have fewer items with more style. So I invite you to join me this year as I figure out my modified style. We'll chat clothes, capsules, quality, and finding what fulfils us and fits our lives, our bodies, and our personalities. Here's to appreciating every day we have this year, and doing it on our terms.

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  1. I have learned that I need a lot of structure and some built-in me time to be productive each day. So after coffee and checking emails, I run some Moroccan oil through my hair, wash my face, and apply moisturizer, mascara, and lipgloss (20 minutes tops). Then I get dressed. I have been wearing either some sort of joggers or denim, with a shell and long cardigan or a cashmere sweater, and boots. I work for a few hours, then get on the peloton/shower as my lunch break. Then I go back to work until the end of the day. If I have zoom calls in the morning, I’ll do the workout/shower as soon as I get up. I go for an hour long walk outside with my husband after work to re-hash the work day. Then we have a cocktail, play a game or work on a puzzle, and make dinner. I try to maintain a similar structure on the weekends, but instead of work, do chores and errands. We obviously don’t have kids! I had a lot of anxiety before the pandemic and since March, my anxiety has been through the roof. Having a structured day that I can control somewhat helps me manage my anxiety so I can be productive. I also have to look good for myself. I just hung a print in my bathroom that says, “a daily ritual is a way of saying I’m voting for myself, I’m taking care of myself, I love myself,” which is a good way to express what I’ve been trying to do for myself since the pandemic started.

  2. I’ve been WFH for years and confess to often working until noon in my nightie and robe, BUT I always brush my hair the moment I sit up and roll out of bed. It doesn’t make me feel dressed, but at least I’m minimally groomed.

  3. Day 3 of WFH i realized that for me, getting dressed in “real clothes” ie getting out of loungewear, had a direct impact on my mental health. And so while I definitely dress more causally and wear, what is for me comfortable, if not comfy, clothing, i get up and get dressed every day.

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