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My Wardrobe Today Black Maternity DressMy Wardrobe Today FaceAttire:
Boob Maternity – Black jersey dress
Duo – “Bern” boots in tan
Limited – Bead necklaces
Silver hoops and cuff

Washed and conditioned
Air dried sans product
Straightened bangs with round brush and dryer
Small amount Jonathan Dirt to smooth and finish

L'Oreal – True Match foundation in C3
Nars – Blush in Orgasm
Benefit – Lipstick in Bouquet Dive
Clinique – Shadow duo in Like Mink
Maybelline – UltraLiner in Black (very thin line top lash line)
Cover Girl – LashBlast mascara in Rich Black

Mario Badescu Drying CreamProduct Review – Mario Badescu Drying Cream
I have been on the search for some product to replace Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment. Clean & Clear WORKS – man, I have any sort of zit – under the skin, whitehead, blackhead, angry red bump… I put some Acne Spot Treatment on it, go to bed, wake up with clear skin. Too bad it's made with Salicylic Acid which I found out causes hives. So anyway for a year I have been looking for a worthy alternative. I have tried a few products with benzoyl peroxide but they have hardly made a dent in my occasional acne. I wonder if it's time, or the product that finally helps the zit disappear.

Well I decided to splurge and bought the Mario Badescu Drying Cream. His Drying Lotion is far more famous, but that is for whiteheads and really angry zits. What I get are usually the under-the-skin bumps that linger for weeks. Reading online, it seems that the Drying Cream is better suited for that type of acne. The descriptions also said this stuff can work as a concealer too. Sweet!

Um yeah, this stuff will nicely conceal if your skintone is the color of a dirty concrete sidewalk. Seriously, the product is the color of mortar, it's dry and ashy looking and no human being on this planet is that color. It does NOT rub in, so you have ashy grayish-brownish-white stuff like calamine lotion on your face. This makes it something you really only want to put on at night, and after your husband has turned off the light. Because of this, I haven't really gotten the chance to properly try it out.

Well thanks to work stress, personal stress, pregnancy and falling off the vegetarian wagon and consuming a cheeseburger the other day, my skin is really unhappy and I am getting red bumps all over my chin, around my mouth and a few near my eyebrows. I gave up on looking cute last night and slathered the problem areas with the Drying Cream. On the bigger bumps, I added cream to make a peak of product; in places that just were slightly bumpy, I smeared a light layer of product. Even with so much application, I hardly made a dent in the tub. I can totally see this same tub of product lasting me for a year or two.

I woke… to almost perfect skin! Most of the bumps were completely gone and the bigger angry ones were just little red mini-bumps. The skin where the product was placed was very dry, but not irritated or flaky. This is great because my skin in the colder months can be very sensitive and temperamental.

So far… this product is worth the cost and is the front runner in regard to being a replacement product for Clean & Clear. Will let you know if it stops working or I get any reactions (other than my husband saying, “what the heck is all over your face?“).

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Yeah, salycitic acid is NOT a good choice when pregnant, so I was in need of a replacement anyway 🙂

    And I love Paula Begoun, have read much of her stuff and subscribed to her newsletter for years. That being said, many people do have allergies to salycitic acid, as do many have allergies to aspirin. I figured this out after many many months of trial and error and horrible hives. At least now I know! 🙂

  2. I think that salycylic acid is actually a no-no while you are prego anyway- hives aside. Molecular-ly it is very similar to aspirin and it can go thru your skin into your blood stream. I stopped using it while I was prego.
    Also- I love, love, love that dress!

  3. Thanks for the tip off… I just assumed this one of those expensive over-hyped brands that doesn’t actually work very well, but this does sound good. Will be keen to hear if the good results last.

  4. Hi, Allie! It’s me! Finally, got my way out of posting comments…Ugh!
    Anyhow, thanks for writing about this! I just needed someone not from Hollywood to convince me that this works. I’ve heard a lot about this for awhile already and I want to try it because Murad wasn’t that promising in my case when it comes to facial residents, zits that is.

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  6. Hi Allie,

    I have been following your blog for just a short time, but have really enjoyed your wardrobe advice! Thank you, you’ve been a great help to me. I’ll definitely keep reading.

    So, I have a comment about salycylic acid: do you mean it gives YOU hives? Because it is a very benign ingredient, and has good skin-soothing properties, unless you have fibromyalgia, in which case you need to avoid it.

    A website I really love for cosmetic and skin reviews is http://www.cosmeticscop.com which is run by Paula Begoun. She now has a subscription site called beautipedia, which reviews all kinds of products. Has a lot of info about each ingredient too.

    I’ve been following her reviews since 1997, been using her skin products since ’99 or so, and you know what? I haven’t had more than one or two spots a year in all that time! I’m including three pregnancies here, btw! No, I’m not being paid anything, I just really have found the reviews helpful and Paula’s products great.

    Good luck with the pregnancy – birth is lovely, because even when it’s hard, the babe at the end is really a little miracle. You are going to be a wonderful and stylish mum!

    All the best,

  7. Yep, it’s the same dress! My husband found it folded in his tee shirt drawer of all places!

    And thanks for the link re: samples. You are awesome!!!

  8. Have you heard that you can get a bunch of free samples from them? I did, and they gave me a decent-sized sample of this along with 4 or 5 other small tubs of other things. I loved the drying cream too. I have used it when my skin felt the need for a couple of weeks now, and still have a ton left!


    They’ll send you an email later, asking if you want some free samples.

    Just thought I’d let you know.

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