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Last week’s trip to Vermont was just what the doctor ordered. I feel so much more calm this week, energized and raring to go. It was also such a special time because it was the first time since maternity leave where I got to spend such a long period of time with Emerson. I love working, but weeks like last week make me realize how much I miss with my busy schedule. I really think this vacation brought us closer and we understand one another more because of it.

This past week was so good for my soul. With the lack of consistent Internet and cell reception, I was forced to disconnect from machines. I went to bed when I was sleepy, and didn’t stay up watching some inane reality show or blogging. I ate when I was hungry, not in some mad dash knowing my next chance wouldn’t be for several more hours. I didn’t feel the need to perform as I do at work, with blogging, with many social situations. I also learned a lot by spending so much time with a two-year old. Emerson taught me many lessons while in Vermont:

  • If you’re feeling cranky or overly sensitive, you probably need a nap.
  • If you had a nap and are still cranky, you probably need a snack. A slow-burning yet satisfying snack like peanut butter and jelly on wheat bread will do the trick!
  • Base your wardrobe choices on your life goals. Want to play in the water? Wear blue! Wish you were going to a party? Wear a dress!
  • Everything is sweeter with a few magic words. Thank you, please, I’m sorry, you’re welcome…
  • There is something extremely satisfying about tossing a rock into a lake.
  • Say hello to people you pass on the street, it may make them smile and if not… at least it will let them know they are noticed and important.
  • There’s nothing wrong with laughing so hard you snort or cry.
  • No use crying over spilled milk… or kefir. 
  • When life gives you spilled kefir, make finger paint!
  • Music makes long car rides a lot more fun. Singing along to the music makes time fly faster.
  • Ice cream is a wonderful breakfast food.

And with that, here’s some of my favorite pictures from the week:

img 7255
img 7266
You see those little houses on the edge of the lake?  One of those little houses is where we stayed.  My husband took these pics from the top of Mount Elmore
img 7220
And this is Mount Elmore, view from our rental house's back yard
img 8545
img 8526
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 The little ones at the house, enjoying the lake.  First two pics show our cousin's son and his friend, and then Emerson ready for a ride in a canoe
184138 10150254008328372 551383371 7866358 6177885 n
228904 10150254008233372 551383371 7866356 7513870 n
254774 10150254008138372 551383371 7866354 869834 n

We visited our cousins' farm, where Emerson picked blueberries and gathered eggs.  What was collected was served at our cousins' restaurant

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283372 10150254016053372 551383371 7866425 2586147 n
284432 10150254016118372 551383371 7866426 3869347 n

One afternoon the college-aged cousins babysat Emerson (well really the baby monitor while she napped) so my husband and I could go for a canoe ride

281451 10150254015813372 551383371 7866421 7863458 n
My husband took a lot of pictures… usually with Emerson on his back (he took the pretty shots above of the lake and the boys playing)
215028 10150254012008372 551383371 7866402 7485711 n
I did break down and visit The Bee's Knees once to take advantage of their wifi
284324 10150254015443372 551383371 7866414 2440951 n
img 7322

We loved The Bee's Knees so much we got all tourist and bought matching tee shirts. We even got one for Emerson! (see our cheesy self-portrait in the window?  Tourists!)

img 7330

Emerson isn't a snuggler or a cosleeper, even when she was a newborn.  However, on this trip she was cuddly, snuggly, and one day we even had a family nap.  I caught this just as she was starting to wake

252150 10150254016693372 551383371 7866433 7404110 n
229793 10150254016888372 551383371 7866436 5687171 n
The 12-year old boys were obsessed with the lake mussels, and the last night they cooked one in the camp fire.  My husband was brave enough to eat it, and lived to tell the tale!
284629 10150254016513372 551383371 7866431 7189666 n
Emerson loved the lake and the last day we had to pry her tooth-chattering self from it to warm her up.  She loved riding in the raft with us, and even jumped off the dock into our arms. We practiced swimming and she had no fear about walking on the mucky bottom of the lake.

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