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August 082August 0851Ah, nothing is better than stating aloud your feelings – if they are not positive for some reason, admitting them causes them to go sunny. I woke up on the right side of the bed and decided to get a bit creative with my clothing.

Purple merino sweater dress from Goodwill. Yeppers you read that correctly, $4 for this cutie. Looks just like everything in the stores that is over $100 and even a current color! For those who love the concept of thrifting, but like me get frustrated with everything slightly cool or in good condition is a size 4, I say don't give up. A half-hour once a month in a large thrift or vintage shop can be worth it – you may not leave with armfuls like your tinier friends, but you are often more likely to find very classic staples for your wardrobe. With it, I have my faux tortoise shell necklace, gold link necklace (both from beach boutiques), gold bangles form Ralph Lauren and my leopard print peeptoe heels from BCBGirls.

Hair is second day. A few light twirls of the iron through bedhead and along bangs to straighten and I was good to go.

Makeup is L'Oreal True Match concealer in W4-5, philosophy's The Supernatural foundation in Beige, Nars blush in Orgasm, Urban Decay shadow primer, Maybelline Expert Wear shadow quad in Mocha Motion – the top right purply shade on the lids, then Body Shop's Peacock in crease and then wetted and applied along lash lines. DiorShow mascara in black on curled lashes, on lips is Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in Pink Afterglow.

As for the change in the site… well a girl gets bored with the same thing every day, be it in her cosmetics case, her closet or on her blog. Hopefully I will eventually end with a look I love.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Oooooh! I love the purple sweater.

    Unfortunately, I have no luck with thrift store shopping in my area – though I’ve gotten some great stuff in Asheville while visiting family.

  2. Hi Allie,

    I have been reading both of your blogs for a while, and I absolutely love your outfits, your sense of style, and your fashion advice (on the other blog). Love this purple dress on you!

    I have a question which I hope you can answer (in the other blog, maybe?). Colder weather is approaching, and I am really puzzled about what color opaque tights to wear with clothes. I understand that black shoes and a black skirt go with black tights, this is easy. But what about, say, the colors you have in your ensemble here? What color tights would you wear with a purple dress and non-black shoes? Or, for instance, with a denim skirt and grey mary-janes (the combo I have)?

    Thanks in advance and thanks again for the wonderful and useful information you share!!


  3. Lovely dress, perfect color, ideal fit – girl you rock!
    I’ve been reading your blog for about half a year now and I noticed that when I go shopping I look at things differently… thanks to you. Call me a copy cat – but I already got me a black sweater dress after seeing you in your Banana Republic number, and the leopard shoes… Exciting stuff!

    Found lots of cool blogspots on your site. Thanks!


  4. I don’t know when I went thrifting last. So many thrift stores have closed in this area that the ones which remain are now as expensive as a Ross, Marshalls or TJMaxx (or more so) and without much of a selection. Cool dress!

  5. Cute! And btw, I used to typically wear just short necklaces, but I was inspired by you with my outfit yesterday and wore a much longer one, after seeing so much cute ones on you. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi, I just discovered your blog yesterday and I love it! Your dress today is lovely. The color looks great on you. What a bargain at $4!

  7. Like the new layout! That plum purple is just like the wrap dress I got at NY & Co (but I had to pay $35 and thats WITH a coup) I love hearing about great deals..

  8. I usually go in Laurel – there are a few to try out there, but unfortunately it is hit or miss. When I worked in Montgomery County, I found a ton of great stuff at thrift stores around there (and stores like Mustard Seed).

    I’m getting back into the groove of thrifting after a year or so of getting frustrated. I know Goodwill is working hard to improve their image and are doing fashion shows and auctions of clothing they have acquired. When I visit Goodwill I first see a buncha junk, then with digging, usually find a gem or two if not for me, for a friend who wears a different size.

    Also great to visit thrift stores when on vacation. I had to go to southern MD for training and in St. Mary’s county found a thrift store with some awesome gems!

  9. Hi Allie: Love your blog! Which thrift shops do you go to? I’ve been to the Goodwill in Falls Church once, and I was a bit overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time. I live in the DC area and would love to go thrifting with you, as I’ve never really gone and my friends are too lame to want to go. You would seem like an awesome person to go and learn the tricks of the trade. =)


  10. You’re right – it seems that when you go thrifting, the good stuff is always the wrong size! From my point of view, the good stuff is always too large. Poo!

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