Wednesday through Sunday Feb 28, 2010

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Not a lot of pictures.  A week of long days and early mornings.

Wednesday I wore… I think I again wore my teal merino shawl collar sweater from Banana Republic with my black pants from Semantiks.  Thursday I didn't feel well at all, coming down with a cold.  I wore my gray flannel trousers from Ann Taylor, black ribbed tank from Gap and my raspberry colored cardigan from Gap.  I went home early that day because I felt so sick.  Friday I worked a bit from home, but most of the day I tried to hydrate myself and sleep.  Unfortunately Emerson was also sick.

Saturday I was feeling MUCH better and by the evening I was well enough to go to our friends' party.  We didn't stay late, but it was nice to get out of the house.
DSCN4037 2
I had not done any laundry in a few days and all my jeans were dirty.  So I decided to get jazzed up.  I wore my old trusty black matte jersey wrap dress from Old Navy, black Tight End Tights from Spanxir?t=whaevewomneei 20&l=btl&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=B000IDIJWA, and my black tall boots.  My husband and I made it a date night, going out to dinner beforehand (and we had my mom as an overnight babysitter!).  I tried making my hair curly but it hasn't wanted to do that lately and ended up looking a bit scraggly.  Silver hoops and cuff and a silver chain with my wedding band hanging from it.  Makeup pretty standard for me – black liquid liner as the focal point of the face.
Today we went to my mom's to pick up Emerson and she made us breakfast.  Then Emerson fell asleep in the carseat so we took a nice Sunday drive around town, listening to music and talking.  We came home and have been doing chores and playing with Emerson.  I am wearing my dark Long and Lean jeans from Gap, a white ribbed tank and my purple cardigan from Gap.
Back to work tomorrow, and I am well prepared with clean laundry (though my delicates may still be wet from hanging to dry…).
A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Thanks everyone!

    And Fashion Addict… I wear that cuff because my wrists ARE so large. I can’t buy traditional bangles because they won’t get over my knuckles and chain bracelets (the type you hook around your wrist) are usually tight and look goofy on me.

    I think this cuff is so great because it is contoured – it has a wave to it and curved sides so it gives an illusion of being more fluid than other cuffs (which make me look like a chubby Wonder Woman).

  2. You look as fabulous as ever in that dress. It’s so flattering. I don’t know how you do the bracelet thing so well. I always feel like my wrists look too chunky when I wear mine, but you look great in yours…maybe it’s cuz I have such big wrists!

  3. Hey, Allie, I’ve been on hols so catching up with a couple of weeks’ worth of posts and have to say that you are looking fabulous, missus!
    Your comments about the Philosophy pads have inspired me to try them, so in exchange, let me make a recommendatioin for a facial cleanser. I use the Eve Lom face polish and LOVE it. It is quite expensive, but it lasts for ages, and I notice that when I use it regularly my skin is much freer of break-outs, and I love how my skin doesn’t feel dry and tight after using it (as it does with any other use-with-water cleansers). Also, because you use it with the muslin cloths, it exfoliates a little every time.

  4. i so enjoy your blog and hearing/seeing your outfits. question tho: i thot you had naturally curly hair, and yet you say your hair wasn’t curling for you??? and i have to say you have inspired me in my day 2 hair and i even tried a day 3 hair and it worked great. i ahve very long hair and i hate all the time it takes on shampoo day.

  5. I have to say, even without seeing pics of your outfits, you inspired my to think about the items in my own closet (I’ve been feeling in a fashion rut lately). I especially liked the sound of the white tank with purple cardigan.

    And a night out just you two? That must have been nice!

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