Weekend Reads #63

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I am currently on travel and wrote this over a week ago so if the content is dated and the world has drastically changed and what I'm sharing is no longer relevant I'm sorry and I'm not surprised.  Woah, things have been crazy in our country and the world as a whole and it's very possible these days to write something in advance and find it completely passe, or even worse, completely inappropriate when it publishes,  Heros are outed for being horrible humans, tweets are sent at 2 am sending countries into a tailspin, companies buy companies and then the next day file for bankruptcy, and our cancel culture can turn on someone for making the wrong face at the wrong time captured by just the right paparazzi's camera. 

But I love Weekend Reads, and when making last week's I had so many posts (likely because I'm procrastinating preparing for our family trip) I decided to make one for this week.  Right now as you read this I should be in Boston with my daughter and husband, soaking up some American history and taking in a city I haven't visited in decades. Tomorrow we'll head to Vermont to visit family.  

Weekend Reads

“One of society’s favorite questions to ask me, in my single and child-free state, is: “Who’s gonna take care of you when you’re old?” Whelp, let me just take a Swiffer cloth to my old crystal ball here and sort out that answer for all of us, cool?” A great piece on being single and child-free. (Refinery 29)

“We agonize over what to stream on Netflix, then let TV shows persuade us to move to New York; buying a new laptop may involve weeks of Internet research, but the deliberations behind a life-changing breakup could consist of a few bottles of wine.” A piece on the art of decision making. (New Yorker)

HBO's show Euphoria is on my DVR, but I'm honestly scared to watch the series. But this piece about the character Kat makes me want to know more about her. “We’re kind of overdue for a fat character whose sole existence is not to be the emotional labor mule for their oft-skinner friend.” (Entertainment Weekly)

A must-read about why so many black families in America are losing their property. (New Yorker)

I cannot wait until it hits the United States – Instagram is hiding “likes” in more countries. Hopefully, this will stop some influencers from buying fake ones. (CNN Business) 

1 in 4 Americans has posted an image of an outdoor ad on Instagram, essentially helping brands amplify their message for free. (The Fashion Law)

Officials in West Palm Beach are playing the song ‘Baby Shark' on loop in hopes to keep homeless people away. (Time)

It’s not news that drugs are killing us. For the first time ever, as a woman living in America, are more likely to die from an overdose than in a car accident. A thoughtful and well-written resource on addiction, rehab, and how to get help. (Cosmo)

I loved this interview with Kat Eves; she is a plus-size fashion stylist who focuses on ethical fashion and is one of my favorite follows on Instagram. (The Huntswoman)

For Your Entertainment

I've got your badass woman anthem for you – “Champion” from Bishop Briggs is the latest addition to my workout playlist.  Sarah Grace McLaughlin uses Bishop Briggs as her stage name; she's from London but her Scottish parents were from Bishopbriggs. She came to fame with a cover of INXS' “Never Tear Us Apart” which was used in the trailer for 50 Shades Freed and released her debut album last year.  “Champion” is so powerful and inspiring with a great beat and hook.  And speaking of hook, now I can't wait for the next video to know more of the story!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Oh man, Euphoria is hard to watch. I won’t ruin it for you, but each and every story is painful to consume. I don’t have kids but gosh…if this is what’s in store for them, I’m terrified. I also find myself yelling out loud at the TV, WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS!!?? There is some very strong commentary there about parents either being absent or so absorbed in their own crap that they aren’t being parents. It’s interesting to say the least.

    Okay, off to read the article about black families losing their homes. This is a topic of discussion among my friend group quite often.

  2. I don’t know what to make of the video. I certainly don’t understand the whole story. However, I am not a big fan of violence regardless whether it is men against women, men against men, women against women, or women against men. I do understand that sometimes it is unfortunately necessary and perhaps that is where I am missing something in the video.

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