Our New Bedroom Rug from Rugs USA

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Photo of a bedroom rug from Rugs USA

We bought our home in 2001 and have never had a rug for the bedroom. I've wanted one, but I never found one I liked that was the right size… and more importantly, the right price. When we remodeled in 2008, our original bedroom became our home office (see it here), and we made a pretty spacious en suite.

It's nice to have a big airy retreat, but pricing out area rugs gave me heart palpitations. But I keep looking for a rug, something to anchor the room, to insulate, to add some color and fun. One day I was perusing Rugs USA and was looking at their vintage collection and found this beauty for an extremely reasonable price.

Rugs USA Chroma Mosaic Medallion CB11 Rug

I worried it was too pink, but Karl loved the colors and we decided to take a chance and order it. It arrived three days later, wrapped up in heavyweight plastic. The rug is even prettier in person, feels nice under the feet, and is well made. I like it so much, I knew I had to share it with you!

Wardrobe Oxygen: Inside my Bedroom

The chair is IKEA, the jewelry armoire is from Target, the candle on top of it is Wary Meyers.  The bowl holds my rings and is from a Popsugar Must Have box, the speaker is UE BOOM.

vintage train case

This train case belonged to my mom.  I use it to store all my receipts and shipping invoices.

Wardrobe Oxygen: Inside my Bedroom
closeup of Wardrobe Oxygen's dressing table
Wardrobe Oxygen: Inside my Bedroom

My dressing table.  This desk was Karl's as a kid; the drawer holds all my makeup in lucite trays.  The container with the lady's head on top was a gift from Karl's sister, the candle is Voluspa.   The brass brush holder was from my mom.  The makeup mirror is from Conair; I've had it for over a decade and it's still going strong.  The lamp is also from Target.

Wardrobe Oxygen: Inside my Bedroom
Wardrobe Oxygen: Inside my Bedroom

I can see the sunrise through the woods from lying in bed.  I made the stained glass many many years ago when my dad and I took a stained glass class together.  The glass horses are from Karl's side of the family.  They're supposed to be bookends but I think they beg to be in sunlight.

Wardrobe Oxygen's Bedroom
Wardrobe Oxygen: Inside my Bedroom

I haven't shared our bedroom since 2011; while the furniture, curtains, and wall color is still the same a few other details have changed. When I broke my arm, Karl and I switched sides of the bed and never switched back. In 2014 I wrote about our new bedroom lamps.  The poppy pillow cases are Marimekko, the quilt and shams are from Nordstrom (no longer available).

Wardrobe Oxygen: Inside my Bedroom

My side of the bed: orange box from J. Crew holds things like lip balm and cuticle cream.  The blue jar was my mom's, it always sat on her dressing table and was full of rose potpourri.  She Marie Kondo'ed her house and gave it to me, it still has the potpourri in it! 

Wardrobe Oxygen: Inside my Bedroom

Karl's side of the bed has his dad's fake vintage radio, which I guess is truly vintage now!  The glass bottles belonged to my dad.

My Morning Jacket Poster Peacock

We have several My Morning Jacket posters from all the concerts we have attended over the years. This one hangs in our bedroom and I use the frame as a sort of bulletin board, tucking in photos and concert ticket stubs.

young girl lying on a colorful bed

While Karl and I love our new rug, the biggest fan of our bedroom update is Emerson!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Hello! I’m on the verge of purchasing this rug and was wondering if any of the blues-greens are on the teal side? My family room doesn’t get much light and we have big built ins surrounding the fireplace, which I’m considering painting it all teal (built ins, fp, mantle, & wall above fp) and then the surrounding walls an off-white. So because there isn’t a ton of natural light and the teal I like is on the darker side, I’m looking for a bright rug. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. 🙂
    PS…love your eclectic style!!!

    1. The blue area is more like a bright turquoise. Some of the areas of turquoise blue have navy bordering and blending into it which can give a bit more of a teal blue look, but not actual teal. But I think it still could be a cool accent, I LOVE your idea! My sister had a teal living room and it was GORGEOUS!

  2. What a lovely set-up! I envy you your dressing table- but this gives me a lot of ideas how to create something similar with older furniture pieces. Don’t suppose you’d ever let us peek inside the drawer as to how you organize your cosmetics? This is another issue that’s been frustrating me lately — and you have a lot of great ideas!

  3. I really like your style and the rug looks great in the room. Everything seems to have been selected and placed with much thought – I love how you’ve integrated special and sentimental pieces into your everyday décor. A place for everything and everything in its place.

  4. I’ve seen much of your home from the kitchen redo, to the closet repairs, your bathroom colors and now your beautiful bedroom rug! Love the colors, but most of all, love every detail of your knick knacks in which each piece represents the combination of the love you feel for both sides of your families. Thank you, Allie, for sharing.

  5. That rug is glorious and so is your quilt!! It’s so refreshing to see interiors pictures where the house actually looks lived in (rather than “look at my totally empty dressing table with a single makeup brush placed artfully”) … And I love the framed album pictures above the bed and all the sentimental ornaments! The whole room feels very ‘you’.

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