Ask Allie: How to Style Wedge Shoes

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I just bought the Banana Republic Rorie wedge in gray suede…love the shoes but am having such a hard time styling them for work…know that you'll have great ideas…thanks for any help you can give me!!

Wedges are great because they’re so comfortable and wearable for long periods of time. Gray suede is so beautiful, like a little fuzzy kitten and is a neutral that looks go great with fall and winter colors and fabrics. These shoes are gorgeous, but I’ve owned similar shoes and know how they seem in the store as if they are a classic but once home are hard to style.

Wedges can look bulky if not styled correctly, below are some tips on how to successfully style wedges, specifically the Banana Republic Rorie wedges in gray suede for the fall and winter.

wedge shoes with tights dress how to wear

Wedges can look clunky when paired with skirts and dresses; by choosing a skirt with some volume you balance out the shoe’s weight and flatter the silhouette. In this outfit, I chose a fit and flare dress (the Tipped Ponte Dress from J. Crew Factory is a great choice and price) that would look great in the office, but also be a valuable closet addition for weekends and social affairs. To elongate the leg and stay warm in the cooler season, I paired with gray tights that match the wedges.  Add a bit of sparkle with a necklace (I chose this one on sale at Banana Republic) to pull the look together.

how to style wedge shoes with a skirt

Another example of a fuller skirt balancing the wedge shoe, but for a more casual office and warmer temps. The full midi skirt (I’m loving this one from Topshop) paired with a classic French Sailor's tee and cashmere cardigan the look is classic and the shoes are appropriate and not heavy. Choosing cashmere over cotton highlights the suede of the shoes and makes the pairing cohesive.  With such a statement look, a swipe of red lipstick and a simple monogram necklace is all the decoration that is necessary.

banana republic rorie wedge how to style

A natural pairing for the wedges is a fuller trouser in the same color. As with the tights above, having your trousers match your shoes makes for a long line, elongating and slimming the figure. Playing up the texture of the shoes, I chose flannel trousers, a silk blouse (love the colors available in this one from Joie) and a sparkly necklace (the Banana Republic Pyramid Statement, also on sale). Suede looks great with other textures; don’t be afraid to style with tweed, silk, cashmere, boucle, and weathered denim.

what pants with wedge shoes

This shoe begs for a traditional ensemble; in this look I paired with camel wool trousers and a gray turtleneck sweater (both from Talbots). Again, choosing a trousers with a fuller leg and some drape best flatters the solid shoe and balances the figure. Sticking to just a bit of gold shine on the wrist (bracelet, watch) lets the beauty of the footwear shine. This outfit could easily be switched out with a crisp white shirt, gray sweater with a different neckline, or trousers in a different color.

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  1. Looking at your wedge examples I find myself thinking – they go with outfits that are not leaning towards edgy – more Ann Wintour than Carine Roitfield.

  2. How closely should the tights and shoes match? I have a hard time getting tights the same shade and tone has my grey suede shoes. Or really any shoe other than black.

    1. It’s really up to you, I find if the outfit is all shades of gray and something else (navy, burgundy, black, brown) they can vary and it works. However if it’s more stark with the gray being the accent color it’s better if they match. I ended up finding Wolford best matched my gray shoes, the pricier brands had better color options and thicker/more matte or wool variations that didn’t look so dancer-like with my gray shoes. And though they cost more, my Wolfords have lasted almost a decade!

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