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What I Wore: Wet Weather Hike

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rain3 rain2Jacket: Calvin Klein (similar, plus size option) | Tee: J. Crew Factory (similar) | Leggings: Zella (plus option) | Boots: Sidney c/o Bogs | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Sticking with “keeping it real and casual”, this is what I wore with the family for a light hike in the woods behind our house, no makeup and bedhead hardly brushed out. It was around 65 degrees and misty with chances of rain, and the ground was soggy. It was the kind of day that you don't want to get out of bed which means that's exactly the kind of day where us Garys put on our boots and force ourselves outside!

I bought this packable rain anorak from Calvin Klein I think before Emerson was even born; it's a bit snug now (especially when it's that time of the month and my bust is double its normal size), but still comfortable and a great truly waterproof layer. Under I wore a bracelet-length tee shirt; if it was colder I'd switch out the tee for my Zella running half-zip (no longer available, this one from Nike is similar). The leggings are for cold weather and so awesome I have two pairs; I wear them for hikes and morning walks but have also been known to throw them on when hanging out at home (I may be wearing them as I type this…). A pair of wool socks and these waterproof boots have me comfortably walking through mud and deep puddles without a care.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Love the blog but this new advertisement with the “waterfall” is beyond annoying. Takes a long time to load and can’t click it away until it does. This is going to keep me from visiting as often. 🙁

    1. Tell me exactly what the ad is and I will remove it. I won’t have ads like that and it sounds as though one of my ad codes needs to be repaired. I do sidebar, top of site and between post ads, nothing else. If you can screenshot, explain where you saw, or provide the brand being advertised that would help. Thanks for bringing it to my attention as I haven’t seen it.

  2. This makes me think fondly of the fact that my late partner was most likely to compliment me on the way I looked when I was dressed in what I could loosely describe as ‘gardening clothes’ – old, shapeless, scruffy. Not that your clothes are either shapeless or scruffy. But do you look glamorous? No. Do you look elegant? No. Do you look well-groomed? No. instead you look happy, appropriately dressed, in the midst of enjoying an activity and like somebody that anybody would like to know. Lovely post, lovely photo.

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