My Favorite Skincare: Colleen Rothschild Giveaway

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colleen rothschild beauty giveawayAfter sharing my nighttime skincare routine, Colleen Rothschild Beauty reached out and offered to sponsor a giveaway for Wardrobe Oxygen readers. I’m excited because I truly love this line and love having the ability to share it with you. To refresh your memory, here is my first Colleen Rothschild skincare review.

I’ve used a large portion of the Colleen Rothschild skincare line. The Radiant Cleansing Balm is a gamechanger and I think has made the most positive impact on my skin than any other skincare product I’ve tried in the past year. The Sheer Renewal Cream is the perfect amount of hydration without any greasiness; my makeup stays better with this moisturizer than any other I’ve tried and it plays nice with primers and sunscreen. After using an expensive moisturizer that caused me to break out, the Extreme Recovery Cream truly helped my skin recover and has been excellent at keeping my skin soft and hydrated this summer without causing more breakouts.

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  1. I would get the discovery collection initially and whatever they advise for acne and oily skin that maybe isn’t in the collection. I would be thrilled.

  2. I would get the Salicylic Treatment Complex, the nourishing body lotion, Retinol Treatment Complex and restorative hand cream.

  3. I’ll go with your recommendations with the radiant cleansing balm, sheer renewal cream and extreme recovery cream.

  4. Omg, this giveaway is AMAZING. Balancing gel cleanser and daily defense spf for a start! You make the cleansing balm sound so divine, though, I’m sure I’d have to get that one too… And that detox mask… Oh man…

  5. The Radiant Cleansing Balm is one thing I’d for sure get. Skincare is my obsession since turning 40. Thanks for the chance!

  6. I would love to try this, I haven’t been able to find a good skin care regimen that really works, this would be wonderful to try! Great review

  7. definitely interested in trying this! i know skincare is one of those things i should be better about, but the number of options is just overwhelming, so thanks for the recommendation!

  8. I would feel very blessed to be chosen us single mothers don’t get this kind of money to spend on themselves! Ty for giving us the chance

  9. I’ve never entered a contest (or even commented) on a blog before but you’ve done such a great job reviewing this line that I was compelled! Thanks for the thorough and honest reviews.

  10. After your last post, I started eyeing the Age Renewal Super Serum, but got scared off by the price tag. I just got rid of an entire box full of products I’d tried that didn’t work for me, and don’t want to start another box! I’ll definitely pick it up if I have a gift certificate to work with.

  11. Where did you get that robe?! So pretty. I would get the cleansing balm & the anti aging serum. I’ve been reading a bit about copper peptides and I’d love to try a product with it.

  12. Hi Allie – First, thank you so much for everything you do in this blog. It is the only blog I read every day. I am always inspired by you. After several years of reading, this is my first comment.
    I would love to try these products! In the meantime, I’m curious about what you do with products that don’t work for you. For example, the expensive moisturizer you mentioned that made you break out – did you throw it away? Give it to a friend? Other? My bathroom is cluttered with products that I tried that didn’t work for me but might be ok for someone else (or maybe not). It doesn’t feel right to just throw them away, but I don’t know what else to do with them. What do you do?

    1. What a great question! It’s hard to get rid of partially used product. For sanitary reasons shelters and nonprofits can’t take them. I usually ask friends, but I’ve also done Freecycle. I’ll do a bulk Freecycle, I did one for the natural deodorants that didn’t work, one for hair styling products for wavy hair, one for makeup. That’s been the best solution!

  13. Would love to try this line! My skin has changed since I’ve started pushing 40, and I haven’t found anything that works!

  14. I’m in my LATE thirties and really need to try something for my skin! A gift card would really help, and I trust your recommendations so much.

  15. Been thinking a lot about trying this line. I think I may just have to order the Discovery collection! I have always loved your blog – you are truly amazing!!

  16. Going to try the Discovery Collection, but FYI the LABORDAY code does not work on that item since it is already on sale at $69.

  17. I have felt slightly lost in my skincare regime–I haven’t found anything that I’ve really liked and now that I’m about to turn 35, I feel like it’s time to figure that out. It would be great to try out this line!

  18. I’ve been intrigued by this line since you mentioned it. So expensive though. A $200 gift card would definitely help.

  19. I adore Colleen Rothschild’s products. I purchased the Discovery Kit and then immediately bought full sizes of the Radiant Cleansing Balm, Sheer Renewal Cream and the Clarifying Detox Mask. I use the first two every day and my skin has never been happier!

    1. Oh yay I love reading this! This is the first time I’ve been paid to write about them, all the other times I did it on my own but it’s still hard to say seriously folks, I am a fan, I’m not sponsored. So it’s cool to read others feel the same way about this line!

  20. I use this skincare because of you, and love everything I’ve tried! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a $200 gift card:) Thank you SO much for offering this!

  21. VERY excited by this. I’m trying to pull together something approximating a skincare routine now that I’m in my thirties and suddenly aware of the passage of time…

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