The Best Office Jacket for Spring and Summer

The best toppers and jackets for cold offices and hot weatherIf you follow Wardrobe Oxygen on Facebook, you probably already know the answer to the post title – the best office jacket for spring and summer is a knit one. With a structured shape but made out of a soft stretchy fabric, this jacket will be the perfect way to transition from a sweltering summer outside to frigid cold temps in an overly air conditioned workplace. You can shove up the sleeves,

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Ask Allie: Dressing Professionally in the Heat

It’s already hot where I live and will only get hotter and humid. How can I look professional and stay cool? My lined suit pants are already feeling oppressive.


I’m all about dresses when the temps rise. You get the air flow, but you still look polished. Thing is, it’s all about cut and fabric. Wrong choice and you’re just as miserable as if you’re wearing acetate-lined tropical wool trousers or else you look like you’re dressed in a paper bag or ready for a Mai Tai.

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Spring Capsules, Travel, and Trends with NIC+ZOE [Sponsored]

Nordstrom asked me to share the NIC+ZOE Spring collection and I had no problem saying yes. In the past year, NIC+ZOE has become a favorite brand for me to recommend because of its blend of classic styling and incorporating trends, its reasonable price for the quality, and it’s broad selection of sizes and lengths. I was especially thrilled to share the Spring NIC+ZOE collection because it’s like a pre-made capsule wardrobe. Let me show you what I mean:

Wardrobe Oxygen: Plus Size Spring Capsule Wardrobe from NIC+ZOE at NordstromShop the Look: wide leg linen pants | perfect slim cut pants | twirl flirt skirt | printed asymmetrical shell | perfect tank | wrap top | chiffon hem cardigan | diamond dot textured cardigan | open stitch sweater

This is a capsule of work-friendly yet not stuffy pieces from NIC+ZOE’s plus size line.

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Capsule Wardrobe Tips: Merging Work and Weekend Style

Hi Alison, I love your capsule collection posts but I find myself struggling with the idea in my own closet. I work in a fairly conservative office and though I don’t have to wear suits every day, I feel like I have 2 wardrobes – work and weekend. Do you have any advice for those of us that cannot mix workday and weekend wardrobes?

creating a capsule wardrobe - how to merge work and weekend styleAt a previous job,

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