What I Wore: At the Station

Wardrobe Oxygen in a faux leopard print fur coat from Amazon Fashionblazer | tee | jeans | boots | coat | bag | sunglasses | earrings | lipstick

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What I Wore: Warm Layers

Wardrobe Oxygen,, over 40 blogger wearing a Melissa McCarthy Seven7 cardigan and Dagne Dover oxblood leather bucket bagcardigan | sweater | necklace | bag | jeans | boots

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Trying out Fitcode for the Perfect Fitting Jeans

A Review of Fitcode by Wardrobe OxygenShopping for jeans sucks. After swimsuit shopping, jean shopping can be the most frustrating and demoralizing experience. If they fit in the waist they sag in the rear, if they fit in the hips they gape at the back of the waistband. And why is it that a 12 in one brand fits while another brand it’s too small and another it’s too big? Fitcode’s here to help.

By women and for women,

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What I Wore: You Dropped a Bomb on Me

Wardrobe Oxygen in a Steve Madden bomber jacket, JAG jeans, Sorel boots, and a Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC bag

jacket | scarf | tee | jeans | boots | bag | sunglasses

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