Trying out Fitcode for the Perfect Fitting Jeans

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A Review of Fitcode by Wardrobe Oxygen

Shopping for jeans sucks. After swimsuit shopping, jean shopping can be the most frustrating and demoralizing experience. If they fit in the waist, they sag in the rear; if they fit in the hips, they gape at the back of the waistband. And why does a 12 in one brand fit while another brand is too small and another too big? Fitcode's here to help. Below I share my experience trying Fitcode for a great fitting pair of jeans.

My Experience Trying Out Fitcode for the Perfect Fitting Jeans

By women and for women, Fitcode redefines shopping for denim with a quiz that helps you find the right size of jeans for your specific body and the retailers that will best fit your figure.

Their free test asks all the right questions to get the right denim for you. There are four choices for waist, rear, and thighs; you share your regular size and age (which is optional), and you receive a certain Fitcode number and a boutique of jeans that best fit your number. When you click on each style, you find more detail about the jeans and even a video of a woman with your same Fitcode number modeling the denim.  As an FYI, my Fitcode number is 715.

Screenshot of FitCode 715 Denim

One of the brands Fitcde features is JAG Jeans, and you all know I love JAG Jeans. However, I usually stick to one or two styles I’ve tried before and haven’t ventured past them for fear they wouldn’t fit well. FitCode and JAG Jeans offered to send me three styles that matched my Fitcode number, and I made sure to try styles I had never tried before to get a good feeling for the success of Fitcode. With 17 styles available from JAG Jeans in my FitCode number,

I chose the Amelia Slim Ankle (I always fear slim styles because of my thick thighs and large calves), and Portia Straight (I love my bootcut JAG Jeans with a standard waistband, and these appeared to be similar but with less of a flare at the ankle), and the Nora Skinny in Thunder Grey (I have these in a super stretchy thin denim and wanted to see if they were equally as awesome in thicker denim and I liked the color). I tried all three in 14 Petite.

I took each of these jeans for a spin. In fact, you’ve seen all of them on the blog prior to this. I did wash and dry each one before this shoot as I find JAG Jeans stretch and mold to the body and I wanted them to look as fresh as possible.

Also, I did these denim changes in my car… I do not recommend such an act to anyone over a size six or over the age of 35. How the heck did I do that back in the day? I can recall changing from last night’s clothes to my work outfit in a Saturn no problem, but now I pull muscles and get wedgies, and it is NOT glamorous. A little behind the scenes… and now on to the jeans!

Wardrobe Oxygen review of FitCode and Jag Jeans features a collage of four photos of Alison Gary wearing gray skinny jeans with a great fit.

These are the Nora Skinny Jeans in Thunder Grey. With JAG Jeans’ famous pull-on waistband, there’s more comfort and less bulk under fitted untucked tops. They run a bit more snug than the Noras I have in thinner denim, but I think they still fit nicely (I also wore them with a Talbots ruana).

Sometimes the pull-on waistband folds over or slides down on me, but I find this pair only folds a bit on the sides after a few hours wear and they keep their shape and stay up quite nicely. The denim feels good, looks expensive, and keeps its shape. I like that the pockets are subtle, no fancy gold stitching to distract or add more to my already juicy booty.

Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen, a brunette petite size 14 woman is wearing dark straight jeans and her face shows she does not like them and think they do not fit well.

These are the Portia Straight Jeans in Dark Indigo. They have a mid-rise which I would think I would like, but it hits right at my belly button, and that, with the combo of the standard waistband of thinner stretchy denim that it folds over, digs into my belly and makes a serious muffin top.

If I were taller or had a longer torso, these jeans would fit better, but this rise with my height is not a good mix. I truly thought this pair would be better than all the rest, it’s the kind of style I usually go with even though I often have the issue.

Here, I styled them with a Steve Madden bomber jacket. I’ll admit I did the denim dance – you know when you do weird wide-legged squats and grab the waistband and stretch it? That dance was needed to get these jeans on. Yeah, a little more behind the scenes…

Wardrobe Oxygen: A Review of FitCode with Jag Jeans

These are the Amelia Slim Ankle in After Midnight. They have the pull-on comfort waistband like the Noras and have the same rise. I am pleasantly surprised by these. I styled them with my BOGS Sidney boots. With boots, you can’t tell they’re cropped. But this length is pretty perfect for wearing with low-profile sneakers… something that is nearly impossible for me to find.

And while these stretch out nicely on the legs, so they don’t look as much like leggings, they don’t bag in the rear or sag down. I like them under taller boots because they don’t add bulk in the ankles, which is a trouble place for me with boots as I have thicker ankles than many. And come spring and summer, I know I’ll love them with shoes that free my ankle bones.

While I received three pairs of JAG Jeans, I was not paid to do this post and all opinions, text, and such are my own. I decided to write about Fitcode because I think Fitcode is a pretty brilliant way to shop for denim. It got me outside my comfort zone. It also showed me that there’s jeans out there for my figure, they just may not be the same jeans I see on every blogger or in every magazine.

I always say it’s not you, it’s the clothes. But when it’s something like jeans, which are a wardrobe essential for most, and a piece that is hard to alter, it’s hard not to take it personally. Finding a tool like Fitcode helps the situation.

What Happened to Fitcode?

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Fitcode seems to have gone out of business prior to 2020. The URL now directs to an individual's personal TikTok account and all mentions of Fitcode have been removed from partner websites. I removed all invalid links but decided to keep this post on Wardrobe Oxygen to benefit those looking for information about Fitcode.

For a history of the partnership between Fitcode and JAG Jeans, check out this 2017 page from Gossip & Glamour. Per Fashion Network, Silver Jeans partnered with Fitcode in 2018 to offer the resource for men's jeans.

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  1. I HATE jeans shopping (big thighs from too much cycling, relatively small butt, bit of muffin top above the hips!) so will definitely give this a go! Do they include high street brands as well, or only expensive brands? I used to find Uniqlo’s jeans were perfect, but they’re non stretch and they changed the cut a couple years back so I can’t get the new ones over my thighs… *wails*

    1. They have a variety of brands but only those that have partnered with them. No Uniqlo so far, but they have Levi’s. NYDJ, Kut from the Kloth, and plenty of department store brands like Paige, Hudson, Frame, and Citizens of Humanity.

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