The Best White Jeans: Reviewing Over 12 Pairs

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The best white jeans for spring and summer

I find jeans to be one of the hardest things to shop for, right up there with bras and swimwear.  When it comes to white jeans, it's even more difficult.  They're transparent, they bag out, they're too thin, they're shaped weird… why is it so hard to take a wardrobe staple and make it wearable?  I love white jeans, they are such an easy way to make an outfit look springy or summery, they're more dressy than blue jeans, they add class to a look.  White jeans are a must-have in my wardrobe, but this spring I realized I didn't have any pairs that fit me well.  I went on a search for the best white jeans.  This post features photos of 12 different pairs of white jeans that I tried; at the bottom I share reviews for a few more that didn't make the shoot but I tried.  There are also some tips on white jeans from readers and friends with brands and styles I haven't yet tried.  I hope this review helps narrow down styles for you so you can find a great pair of white jeans that fits, flatters, and doesn't show every seam of your underwear.

For reference, I am 5'3″ and in pants and jeans usually choose a size 32 or 14.  I find petite usually fits my figure best, but sometimes do better with the short or ankle version of a regular-cut jean. My curves are in my rear, belly, and thighs with smaller hips. I like a straight or slim cut white jean – not super skinny but I find a trimmer fit looks better with my shape and a variety of tops. For this review, I purposely chose burgundy colored underwear to see if they would show (this style to be specific). All the photos were taken the same day so no change in size, underpinnings, etc. If the jeans had been laundered, worn previously on the blog, or worn for a long period of time previously, I will state that.  As soon as I put each pair on, I did the Squat Dance.  You know that dance, where you hold onto the waistband of the jeans and squat low to the ground a few times, seeing how well the denim stretches and to make them a bit more comfortable.

My Search for The Best White Jeans

In the words of my husband who shot these photos, “WTF Alison, they all look the same!” And at first glance they do.  But if you're reading this, you're likely like me, someone who wants better than okay.  And small details make a difference.  I will share the photos of the front, side, and back views but also the notes I took during the shoot to help explain why each pair was a hit or a miss.

Talbots Slim Ankle – 12 Petite

Reviewing the Talbots slim ankle jeans Reviewing the Talbots slim ankle jeans Reviewing the Talbots slim ankle jeans

After liking these jeans in my last jeans review but wishing they were petite, I decided to try them in white and petite.  Spoiler alert, this is the only pair of jeans in this entire review that I found to be the same quality, fit, and construction in blue denim as in white denim. And spoiler alert, these are my favorite jeans from the bunch.  They've already been washed and dried twice and worn several times.  They don't bag out when wearing, you can easily wear them multiple days between washings without having saggy rear. While the denim is thick and firm, it has stretch and is comfortable even when sitting all day. The only issue is you need to wear nude to you underwear with them.  The pockets are beige which helps them disappear, but it's clear you can see my undies from the back.  However, I've worn skintone undies under them without any visibility. These are some of the most expensive feeling denim from the entire review. These jeans come in misses, petite, plus, and petite plus sizes up to 24 and retail between $95 and $99 dependent on size and color. Win!

Talbots High Waist Jegging Ankle – 12 Petite

white jeans 9 3 3 white jeans 9 1 3
I liked the idea of the high waist, and thought a lighter weight denim would be nice for hot summer.  Since I've had such luck with Talbots denim in the past, I figured these wouldn't be too transparent.  I was right!  If you're looking for a skinny jean or jegging in white that isn't see-through and isn't so thin you can see every dent in your knees, these are a great choice.  I'm not sure what happened to my side view photo of these jeans but I hope this is enough to give you an idea of how they fit. Since they are so fitted and thinner, I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing these with a fully tucked in top (I'd do a half-tuck), but these would be great with a floaty top and sandals this summer. These jeans come in petite, misses, plus, and plus petite up to a size 26 and retail between $95 and $99 dependent on size. Win!

Talbots High Waist Wide Crop – 12 Petite

white jeans 10 1 3 white jeans 10 2 3 white jeans 10 3 3

I love my wide leg cropped jeans from American Eagle so much (seen here, here, and here) I thought this would be a great choice.  Nope, these are the epitome of why many of you think Talbots is too frumpy.  I almost didn't add these to the review because they aren't a slim or straight full-length version but decided to because it's proof that no brand gets it right all the time and because a cut works at one retailer doesn't mean it will at another.  I would have had to size up, but then I think they would have hung weirdly… more weirdly than they currently do with those bowing out pockets, crotch whiskers, and a wide waistband at just the exact place where it will be folded over when I sit. I also don't like the very wide hem and the double silver buttons – these details along with the cut make these jeans look dated and frumpy.  They could possibly be modern and cool looking on a tall slim woman without a belly or much of a butt, but also a woman with that figure can likely find more stylish wide leg cropped jeans that are likely cheaper.  These come in petite, misses, plus, and plus petite sizes up to 24 and range in price from $95 to $99 dependent on size. Miss.

NYDJ ‘Marilyn' High Waist Straight Stretch Jeans – 12 Petite

reviewing the NYDJ Marilyn jeans in white and how well they fit, opacity, and wearability reviewing the NYDJ Marilyn jeans in white and how well they fit, opacity, and wearability reviewing the NYDJ Marilyn jeans in white and how well they fit, opacity, and wearability

With NYDJ they always recommend you size down and I agree.  While I sometimes can fit in a 12 jean, with NYDJ I wouldn't go down to a 10 but if you're unsure, size down.  I chose the Marilyn because I have worn this cut from NYDJ in the past and liked it.  It's a straight leg cut, but with my solid legs it's more of a slim to skinny fit on me.  The Marilyn jean in white isn't exactly the same as the Marilyns I've worn in the past.  The front pockets are small; I couldn't even fit two knuckles worth of my hand in them and surely wouldn't be able to fit a phone. The pockets are white, so they are visible through the jeans.  Also… these are petites? The description says 32″ inseam and doesn't distinguish between regular and petite; these felt like a 31″ inseam which is crazy long for petite. The denim over the placket doesn't seem to be reinforced as it bubbles a bit thereby exposing the zipper.  A bit of ironing may be able to help that, but considering I wasn't in love with these jeans I didn't bother. These jeans come in regular and petite sizes up to 18 and retail and are currently on sale for $88.25They are also available in plus sizes up to 28, also on sale for the same price.

NYDJ Curves 360 Slim Straight Leg Ankle – 12 Petite

white jeans 6 1 3 white jeans 6 2 3 white jeans 6 3 3

The NYDJ 360 collection is made with a four-way stretch that is to move with your body.  These jeans come in seven different colors.  I haven't tried these in any other color, but the white is just too thin and transparent for me.  However, I like the denim.  It's not thin spongey denim, but with that bit of rigidity that you want to hold everything in comfortably and not bag out with wear.  These feel like expensive jeans and I would like them in a darker color.  I do wish the waist was a hair higher or lower because it hits right at my belly button and folds over when I sit and says folded over. I also missed the detail of the slit on the ankles; this isn't bad but it's not what I want as I like to sometimes cuff my white jeans to make them shorter.  These jeans come in regular and petite sizes up to 28 (yes plus sized petite offerings!) and retail for $109. Miss.

Vince Camuto Skinny Ankle Jeans – 14 Regular

A review of Vince Camuto jeans A review of Vince Camuto jeans A review of Vince Camuto jeans

While I have owned a lot of Vince Camuto over the years, I have never tried their jeans.  As always, if I am unsure of a brand's fit, especially when it comes to white jeans, I size up and went with a 14. These were the warmest of the white jeans I tried for this review. Not quite winter white, but enough of a contrast that it will look weird against bright white tops. These jeans stretched out as soon as I did one bounce of my Squat Dance and continued to stretch out as I squatted, walked down the stairs, and back up.  Even so, these jeans felt too tight (weird since the bright white version that isn't on sale recommends one to size down). Oh, and the front pockets are both visible and too small to fit anything of worth into them.  These jeans are currently on sale for $51.75 at Nordstrom and available up to a size 33. Miss. 

Liverpool ‘Sienna' Pull-On Stretch Skinny Ankle – 14

Liverpool jeans review Liverpool jeans review Liverpool jeans review

I wore Liverpool jeans a lot after having my daughter.  I appreciated the price point and how soft and stretchy they were.  When the postpartum belly started to firm up, I didn't like Liverpool as much because I didn't find the denim to be rigid enough to look polished.  Great under sweaters and tunics, but baggy and unsupportive when the rise was visible.  However, many of you have raved about Liverpool and they seem to have expanded their selection so I decided to order a pair.  I'm not a big fan of the pull-up style since I often like to tuck in my tops, but I know many of you like it and it's a good choice for spring and summer as it's less bulk at the waist and a smoother look under lightweight fabric tops.  

I should have gotten a 12, and I really need a petite (not available at the time of ordering).  These don't look huge in the photos, but they are.  Since the waist is thick, it's essentially sitting stiff resting on my hip bones to keep the pants from sagging at the crotch. You can see from the backview how the pockets are too low; if I had a smaller size and petite they'd probably have better placement. The front pockets are fake; that plus the surprisingly opaque fabric for the not so heavy weight makes these a great choice for those who desire a pull-on style. Just size down. These jeans are available in regular up to size 16 and petite up to size 14 and are currently on sale for $66.75.  Miss.

Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution High Waist Ankle Jeans – 14 Petite

white jeans 5 1 3 white jeans 5 2 3 white jeans 5 3 3

Y'all have raved about Wit & Wisdom for a long while.  I agree, they're great fitting and I own some shorts from the brand.  When I was looking for jeans the first brand I looked at was Wit & Wisdom and was happy to find a pair that is a high waist, a simple silhouette, and available in petites! And these jeans are a great fit.  Comfortable, good shape, nicely sized pockets.  The only thing is this denim is more transparent than I am comfortable with.  I would prefer these jeans in a different color (which they have in regular and plus sizes).   You can clearly see the pockets and these are one of the few jeans where you could clearly see the color of my underwear (sorry the lighting doesn't show it well). These jeans are available in regular and petite sizes up to 18 and retail for $68. Miss. 

Eddie Bauer StayShape Straight Jeans, Slightly Curvy – 14 Petite

white jeans 7 1 3 white jeans 7 2 3 white jeans 7 3 3

For Friday's post I had to pick an outfit from Walmart.  Knowing I was going to do a white jeans review, I decided to have the outfit based off a pair of white jeans and this is the pair that didn't make the outfit post.  And now I feel I am stuck with them.  Walmart says all over their ads and their website free shipping and free returns.  Nowhere on the site does it say that only is for Walmart products and not the varying other companies they have bought and incorporate into their site to show up in search blended with everything else.  I got these jeans, I didn't want to keep these jeans, Walmart said well that's between you and Eddie Bauer so email them.  I did, they didn't reply.  I emailed again, they sent a super generic response that didn't help.  I had to call Eddie Bauer, they said I needed to have the packing slip (which I didn't have because these jeans were on the same packing slip as Walmart items I returned) and they don't offer shipping assistance.  They gave me the address, and recommended I did insurance because sometimes their returns get lost.  So these jeans cost me $42 and it was going to cost me half the price of the jeans to return them.  Now, I go to the site and it says it costs $5.99 to ship them but I didn't pay shipping to receive them.  So yeah, not a happy customer.  But let's get to the jeans. 

These jeans are stuck in the '00s with their quality, their fit, their shape, and their shipping policies.  The denim has a fancy name but they stretch out and bag like any mediocre pair of jeans and these are regularly $70. By the time I walked back upstairs after the shoot I could practically pull the jeans down without unbuttoning them.  A reader recently emailed me asking me to explain fit, and it's hard to describe when it's good fit.  I wish the light we used didn't blow out the denim so much so you could see how these are a dated fit that will make your body look older and less fit.  We often choose relaxed silhouettes and softer fabrics because we think it's better for our curves but these jeans prove that theory is wrong.  You're better than these jeans.  These jeans come in regular, petite, and tall sizes up to 20 and are currently on sale for $42. Miss.

AG Jeans ‘The Prima' Ankle – 32

white jeans 8 1 3 white jeans 8 2 3 white jeans 8 3 3

These jeans are way more expensive than I would normally spend on a pair of jeans.  The only reason I ordered them is because I have ‘The Prima' from AG in blue and they are by far the best jeans I have ever owned (I got them at Trunk Club, see them also on the blog in this post and this post).  They're the perfect weight, perfect amount of stretch, they fit like a glove and molded to fit my body and have re-molded as my body has changed.  They also haven't worn out with washings and wear; most jeans that go through what I've put these through would be in the scrap bin by now but my AG Jeans still look new.  So if I could get white jeans to do the same in the long run it may be worth the purchase.

Nope.  These run SMALL.  They are the same size as the pair I own but I could hardly zip them and couldn't squat all the way down for the Squat Dance.  What's weird is these are 98% cotton and 2% polyurethane just the same as my Primas, yet these are thinner and more rigid.  The plus?  They are opaque. These jeans only go up to size 32 and retail for $188. Miss.

JAG Jeans ‘Cecilia' Skinny Midrise – 14

white jeans 11 1 3 white jeans 11 2 3 white jeans 11 3 3

I have liked JAG Jeans for many years.  The denim is great quality, the price isn't bad, they fit well.  However, JAG is known for making OTT jeans.  They can't be simple, they have embroidery or extra buttons or a weird wash or a lace up cuff or they are the pull-on style which always hits at the wrong place on me making them uncomfortable.  When I find a simple unremarkable pair I get excited, so I was thrilled to try these jeans. I really wish these came in petite. You can just look at them and see they need to be shorter in the rise, shorter in the leg, adjusted for my petite frame. That being said, these are fantastic jeans.  Inside the waistband is elastic which keeps the waist from buckling and helps provide a better fit. The denim is opaque, a great weight that will hold its shape all day. No weird details, a classic jean that would be great… if you're at least 5'5″. These jeans are available up to a size 16 (regular length only) and retail for $84. Miss.

Cabi High Skinny – 12

Reviewing the cabi High Straight Jean in white from their Spring 2019 collection Reviewing the cabi High Straight Jean in white from their Spring 2019 collection Reviewing the cabi High Straight Jean in white from their Spring 2019 collection

When I featured these jeans in my cabi capsule wardrobe I received so many emails, DMs, and comments asking about them.  I'll be honest, cabi jeans don't usually seem to be made for my body. I'm too short, also I find my belly and booty causes them to stretch out quickly.  This spring has impressed me as the jeans seem to work better for me.  Like most cabi jeans, these are soft but they're not thin or transparent.  The softness does cause them to stretch, but not so much I can't wear them a second day. They are a midrise and lately I'm preferring a higher rise, but these hit at a better point than most midrises and along with the soft denim don't seem to segment me so much. They are a slim but not skinny fit and I feel comfortable wearing them with a tucked-in top.  These jeans have been washed and dried three times and haven't changed color, size, or shape. Please note I had them taken to a tailor to be hemmed this length. These jeans retail for $109 and come in sizes 0-16. Hit!

White Jeans That Didn't Make the Shoot But Are Worth Checking Out

  • My friend Rosana who is a personal stylist said these jeans from Good American are really cute and worth checking out.  I've only tried Good American once and found them too tight for my legs but that was a skinny style and these are a straight leg version.  If I hadn't found great jeans with this review, I would check them out.  This style from Good American is available up to a size 24.
  • My friend Carolyn swears by Costco and Sam's Club for white jeans.  She has two pairs from there and loves them (and the price!). She said you can shop from the Sam's Club app as well; from there she has purchased shorts and other clothes.
  • I've now featured the stain resistant white girlfriend jeans from Chico's in three posts (here, here, and here). They were in the laundry at the time of this shoot. As I mentioned in the initial review, I find them a bit thinner than I like for white jeans.  They do stretch out a bit and you can see the pockets and slimming panel some in the front.  However, they have grown on me because they are super comfortable and have a great fit on the legs. And while they do stretch out a bit, it's not to the point that they can't be worn a second time.  And the stain resistance feature is awesome and truly works!  These jeans from Chico's come in regular, short, tall, and petite options up to a size 20.
  • I tried the High Rise Skinny Jean from Everlane.  I ordered a 32. These are not the same stretchy denim as the ones I wore in this post, this post, and this initial Everlane jeans review.  These jeans are far too tight, I could hardly get them on and couldn't zip them.  The denim is far more rigid and I don't find the shape designed for curves. Everlane goes up to a size 33 aqnd has short, regular, and long lengths. If you haven't tried Everlane jeans before, I don't recommend these to be your introductory pair. I wish they'd make these jeans in more colors than gray, they're sooo good.
  • The EV1 jeans I featured in this post also were in the laundry at the time of this review.  As I mentioned in the post, I find the quality of those jeans quite good, the denim opaque, soft, and they stretch without stretching out.  However, they are a size 14 regular and I clearly need a 12 petite.  They were too high rise and combined with being too big they slid down giving me a saggy crotch and bum. I may cut them off into shorts as I find a loose pair of shorts to be more flattering than a loose pair of jeans.  An FYI for anyone who doesn't like butt detail on their jeans, there is EV1's logo of LOVE with a heart embroidered on one pocket in the same color as the jeans.  I hate butt detail but this didn't really bother me too much but it may be a make or break point for you.

Shop the White Jeans Mentioned in This Post:

If you have a pair of white jeans that you love, do share the details in the comments!

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  1. Silly question: is that a Universal Standard tee shirt you are waring in the photos?

  2. I have had good luck with pants from Christopher & Banks. Their pants fit me really well so they are my go-to. Their sizes go from 4-24, petite, misses, and women’s. There are brick and mortar stores, but I purchase primarily online. Their Signature Slimming Ankle pants in colored denim or white is $69.95 retail, but is currently 40% off. I have not purchased this year’s version, but was very pleased with last year’s white denim. Heavy enough to not be see through and fit my curvy hips and thighs very well.

  3. I second the love for Kut from the Cloth. They’re great for plus size figures. Alison, thanks for trying on all these jeans, and also for the alert about Walmart return policy. That’s horrible! I never visit Walmart in person but have sometimes considered buying online, but now I’m fairly warned.

  4. Other than the perfect LBD…the perfect LWJ is essential! Great post. Love the ones with the slit at ankle. My other staple is a white denim skirt. I bet you’d look chic in one of those too!-Laurel

  5. I cannot believe how much time & effort you put into doing this post! Tons of detail. You’ve saved me hours of doing the big search. And you also have confirmed my recent experience with NYDJ, my beloved NYDJ. Think I’m just going to take a break from them because they’ve been going downhill for a couple of years now & customer service has been indifferent at best. Talbots, here I come!

  6. Great review! I’m constantly annoyed with all jeans of all colors regarding pocket placement. Half the time they’re on my upper thigh. Anyway, I wanted to share a suggestion for a pair of white jeans that I recently purchased and love…KUT from the Kloth Catherine Boyfriend jean. Although they’re always shown rolled up at the ankle, they’re not stitched, so they’re easy to unroll. Unrolled, they’re a perfect length for me–5’7″. Not too baggy despite the “boyfriend” label, and very comfortable. They come in regular and plus sizing.

  7. Love this post! I need a new pair and wasn’t sure where to begin. Some new options to consider now! Thank you!!

  8. I found the NYDJ Marilyn jeans a “miss” as well. I wanted to like them but I just couldn’t. I’m a hair taller than you and a size smaller, but we are built similarly. I had the same
    Issues as you. I loved the Absolution jeans but didn’t try them in white.

    I’m honestly terrified of white jeans (or shorts). I have dogs, I’m a klutz, Florida is sandy everywhere. I did get a pair of “sea foam green” shorts last year. That was a big step. I immediately stained them. Oh well.

  9. Thanks for the great info! Have you tried Loft jeans? I am definitely a Cabi addict- I wear Cabi tops, sweaters and jackets almost exclusively. Jeans were hit or miss for me until Loft added plus sizes. They have a lot of great colors and styles. Would love to hear your opinion if you ever have the chance to try them.

    1. I did try LOFT jeans and for me they were a miss. I forgot to add the LOFT and J. Crew Factory jeans, I ordered them earlier in the year and returned them so didn’t have them for the shoot. I didn’t feel the shape worked with my shape. I did better with LOFT when I was younger and firmer or when I was bigger, this in between stage doesn’t seem to jive with their silhouettes and everything I’ve ordered in the past year I’ve returned sadly.

  10. I’m also 5’ 3” and have the Talbots slim ankle jeans from last year in pink and gray. I love how they fit, and they don’t stretch out. I’m very tempted to order them in white after your review! And for the record, I was also disappointed in the length of the more recent NYDJ Marilyns in petite. I have them in black from a couple years ago, and they are a perfect length. I bought them in dark washed blue more recently, and they were much longer. After washing and drying them a few times in the hope that they’d shrink in length, I finally had to hem them. Sometimes petite pants are even too short for me, so I was surprised that the Marilyns needed shortened.

  11. I remember when white jeans started to be a bigger trend I wanted a pair and I was not ready for what happened, it was a huge disappointment. I didn’t find anything that fit right, they all looked horrible and made me look weird. I have chunky legs and big thighs so I could never find a pair of white jeans that fit and eventually I gave up and realized that piece wasn’t for me. You gave me the motivation to go back shopping and try to find something even though I am a bit insecure and don’t want to go shopping and end up disappointed because nothing fits me but we’ll see. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Thanks for taking this on! Great info. I bought the new Chico’s jeans after seeing your post. They’re just as you described…a bit more clingy than I love initially, but my experience is that Chico’s jeans stretch out a bit, and they’re really comfy and fairly flattering. I also have an old pair of NYDJ that I still love and wear, but they are moving toward that “not quite white white” stage where they are only good for another year or so. I’m going to try a couple of those you showed here. Cheers!

  13. That was a lot of work! Just ordering and trying on and photographing all those jeans … not even including returning (or trying to) return all the ones that didn’t fit properly. I’ve been on my journey for white jeans; trying and in some cases, buying various pairs that were never quite right. I finally stumbled onto a pair of white jeans at the Ralph Lauren outlet. They’re my dream jeans; good quality fabric that doesn’t show through, comfy amount of stretch with no bagging and laundering well. I’ve found my white jeans!

    It’s like kissing a lot of frogs to find your prince. Miserable but worth it in the end.

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