Ask Allie: Draped Tops for Large Busts

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I'm wanting to add some draped tops to my wardrobe. However, as a large breasted lady with wide shoulders and slim hips I'm having a tough time finding draped tops that give me a balanced silhouette. Any ideas?

As a fellow large breasted lady with wide shoulders, here’s some I have tried that I really like:

vince camuto drape top wardrobe

I have this in Flame (see here on Instagram), but it also comes in basic white and black and bright lime. It has a built in camisole so you don’t have to worry about placement or safety pins. I find the top runs large, and as a busty woman extra fabric isn’t our friend so consider going down a size (I promise there’s enough room on top). This is one of those high-low tops with a longer back shirttail which can look cute with jeans and skinny pants, but also can be tucked in and bloused a bit to make the top look more traditional.

Why it Works: The draping is below the bustline, and the wrap style is flattering and gives a shape to the torso. The fabric is lightweight poly georgette, giving a great drape without weight. All that and it comes in regular and petite!

karen kane drape wrap top wardrobe

Karen Kane is great for effortless drapey knits, and this top proves it. The viscose knit looks like jersey but has more bounce, giving it a beautiful drape that doesn’t get hung up on the bustline. The way the armholes are cut out, your bra is covered but you don’t look like a linebacker. This top looks great under a suit jacket for the office, as well as a pair of jeans for a night on the town.

Why it Works: Balancing a drapey front with a sleek back shows that it’s the top, not you. Hidden stitching in the drape prevents bra peek-a-boo.

stem vneck raglan sweatshirt wardrobe

Don’t let the name fool you, this is more of a knit top than a sweatshirt. In a fabric heavier than most tees but soft and stretchy, this top’s sleeves are what take it to the unique and also drapey level. Do know it may slip off one shoulder, but I think that adds to its appeal.

Why it Works: The banded hem keeps the top from looking too casual or have too much volume and the v-neck elongates the neck and flatters the bustline.

topshop surplice top wardrobe

I love the casual sexy slouchiness of this top. It comes in black, white, and a few pastel hues.  It runs SUPER big, I have it in medium and could have even gone in small if I wanted it more appropriate for work. But in the size I have, it looks casual cool with boyfriend jeans, denim cutoffs, or skinny jeans or pants. Again this has the longer back shirttail; for this one I think it looks wonky when tucked in and more graceful when left to drape.

Why it Works: The fabric is extremely lightweight so it drapes, but lets your figure still show. Dropped shoulders and longer sleeves make it clear this is purposely oversized, not frumpy.

Have you any other suggestions for this reader?

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  1. I love your descriptions; they’re pretty helpful, which I don’t often see in these kinds of articles here. Thanks. Now that it is a few years later, any ideas on where I can find these types of tops?

  2. I like how they use flat chested models for an article on fashion for big busted ladies. Smh.

    1. This was written five years ago using stock photography from websites to use as examples of what to purchase. I would love to use models with a larger bust, but that’s far more expensive than you would think to make that happen and this is a small women’s site run by one person – me. However, if you look at more recent content on here you’ll see I regularly model the clothing to showcase it on a body more in relation to the content. I am a busty size 12/14 and regularly showcase me in jeans, shorts, swimsuits, and offer advice on how to dress such a figure. I encourage you to check out the rest of the site and not judge it solely on one post from five years ago. Thank you for your feedback!

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