Looks Like a Jumpsuit, Feels like a Two-Piece Look with Chico’s Zenergy

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chicos zenergy jumpsuit from the Zeema collection

Please say you know what commercial I am referencing with the title of this blog post! But when Chico's invited me to pick a look from their New Arrivals, I chose this blouse and these joggers thinking together they'd look like a jumpsuit… and I was right!

over 40 fashion blogger wardrobe oxygen wearing chicos

I love a jumpsuit, and pre-‘demic I had quite a few in my closet. But now, spending so much time at home, I don't have the patience for most jumpsuits. They look great on, so great I buy them even when they're difficult to deal with when using the facilities or trying to take them off when you're sweaty or wearing a belt, or all the other issues with them.

how to style a fanny pack

But in this life? I'd rather achieve the look of a jumpsuit while having the ease and comfort of two separate pieces. Even better when the pieces are machine washable AND UPF 50+. These two pieces are from the Chico's Zenergy line in their Neema fabric, which is not a jersey but quite stretchy. It feels more like a combination between a stretch crepe and windbreaker fabric, but with a silky finish.

wardrobe oxygen wearing girlfriend collective

Pants: Zenergy Neema Jogger Pants c/o Chico's (size 2) | Blouse: Zenergy Neema Button-front Shirt c/o Chico's (size 2) | Necklace: Silvertone Status Bib Necklace c/o Chico's | Bracelet: Silvertone Status Bracelet c/o Chico's | Ring: Silvertone Chain Ring c/o Chico's | Bag: Girlfriend Collective | Boots: La Canadienne

blue petite jumpsuit

If this was in before times, I'd wear this look with a pair of heels. But these days, I am happiest in a low heel or flat shoe with plenty of support. These boots are from La Canadienne and over a year old. You see them often here and on Instagram because they're buttery soft leather while also being waterproof, roomy enough to take insoles for extra arch support, and they have laces in front but a side zipper for getting them on and off easily.

girlfriend collective fawn bag

The necklace, bracelet, and matching ring are also from Chico's New Arrivals. Chico's makes fantastic jewelry and these pieces are no different. With closures that add an artistic touch, a shiny but not fake look finish, and a quality weight, these are pieces I know I'll enjoy for many seasons to come.

tips on styling a jumpsuit

The belt bag/fanny pack (sorry UK folks, we call them fanny packs, and yes I know what a fanny is) is from Girlfriend Collective. While I love my Dagne Dover Ace fanny pack, I don't like that it's not size-inclusive. When Girlfriend Collective came out with a line of bags and one was a fanny pack, I ordered one.

how to style a jumpsuit when you are petite

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tips on styling a jumpsuit

Girlfriend's bag is not as polished as the Dagne bag (Dagne's is neoprene with oversized tonal zippers, Girlfriend's is ripstop canvas made from recycled water bottles and has standard zippers), but it's smartly designed with multiple zippers and a strap that is easily adjusted to wear around the waist, crossbody, or on the shoulder. If you don't like black it comes in four other colors. I like it, and I like that it's less than $50.

wardrobe oxygen wearing girlfriend collective

As for the hair… the blow-out is temporary. I like to switch things up, and when my hair is begging for a cut and color touch-up it's my favorite time to blow out the curls and see how long my hair has gotten. I have a cut scheduled later this month so I will soon be back to my ringlets!

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  1. I’m curious about undergarments for this outfit. So many of Chico’s Zenergy line clings to the dimples in my bum and/or shows panty lines. What’s a good solution (I have thongs, but dimples….).

  2. Very nice on you! I love how you show us how to look at clothing in a more versatile way. Love the styling.
    That would look really cool with all those white lace combat boots insta people are wearing too.


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