DUBGEE by Whoopi Review

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dubgee by whoopi review

Have you heard of DUBGEE, a new clothing line by Whoopi Goldberg? The concept is great – clothing for everyone.  No number sizes, from XS to 3X, clothing that is comfortable and made so you won't feel bad about anything in your closet. Quality, comfort, versatility, and timeless.  I loved this idea, and I am always on the hunt for new clothing lines that have a great size range and provide comfort and quality along with style.  DUBGEE is available at Neiman Marcus, Amazon, Ashley Stewart, and will eventually be at Macy's.  Seeing that Amazon had some of the collection and was offering free Prime shipping and returns, I decided to order a few pieces to do a DUBGEE by Whoopi review.

Heads up: Neiman Marcus has the same exact pieces but they are $100 more than at Amazon. And Ashley Stewart's prices are cheaper than Amazon but they only carry 1X-3X. If you like this brand, shop around for the best price.

The selection is slim pickings on Amazon.  Lacking a size chart anywhere but figuring the cut of these pieces and the usual size I wear in clothing, I figured I was a size Large in DUBGEE.  There were three things available in Large on Amazon at the time of my order.

Since one was a sweatshirt and I didn't really feel that would give a good example of DUBGEE, I ordered what has been the signature piece in all marketing – the long button front belted tunic, as well as the cocoon dress.  They arrived quickly, shipped in traditional Amazon fashion (which means a box too big, plastic bags that look as though they were reused, and some air pillows to fill the void). 

DUBGEE by Whoopi Long Button Front Belted Tunic
Size Large

The print of the tunic is black with ivory.  It is a 100% polyester fabric that feels like a heavier challis or a lightweight poly crepe.  This is definitely opaque. The sleeves have a button cuff, the button is shaped like a flower.  It has a notch neckline with the same flower-shaped dark wood buttons down the front, and a self-belt held in place with two sturdy knit thread belt loops. There are on-seam pockets.

A woman wearing a black and white vertically striped belted shirtdress that hits middle of the calf length, one hand in pocket. This is for a DUBGEE by Whoopi review of the clothing line

I thought this would be cute as a dress, maybe over leggings with flats or Birkenstocks, possibly open like a jacket or trench over a black tank dress.  I was surprised to find I didn't like the print in person.  I love graphic prints, especially black with white or other neutrals.  This felt very… aggressive.  Not versatile.  This isn't a print you can easily dress up. 

I found the belt to be placed quite high on the body.  While I have a large bust I am short waisted and the belt was right at the bottom of my ribcage.  I also wished the belt was a bit longer so I could be more creative with it; the current length all you can do is knot it. The slits are a good height to be worn as a dress or a tunic over pants and to have it work when walking and sitting.

DUBGEE by Whoopi striped tunic dress

The thing that surprised me the most was that this was way too small in the bust.  The buttons gape, even when I readjust the piece to have the fabric all in front.  In general, this piece ran very straight, not having a shape to accommodate curves. While it has full sleeves, the opening to the sleeve was a hair snug, restricting movement.  I wonder if other sizes are cut differently to allow for curves and comfortable movement?

DUBGEE by Whoopi Striped Belted tunic Dress Review

This tunic retails for $158 (it's $69 at Ashley Stewart and for some reason, at Neiman Marcus, it's $248). I don't see anything remarkable about this piece that justifies the cost except that it is machine washable and able to go in the dryer.  Such fabric is usually the type that will shrink and shred when in the machine. I didn't wash it to test how it fares.

DUBGEE by Whoopi Long Cocoon Dress
Size Large

I love architectural details in clothing, and the shape of this white cotton dress appealed to me.  I saw it with chunky jewelry, my silver or white Birkenstocks, or maybe switch it up by belting it.  The fabric is 100% cotton with a visible texture/weave that makes it almost look like linen.  The 3/4 sleeves have a built-in cuff.  There are no pockets.

Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen standing in an ankle-length loose cotton dress with elbow length sleeves. This is for a DUBGEE by Whoopi review of the clothing line

This dress is sheerer than the paper gown I donned when getting my pap smear. Under this dress, I am wearing a t-shirt bra that is only a hint darker than my skin, and a pair of gray-blue underwear.  But I really didn't need to tell you that since it's so visible just in natural light. There is no way this could be worn without a slip, which would not only ruin the breezy aspect of the dress, but also ruin the silhouette.

I also found it weird to have seams in the back to essentially point to the bottom of my ass.  I don't think most people, especially those who are interested in a brand like this, would want an arrow pointing to their rear. 

AlisoN Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen standing in a sheer white ankle-length dress, face away from the camera

But the weirdest thing I found was that the sleeves were snug.  This is an issue I find with many designers who only offer straight sizes – they don't seem to realize that not all women have twigs for arms. I would think a brand that is created to make fashion work even if you have a fluctuating figure would have more generous arms on the clothing. 

Alison Gary in an ankle-length thin cotton dress standing in profile looking out of a window for a DUBGEE by Whoopi review of the clothing line

This dress retails for $128 on Amazon (it's $79 at Ashley Stewart and $298 at Neiman Marcus).  Considering it is made in Vietnam and doesn't claim to be sustainable, ethical, or doing anything to benefit the world I find the price ridiculous.  You can find exactly the same dress for a fraction of the price from a random seller on Amazon that ships from China.  

DUBGEE by Whoopi clothing review

DUBGEE by Whoopi Review

“DUBGEE has no race, creed, age or size. It’s meant to make you feel good about how you look and feel.” The concept and the message of DUBGEE by Whoopi are awesome.  Women have bodies that fluctuate, and fashion isn't always forgiving.  Some days we just don't want to be buttoned up, sucked in, and feeling as though we are on display.  I appreciate offering clothing that feels good, has personality, and doesn't focus on the body. But I feel this line misses the mark. 

The prices are quite high for mediocre quality and style that isn't revolutionary.  For a brand that is to make you feel good about what is in your closet, I am surprised to find it run so straight and not accommodate curves. While the line is designed in the US, all the pieces are made overseas.  I also find it amazing that in 2019, a brand would have a site with absolutely no information about how the brand came to be, what is the inspiration for pieces, styling tips, or even a size chart. I'd say it's because the line is new, but the brand has been doing promotion all month on social and through new media (see this review on Man Repeller and this article at InStyle from early May). 

I appreciate the messages on the sweatshirts and t-shirts, but with the sweatshirts retailing $70-$100 and the t-shirts hovering near $50, I'd love to know that a portion of that money from poly blend made in Vietnam knits is going to something philanthropic.  I may sound like a hater, but in this day and age, a brand like this needs to back up their message with something – sustainability, philanthropy, or at least room for some boobs. 

If you have tried DUBGEE by Whoopi, let me know your thoughts.  Maybe I got bad batches?  Maybe proceeds are changing the world but it's not being marketed enough for me to know? Maybe it fits better in different sizes?  I'd love to hear from you and I'd love to be told that when it comes to this brand, I have it all wrong. 

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I found a black long tunic shirt at Good will still.with tags
    Dubgee by Whoppi..msrp price was 108.00..i don’t know who sold it for 11.99 but I found it at goodwill for 3 shirts for 9.99…its short in front and LONG in back.
    Has pockets..my daughter told me I look like a hairdresser…

  2. Whoopi,
    The wardrobe you wear on the View is the most consistently attractive I have seen you in on the show. I like DUBGEE for it’s philosophy about dressing- comfort over convention. I get it. The line needs a statement about sustainability, not necessarily in word but in deed. You are allergic to veggies and I am allergic to to plastic clothes. More cotton, consistent styles and Whoopi’s image on the label. Will you put more time to your line, Whoop?

  3. 63 year old woman,
    love the idea and the concepts, just like there are different body types. there are different likes . YOU HAVE A CHOICE BUY OR DON’T BUY. NEWS FLASH SOME OF US LIKE COMFORT. For a person like me who always dresses for whatever event. I love the cacoon dress. Some of us don’t want to hold in stomachs . Comfort means COMFORTthe ability to be able to let go and breath on certain days. I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHERE IS THAT DUGBEE DUSTER SHE HAS ON TODAY BEING SOLD. I have had inquiries from young and seasoned woman about where i got it . because it looks nice and so comfy. I AM ASHAMED TO SAY HOW MANY TIMES I HAVE WORN THIS DRESS , I get compliments EVERYTIME i wear it. pleas can we have something??????

  4. I love Whoopi, however the pieces you tried are not items that I would purchase. I did however, purchase the tees when they were 60% off at Amazon and the quality is great. They were regularly 21.00 got them for around 8.00; not bad for a tee. The pants were a big more but they are exactly nice.

  5. When first announced, I thought a Whoopi clothing line was a joke! And it should’ve been. Seriously. She is an unkempt, disheveled mess, and it’s hard to imagine that anyone would be interested in copying that look.

    1. That was harsh and unnecessary. If you do not like the way she dresses, you do not have to be nasty about it. After all, it’s your opinion and you are not the be all correct expert when it comes to fashion. Can we love one another and stop being hateful. It’s much easier to love than to expel all that energy to hate.

  6. OMG I’m so late–I had no idea you did a review on Dubgee but I’m so glad you did! I am a huge fan of boho dressing, aka easy, loose, and breezy, but the price point of Dubgee left a lot to be desired. I agree with the comment re: finding similar quality dropshipped items for less than $10. Expensive, see-through dresses WITHOUT pockets? It’s a no for me Whoopi.

    1. When first announced, I thought a Whoopi clothing line was a joke! And it should’ve been. She is an unkempt mess, and it’s hard to imagine that anyone would be interested in copying that look.

      1. I think she dresses like a liberated woman. No underwrites, stays, hurdles, spans…. Just my wonderful full breast, wide hip and luscious thighs. I’ve have been a natural itsy bitsy 40 year old woman and I could wear other clothes comfy and with no wires. Now I’m 70 and I’m free. I hope you find your freedom wherever! But don’t condemn. Celebrate all women!!!

  7. I literally bought the white dress on Ebay a couple of years ago for 7.99 from a random vendor in China. The quality was pis poor but for $8… hey. Everyone wants to lend their name to a “clothing line” no one wants to do the work.

    1. Yeah, I am really surprised how she said she created this because of what she wanted/found lacking but didn’t put in the effort to have it fit well or be good quality.

  8. I’m surprised a celebrity actually lent their name to this. The first looks like a bathrobe and the second like a nightgown missing the nightcap.

  9. Whoopi,

    I think you are fabulous. Your clothing line? Great concept – lousy execution. Try again.

  10. Thanks for trying out the line so we don’t have to! Yuk – what a disappointment. Still love Whoopi.

  11. I noticed the hospital booties right away and found the outfits almost militaristic in their structure. The white dress reminds me of something seen in a 1900’s asylum. Thanks for reviewing the line.

  12. Great, great post. Thank you for being such a truthful reviewer. It’s why I feel completely comfortable clicking through and buying things you recommend.

  13. Love you Whoopie…but no to those clothes. I can’t see anyone feeling better about themselves in those!

  14. When I saw the image with all the pieces, I honestly thought “is this a joke?” Not your review, but the line itself. I mean, they’re showing it with hospital booties. The tunic looks like a bathrobe and the dress could maybe, maybe serve as a swimsuit cover-up for extremely conservative dressers. With the weird pricing, limited availability, poor quality, and the lack of information on the website, I’m still not convinced this isn’t some type of stunt.

    1. If it’s a stunt it’s targeting a community that has felt for decades as though buying clothing is a stunt. I actually find this clothing line offensive, to have such high prices and poor fit and focused on the plus size community and tugging at people’s heartstrings with great messages on made in Taiwan poly blend t-shirts.

      1. Ugh, good point. At this point I’m not sure if it’s better for it to be a “real” clothing line or not.

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