The Best Tubing Mascaras: The 12 Worth Buying

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The one cosmetic I can’t go without is mascara. I was born with relatively light-colored, short, and straight lashes. With dark eyes and hair, without mascara I have people question whether I am under the weather or tired. The thing is, I have allergy eyes and over-40 eyes and the combination means I often have my mascara smudge.

Doing research I learned about tubing mascara, a product that stays in place through rubbing, sweat, and watery eyes yet easily comes off at the end of the day with warm water. I went on a question to find the best tubing mascaras.

This review of the best tubing mascaras was originally published in 2019, but updated for 2020 with new products and personal experiences with tubing mascaras.

What Are The Best Tubing Mascaras?

In 2018, I did my first tubing mascara review but none of the products I mentioned was Holy Grail perfect so I continued on with my search for the best tubing mascaras. I found some great tubing mascaras and have found a Holy Grail mascara that doesn’t smudge, gives me long and lush glossy black lashes without clumping or irritation. Read on to learn about the best tubing mascaras and which one made the cut!

What is Tubing Mascara?

Most mascaras are essentially paint for your eyelashes. Tubing mascara is different in that it is made with polymers that coat each individual lash, creating in effect a “tube” around them. Instead of applying several coats of traditional mascara to achieve thickness, length, and color; with tubing mascara, you start at the root, slowly wiggle the wand between the lashes as you glide to the tips. One coat and you’re good to go.

To remove tubing mascara, simply press a warm wet washcloth against your lashes, rest it for a bit, wiggle a little to disconnect the tubes, and gently wipe away. Instead of smudges, you’ll have little black threads on your washcloth and your lashes will be left feeling soft and natural.

Tubing mascara is water-resistant, but not waterproof. It holds up through a humid day, a sad movie, a hardcore workout, and a high pollen count but won’t necessarily stay in place through laps at the pool or a session in the sauna. Unlike waterproof mascara, no fancy remover is required and tubing mascara does not weaken your lashes or make them brittle.

Tubing mascara is a great choice for those who have oily eyelids and those who desire a mascara for their bottom lashes.

Where Can I Buy Tubing Mascara?

These days, tubing mascara can be found at all price points and everywhere from your neighborhood Target or Walgreens to Sephora, Dermstore, Blue Mercury, and high-end department stores. I learned from my experience that price does not equal quality, but not all tubing mascaras are created equal.

Reviewing Tubing Mascaras

A review of 11 different tubing mascaras, drugstore to department store with photos, which are the best, which are the worst, and photos of how they look on lashes by Wardrobe Oxygen

Here are photos of me without any mascara, no lash curler used.  I want to provide this to give a good base comparison to the photos below.  The photos below show me wearing the mascaras.  No lash curler, no primer, no liner or shadow; just the mascara.  

For all the different tubing mascaras, I wiggled it on from roots to tip, a light swipe on lower lashes, and maybe a second coat on the top lashes to ensure I coated everything. I didn't use a tissue to wipe any wands, and no comb to separate lashes after application.

The 12 Best Tubing Mascaras I Tried

A review of 11 different tubing mascaras, drugstore to department store with photos, which are the best, which are the worst, and photos of how they look on lashes by Wardrobe Oxygen

Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara

Over a decade ago I first tried this mascara. I went into a new beauty boutique at the mall and left with a bag of things I neither needed nor could afford. I loved super thick, long, fake-looking lashes and was obsessed with DiorShow mascara.

The salesperson sold me on this mascara but once home I hated it. It did not give me “drag queen lashes” and I felt bamboozled. But now my goal is not to have false looking lashes, but full lashes that don’t leave me with raccoon eyes. So a decade later, I purchased another tube of this mascara.

It’s good. It gives an opaque, glossy coating that dries quickly. It doesn’t make your lashes look especially long or thick, but it stays in place all day. Many add multiple coats for a thicker look, but when I have I ended up with clumps. Not bad at all, but not Holy Grail.

A review of 11 different tubing mascaras, drugstore to department store with photos, which are the best, which are the worst, and photos of how they look on lashes by Wardrobe Oxygen

Blinc Mascara Amplified

Blinc is the OG in the tubing mascara world. I bought a tube of this mascara last January and have bought it twice since. It’s reliable, it’s consistent, it works great. It dries fast, stays in place, and gives good volume and coverage.

It is a very matte finish which I don’t really like, and the tube dries out much faster than any other tubing mascara I’ve tried. But it’s a good reliable tubing mascara that does what it claims.

A review of 11 different tubing mascaras, drugstore to department store with photos, which are the best, which are the worst, and photos of how they look on lashes by Wardrobe Oxygen

Glossier Lash Slick

I like most of the Glossier products I’ve tried. Daily I use their Boy Brow and Stretch Concealer and have liked Cloud Paint, Balm Dot Com, and Generation Z. So when they came out with their own tubing mascara I ordered a tube. After seeing so many rave reviews online I was expecting this to be a pale pink tube of perfection.

It’s not. That is unless you love that no-makeup makeup look. That you want your lashes to look like they do after crying – wet, a bit darker, but nothing dramatic. If you want that, this is a great product. It will subtly define, curl, and darken your lashes and give them a bit of a glossy finish. People won’t think you’re wearing mascara, they will just think you were blessed with nicer lashes.

It doesn’t clump, doesn’t take forever to dry, and has all the great properties of tubing mascara. It’s just an uber subtle effect; far too subtle for me.

A review of 11 different tubing mascaras, drugstore to department store with photos, which are the best, which are the worst, and photos of how they look on lashes by Wardrobe Oxygen

No7 Stay Perfect Mascara

If you like Kevyn Aucoin’s mascara and want a cheaper alternative, try this. If Glossier’s Lash Slick left you underwhelmed, try this. This mascara is by far the best drugstore tubing mascara I have tried. It’s glossy, it applies easily, it dries relatively quickly, it doesn’t clump, it holds a curl.

It won’t give you crazy lush lashes but it’s a great everyday mascara that won’t give you raccoon eyes and won’t make your natural lashes brittle.

A review of 11 different tubing mascaras, drugstore to department store with photos, which are the best, which are the worst, and photos of how they look on lashes by Wardrobe Oxygen

Almay Liquid Lash Extenders

I have bought this twice and had two dramatically different experiences. With my first tubing mascara review, I liked this mascara. It takes longer to dry, but it left me with glossy black lashes that were lush and lasted all day. I used up the tube, got a second one, and hated it. It was goopy, it took even longer to dry and smudged in the process, I got flakes in my eyes, clumps (as you see above)…/ I was not a fan.

I then let the tube sit in my makeup drawer for a couple of weeks, tried it again and liked it better after it had congealed a bit (though it still clumps and transfers to your skin because it takes so long to dry).

A lot of you have let me know you too have not had a good experience with Almay Liquid Lash Extenders. I hate to think that if we have a good experience it’s because the tube is old or possibly got exposed to air.

A review of 11 different tubing mascaras, drugstore to department store with photos, which are the best, which are the worst, and photos of how they look on lashes by Wardrobe Oxygen

Surratt Beauty Relevée

I had a few readers recommend this tubing mascara. It’s fine. It takes longer to dry than Blinc, but it’s more glossy of a finish. It’s not as thick as Kevyn Aucoin so it doesn’t give as much volume, but it seems to provide more lengthening thanks to the fibers in the formula.

With the combo of the brush and the fibers, I find it can clump if you’re not super careful and first wipe the brush with a tissue. I don’t think it holds a curl; it seems heavier of a formula and the curl I get from my lash curler falls out by the time the mascara dries. It’s not bad, it’s just not awesome and definitely not worth the $30 price.

A review of 11 different tubing mascaras, drugstore to department store with photos, which are the best, which are the worst, and photos of how they look on lashes by Wardrobe Oxygen

d.j.v.MIRARAY Fiberwig

Fiberwig was a cult favorite mascara many years ago and seemed to disappear from US shelves. I tried it many years ago and it was great for beach vacations and times when I wanted to look done but didn’t have the time or weather to maintain my look. When researching tubing mascara I read this was the old Fiberwig, just relaunched with a new name and tube.

Well, it seems to also be a new formula. This one is wetter, it’s gloopy, and during the day it flakes off and irritates my eyes. My face looks the way it does above because it got in my eyes soon after applying. It takes forever to dry. In fact, before typing this paragraph I placed a dab on my hand, and finishing this paragraph the dab is still not fully dry. It’s not the old Fiberwig, there are better products out on the market these days.

A review of 11 different tubing mascaras, drugstore to department store with photos, which are the best, which are the worst, and photos of how they look on lashes by Wardrobe Oxygen


This mascara was recommended when I ordered Fiberwig on Amazon and it received higher reviews so I decided to give it a try. Well on the positive side, it’s better than Fiberwig. Thicker, longer lashes, and a nice gloss. However, it’s a super gloopy formula and it smudges and flakes like any ordinary mascara. Nothing different from any Cover Girl mascara at Target.

A review of 11 different tubing mascaras, drugstore to department store with photos, which are the best, which are the worst, and photos of how they look on lashes by Wardrobe Oxygen

DHC Perfect Pro Double Protection Mascara

This one for a while was my absolute favorite tubing mascara. I purchased it after my initial tubing mascara review and liked it so much I bought it twice. It’s a smaller tube than the other brands and a much smaller brush. However, it coats the lashes beautifully and gives volume, a bit of length, and a dark black effect.

The reason I switched is that I tried No7 and then my favorite (at the bottom of the post) and I realized tubing mascara can be even more awesome.  But this is a good mascara, and the smaller tube prevents it from drying out before you finish it (which happens with most tubing, if not all mascaras).

NYX Doll Eye Mascara

Unfortunately, I do not have a photo for this mascara as I reviewed it after writing this initial post. And because I wasn't a fan, I didn't even think to capture a photo of how it looked before I replaced it.

Doll Eye is a fiber mascara that offers lengthening and thickening along with the no-smudge tubing effect. I didn't see much lengthening or thickening, and found the formula very dry, drier than blinc, making it hard to layer and get much of a result. All that, and then I still experienced smudging.

I have had success with NYX in the past, but this mascara for me is a pass.

essence Bye Bye Panda Eye

tubing mascara review

Several Wardrobe Oxygen readers suggested I try essence, a budget-friendly yet cruelty-free brand of cosmetics. I saw they had a tubing mascara for less than $5 and ordered it right away.

This is… fine. Like others above, this is a good tubing mascara if you like the no-makeup makeup look. It dries quickly, doesn't clump, doesn't flake, rinses off easily… but it doesn't provide any additional lengthening or thickening.

One perk is it will hold a curl all day if you use a lash curler.

My Favorite Tubing Mascara

A review of 11 different tubing mascaras, drugstore to department store with photos, which are the best, which are the worst, and photos of how they look on lashes by Wardrobe Oxygen

Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions

This mascara is so dramatically better than any of the mascaras reviewed here I have to shout it from the internet rooftops. No need for fancy tricks or hacks, I curl my lashes, wiggle this on and go. It dries as fast as a traditional mascara. It really builds up my lashes making them look dramatically long. Glossy black finish that adds volume without clumps. No flaking, no smudging, no irritation, and it comes off easily with warm water or even my favorite facial cleanser.

I know it's sometimes hard to believe the reviews of influencers, you don't know if they're getting paid or just sharing in hopes to get affiliate revenue (read here to understand how influencers and bloggers make money). Thrive Causemetics does not have an affiliate program and I have never partnered with the brand. I will not make a single dime raving about this product.

This mascara is so good people ask me about my lashes. Me! Someone who has really ordinary lashes! It’s so good I stopped using LashBoost, thereby saving me a ton of money. I am OBSESSED with this mascara.

thrive causemetics review
Two years later, I am still using and loving Thrive Causmetics' Liquid Lash Extensions

I know bloggers use the word obsessed a lot, but folks IRL are likely sick of me talking about this mascara. It’s as good as DiorShow but without smudges, clumps, animal testing to sell in China, and it’s cheaper. Total Holy Grail.

On top of being a great mascara, Thrive Causemetics is a great company. They make a donation to help women with every purchase made. Their line of cosmetics is vegan, cruelty-free, and free of sulfates and parabens. The packaging rivals high-end products and they have a rewards program where you earn points with purchases, referring others (I can’t share my code because it goes against their policy of online promotion but once you shop you can share yours with your friends), and just having a birthday.

What is the best tubing mascara?

This process to find the best tubing mascaras was eye-opening (har har, get it?). I realized not all tubing mascaras are alike… but also that not all people desire the same results from their mascaras. While my favorite tubing mascara is one that lengthens, thickens, provides pigment and a bit of a glossy finish to my lashes, others may desire a more natural effect. I hope this review helps you find a great mascara that will give you the look you desire without any smudging or flaking!

What brand do you think makes the best tubing mascaras? Do you have a favorite tubing mascara that isn't on the list? Please share it in the comments and you never know, it may be the next one I review!

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  1. I used Blinc for yrs – in fact back when it was sold just in boutiques/makeup artists. But for sometime now, it no longer works as brilliantly as it once did.

    I’ve noticed many long-time users of tube style mascara, basically have the same complaint – product changed and no longer works the same as it had worked for years.

    Wonder if a common ingredient, vital to achieving a good tubing result, has been removed from most/all brands for the same reason? Health reasons? Toxic? Availability?

    Blinc’s answer to complaints abt formula change which I’ve copied from their website:
    HI, I’m so sorry about your bad experience. You are absolutely right, lots of things going on at the same time, and we did have a few issues. Thankfully they have all been fixed now.
    * Problems first started in Asia, from tariffs to virus related shipping delays
    * This lead to us having to make some of our batches in the US to ensure steady supply
    * Our US manufacturing partners had to learn how to make our formula for the first time, which led to some bad batches (when they tell you their batch code, you can say “unfortunately that was one of the effected batches)
    * At the same time, we changed our packaging to make it more environmental friendly by removing plastic shrink wrap and replacing the metal tube with recyclable carton
    * In 20 years, this has been our only major blip but we want to make this right by you regardless. 08/18/20

    1. p.s. wonder if tube style mascara is made by the same manufacturer and, therefore, the reason different brands have the same customer complaints about formula change? This manufacturer could be producing the base tube mascara formula and then following each brand’s unique specifications? Or shipping the base tube mascara formula to each brand’s facilities where that brand adds it unique properties, container, and label?

  2. The only mascara for me is Clinique Lask Power Flutter to Full with the dial up tube. I wasn’t even aware of tube mascara or that my favorite was also one. Every other mascara clumps and looks either thick and awful or non existent. I do 2 coats of this and my lashes look so long and separated, not thick and clumpy. So natural.

  3. This just popped up in my RSS Feed again – your Ulta link to Thrive Mascara is 404’ing – it probably needs to be updated.

    1. Just letting you know, Thrive is no longer selling their products at Ulta. I’ve been informed by their product development team. I wrote to the company because suddenly my last couple tubes of mascara have begun to flake onto on my face (& mask) whenever it rained or snowed. They explained this will happen when a tube is old (even at time of purchase.) Thrivecausmetics did suggest buying from them directly. In the event something goes wrong with their product, they will replace. Win-win! 😉

  4. I’ve been using Lóreal Double Extend for years. I have terrible allergies and this one lasts through a bad day. Yes, it’s a two-step process, but for me it’s worth it. Curl lashes, brush on the white primer, then the mascara. I replace my mascara monthly (when wearing it regularly). This is a super affordable option for that. I am intrigued by the Thrive mascara but it’s always sold out. So until I can find it, the red and white double ended tube is for me!

    1. I keep trying others and always come back to this one too….which wasn’t in the lineup! I’ve used Thrive, and it’s really good, but I would t say it’s better and certainly isn’t cheaper than L’Oréal double extend.

  5. Been wearing Great Lash sine God was a kid because it comes in brown but it doesn’t work with old eyes at all. Wish I’d have seen this before buying 27 flipping tubes of almost everything else. Not many made in brown or brownish black these days so had to get many in black. Liked blinc & L’oreal double extend tubes. Black will work for evenings but still need brown for daytime. Almost easier to slap on falsies but it’s hard to find them in brown anymore. Will give Thrive a whirl but, like blinc, only available online and a bit spendy. C’est la vie.

  6. Thank you so much for these recommendations, I read a lot of blog about tubing mascara; but i like your post because you tried different brands and share your reviews and your images too. which help me a lot.

  7. Hi! I’m wondering if I should try Blinc because though I love the effect of Thrive, the only downside is that my lashes drop after a few hrs. I curl them before I put the Thrive too.. And I dont want to get a eyelash primer, too much time, money and effort to add another product in the routine lol. Do you or anyone out there experience this too? ):

    1. Blinc dries much faster so it won’t weigh down as much as Thrive, or even using a primer under a mascara. I didn’t like the effect as much as Thrive but I liked how Blinc kept my curl!

  8. I love Sensai 38 ° Volumising, but it is hard to find in the States. Same with Idun Vatn. L’Oreal Double Extend is awesome in every other way, except it is impossible to wash off linens if you happen to fall asleep while wearing it. I have tried every pre-treatment from SpraynWash to Didi7 without luck. Blinc (both formalations) is so thin, it’s like applying water to my lashes. I have bought it in local stores only, which may be why–I don’t know if it clumps while being shipped to Phoeniz, AZ. It is over 38 degrees Celsius here pretty much every day in the summer. Can’t buy lipstick, candles, etc. by mail during summer either.

  9. UPDATE: THRIVE CAUSEMETICS MASCARA IS NOW AT **ULTA** !! Some of their coupons will give you %20 off prestige cosmetics but you have to be a member, usually. Not orderable online, however.
    I really am loving the product as the best & I tried EVERYTHING on the list and some others to boot. This is the best for length AND volume. Without tarantula eyes. ALISON, I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THIS ARTICLE!! 🙂

  10. A bit late to the party here but thought I’d drop a favorite tubing mascara that you haven’t mentioned! It’s the L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes mascara. It comes off so easily, dries beautiful and doesn’t smudge. I do not like mascara on my eyes at all. I discovered that tubing mascara is the ONLY kind I can wear without my eyes being a stinging and burning mess.

    This one has the primer on one end and the mascara on the other. It’s not necessary to use the primer but it does boost my lashes. I also think they are getting thicker since I’ve been wearing this nearly every day.

    I tried the No7 and was disappointed, it did not come off in tubes like a tubing mascara should, it should smeared all over when I tried to clean it off. It also took a long time to dry. I also tried the L’Oreal Voluminous and did not like it much, though I liked the brush.

    I may now have to try the Thrive … assuming it comes off in tubes!

    1. Thrive does not come off in tubes. I used Thrive for awhile, and never realized it was a tubing mascara until I read it here. I stopped using it because it flaked and I ended up with raccoon eyes everyday. It does not come off easily, and certainly not in tube fashion. I recently purchased Blinc. That seems to work better with a primer and it does dry very quickly, so you can’t layer.

  11. First – I was waiting for this review so THANK YOU!! Second – I gave up on mascara two or so years ago – I have cranky eyes, I tear up often (allergies, empath blah blah) and I keep my skin super hydrated so any mascara bled on me or flaked on me or in general hated me and a lot of times just made my eyes cranky. I tried tube mascara before and had no luck as well.

    So I bought Thrive the day I read the review and have been wearing it ever since. It’s amazing. I am working downtown Chicago right now and between wind that makes my eyes leak, snow and lots and lots of rain, the only thing that happens is my lashes clump when they get wet – that is it. No flaking, smudging, cranky eyes etc. I think I truly am in love.

    Side note – I washed face last night and thought I got all of the tubes off. This morning in the shower I kept seeing things out of the corner of my eye and I swore it was a moth. Nope – I had one tube left on one eyelash, and it was sliding off eyelash with water and heat.

    I know mascara is super personal but man this stuff rocks.

  12. I have oily eyelids and allergies so had given up on mascara but I think I will try again! Thank you.

  13. Thanks for this Allie. I haven’t worn mascara in ages as I definitely get smudges, and I hadn’t heard about tubing mascara. Just ordered No.7 online. I’m in New Zealand which makes thrive a bit of an extravagance at the moment. Can’t wait to wear mascara again! I’d love a similar review in eyeliners when you’ve recovered from this!

    1. Oh gosh, I hope it works out for you! As for eyeliners, I only wear a thin line of brown-black liquid. I’ve never mastered pencils, so don’t think I’m the best person for this. But if I find such a review I’ll add it to the Weekend Reads!

        1. FWIW I tried and love Bobbi Brown gel liner — it’s a bit sturdier than a liquid, but glides smoother than a pencil. It comes in a pot you can use with a brush or in a stick form.

          1. Heimish dailism smudge stop mascara!!! I’ve tried most of the above and this is my favorite! It’s not advertised as a “tubing” mascara but it’s definitely one of the best and not to expensive. $11-14 a tube. I do like the No7 one as well but this one adds a bit more length on my experience.

  14. Thrive CC cream and mascara ordered and delivered within 3 days! Really like them both so far. The no-smear factor is a game changer for me. Thanks so much for the recs and info.

  15. You’ve convinced me, I’m going to give tubing mascara a try and already have the Boots in my Amazon shopping cart. (starting small) I’ve tried the mascara with fibers and really didn’t like that.

  16. I didn’t know what it was called but I use tubing mascara also, i envy in a purple package for $10. Used to be $5 but still seams to be the cheapest around.

  17. I’ve been using Trish McEvoy Curling Lash for almost 20 years but lately have been unsatisfied. I recently tried Blinc and found it was okay but went back to Trish. Well, I just ordered Thrive! You just saved me so much time and money and the frustration of trial and error! Thanks! xo

  18. the Thrive mascara is fantastic. I’ve had multiple people ask me what I’m wearing on my lashes since I started wearing it! I’m on my third tube.

    1. I didn’t know about this and read up. It’s unfortunate that they didn’t change their wording when they changed their policy of how they donate because they still do far more good than 99% of the beauty companies out there and I would hate to see them fail because of this. I look forward to hearing how this turns out.

  19. Clinique high impact curling mascara does a great job with thickening, lengthening, curling, stays put all day, no smudging and warm water removal.

  20. I love Thrive products and that they’re cruelty free. Their brow pencil is also fantastic as is their new brow gel. Soo glad they finally came out with that too.

  21. L’Oréal double Extend tubes!!!

    So glossy, flexible, stable, and easy to remove. Have you tried it?

    1. I did a while ago, I agree it’s good and many in the Wardrobe Oxygen community on Facebook are raving about it! I focused on one-step products for this post but that’s a great drugstore product!

  22. I’ve been using Blinc mascara for years and years and years and years (like almost 20 years!). I’ve never even wanted to try another mascara until now. I’m definitely going to try Thrive. You’ve sold me, lady! xx

      1. I’ve just ordered three tubes AND the coral triple threat colour stick (international shipping, may as well stock up). I adore the ethos of the brand; they are right up my street. Thank you so much for bringing brands like this to our attention. I love knowing my dollars are at work doing some good things when I buy from brands like this. I’m having such a nice read through lots of your older posts, and am thoroughly enjoying myself. I’ve been so busy lately I’m verrry behind on my blog reading. Thanks again, lovely lady xx

  23. The Thrive one is so good! I’ve repurchased twice. I have black hair and very dark lashes and it’s so dark, it even shows up on me.

    Another new good one is Maybelline Snapscara, which doesn’t exactly come off in threads (so maybe it’s not a true tubing mascara?) but it does wash off incredibly easily with warm water. And it’s super cheap.

  24. Thank you. I’ve been using the Almay since your orignal post, but it’s seemed less awesome with subsequent purchases. Tube mascara was a game changer. I am going to try No. 7 and Thrive.

    1. Same – the Almay started out fine & then went downhill, getting gloppy & taking forever to dry. So disappointing!

  25. Oh, thank you for a such a detailed review! I bought the DHC after your previous review and I like it. So far my favorite has been Blinc Amplified. Every mascara smudges on me except for the tubing mascaras I’ve used. Tarte’s Lights Camera and whatever is the only regular mascara that hasn’t smudged on me but haven’t used it in summer. I’m so exctied to try the Thrive one because it popped up in my Insta feed a few weeks ago and almost bought it, but at the price, I was hesitant. I just ordered it! Actually I just spent a pretty penny on a bunch of other stuff. I hope I like them all!

  26. Is the L’Oreal one you tried actually a tubing mascara? Their website doesn’t describe it as one. I use L’Oreal beauty tubes and love it but I may try some of these others as well.

    Thanks for the reviews. I really feel like tubing mascara changed my life! I used to get terrible smears under my eyes no matter what mascara I tried but those days are gone.

    1. I ordered it after recommendations on other sites for tubing. It may not be a traditional tubing mascara but it acts as one as it coats the lashes, washes off with just warm water, and doesn’t smudge. I haven’t tried Beauty Tubes, I wasn’t able to find it at any local stores.

  27. Had to laugh at the “you look tired” without lashes! Mr. LBD has said that every time I go without mascara for the past 37 years. Same answer to no avail! Agree with you 100% mascara makes a difference. -Laurel

  28. Thank you! This is so helpful! I stopped using lash boost too and have been looking for an alternative. I cannot wait to try!

  29. I have used DiorShow mascara for years! The last two tubes I purchased were just not cutting it – lumps, flakes, and smudges by midday. I’m assuming they changed their formula or I have changed, either way, I wasn’t spending that kind of money on a product that made me look like Courtney Love after a bender (although she wears it well). A few months ago I tried tubing mascara for the first time. After online searches and reviews, I gave No.7 a try. Life changing – no more smudges and easy to remove! I’m definitely going to give Thrive Causemetics a try. If you think it’s better than No.7, I suspect I’m in for another life-changing experience:) Thanks for doing all the hard work.

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