Work from Home Capsule Wardrobe for Fall to Winter

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work from home capsule wardrobe fall winter

I was analyzing my wardrobe and what I wear over and over… and it creates a work from home capsule wardrobe for fall to winter.

With the temps changing I am packing up my shorts for sweaters, the sandals for closed-toe shoes and thought it would make sense to share my work from home capsule wardrobe for fall to winter.  And you know how much I love creating capsule wardrobes!

It's easy to get into a rut of old sweats or even the classic work from home look – a cardigan sweater over pajamas. But I encourage you to find ritual and routine in getting dressed each day. It improves morale, creates a schedule, and reminds yourself that you are beautiful and valuable. You can have comfort, versatility, and easy-care clothes while still having beautiful fabrics, colors, and silhouettes to honor your body and daily work.

This work from home capsule wardrobe for fall to winter is inspired by the M.M.LaFleur Snyder Jacket, a super soft merino blend belted sweater jacket that I recently added to my wardrobe. I enjoy it so much I am wearing it almost daily, and seeing how it works with a variety of pieces.

While this sweater jacket comes in a small size range (I have the M/L which I think would fit 8-14), I have gathered similar heavier-weight cardigans and sweater jackets in the carousel below that are more size-inclusive.

Work from Home Capsule Wardrobe for Fall to Winter

While this capsule wardrobe may not be your personal style, I hope it will inspire you to see how to create multiple looks within your current closet, or see the one or two pieces you could add to your wardrobe to create a cohesive capsule for this season.

work from home capsule wardrobe

Shop the Capsule Wardrobe:
black cardigan | taupe belted sweater jacket | purple sweater | teal fleece | striped tee | black turtleneck | black tank | graphic tee | black joggers (similar with broader size range) | jeans | black fleece leggings | black stretch ankle pants | pashmina | leopard belt (plus-size option) | gold hoops | gold necklace | camel flats | gray slip-on shoes | black boots

It's funny, when I look at this capsule wardrobe it looks like SUCH a hodgepodge, but they actually mix and match quite well for times when you want to be comfy and relax, times when you leave the house, Zoom meetings, casual hikes and walks, yoga and stretches, warm days and chilly nights.

I put together a few looks, but you can see how these pieces could be mixed and matched even further, and if you add some more pieces into your closet (say a slouchy tweed blazer, a tunic sweater, a utility jacket, a silk scarf, a pair of sneakers or waterproof hiking boots, a cozy pant with a neutral print, a longer sweater coat) it will double or triple the possible looks.

Possible Outfits from the Work from Home Capsule Wardrobe for Fall

To see the individual looks, tap any of the photos below to scroll through the gallery.  Just X out to return back to this screen.

Here are 24 different looks from this work from home capsule wardrobe that has 12 pieces of clothing. There are looks that will work if you have to head into the office, looks for that masked Target or grocery store run, looks to wear for a socially distant firepit Friday night with friends, looks for that Zoom meeting where you want to look great but still be comfy, and plenty of looks to be cozy, warm, and comfortable without feeling schlubby.

Reasons Why These Items Were Picked for the Capsule Wardrobe

I want to share the why behind these certain items to explain how they made it into this fall to winter work from home capsule wardrobe:

  • Sweater jackets instead of cardigans: with a heavier weight, more structure, and a longer length, a sweater jacket can act as a blazer and dress up nicely, whether it's for heading out of the house or heading onto a video call. Being heavier, they will provide more warmth and won't cling.  Both the Madewell cardigan and the M.M.Lafleur sweater jacket have tie closures but look good when left open as well. Also, neither are too stiff or restrictive, keeping you comfy whether you're sitting at your desk or lounging on the couch.
  • Black base layers: While I have recently ranted about the lack of color available in fashion today, I do find benefit in having a single color of base staples in a capsule wardrobe. For me, I like the color black because it hides stains, can be purchased at a variety of pricepoints, and complements brights, jewel tones, pastels, and neutrals. The Universal Standard turtleneck is a favorite and this will be my third winter rocking the same one.  It's lightweight and stretchy yet opaque, the neck isn't too restrictive, and it washes up beautifully.  It's a perfect base layer that isn't bulky, but also looks chic when worn on its own. The Soma tank is amazing; one side is a v-neck, the other a classic scoop. It's fitted without being clingy, stays tucked in, and also holds up well after multiple washes.  If you'd like something not so tight I also have this tank and adore it. I recently got these fleece-lined leggings from Athleta and love their weight, fit, and how they come in lengths as well as plus sizes. They are not shiny and look like traditional leggings, just thicker. And the Soma joggers have been a work from home mainstay in my wardrobe since January.
  • A mix of shoe silhouettes and colors: I have these boots from Sorel, I got them last winter. I think these lace-up boots are great for looking stylish while being super practical. They are waterproof, the chunky sole is soft with a lot of traction, they're warm, and look great over leggings, under jeans, and even with tights and skirts. The gray shoes are like a slipper/sneaker hybrid making them great for working from home as well as when you need to head out. I chose a camel flat instead of black to add interest but honestly, this shoe could be replaced with a print, a favorite color, or a sleek bootie.
  • Accessories complete any look: With face masks, headsets, and staying at home, you may find accessories to be a burden, but they really do pull any look together. I have been wearing this necklace all year and love how it's simple but really adds style. It has an adjustable chain so I can wear it with most any neckline and have it work. These hoops I've had for over a year and they have kept their shine and color and are sturdy and small enough that they work well with face masks, turtlenecks, and other things were earrings can get in the way. And there's no better way to keep yourself warm when working than a cashmere pashmina; if you choose a color that makes you happy it can also brighten any ensemble and be a true accessory.

Shop the Capsule Wardrobe:

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I know this is an older post, but it’s been incredibly helpful.
    I just returned to work after taking 14 years as a SAHM, and finding a new passion. I’ll be working from home, and making home visits to clients, so I need clothes that are both zoom appropriate and approachable

    Before taking this job, I lived in cardigans and graphic tees. Somehow, my brain still defaults to work clothes = blouses. My husband laughs at me when I get dressed now, since he can tell when it’s a work day.

    These suggestions are amazing at helping me reconfigure what I own to be able to present myself as confident and capable. (I also loved the post this week on looking polished! And I ordered myself that steamer, so that all these blouses were presentable!

  2. Beautiful collection. I also gravitate to using black as a base color. I wish that striped tee came in black to make it more versatile. Any other suggestions for one?

    1. I wear it with black! I think it ends up looking nicer with the contrast, using the navy like denim as a neutral blue. However, I do LOVE Saint James bretons and have one and they have a fabulous black and white one in the same cut, but it’s a higher quality knit. My Saint James has been through a lot and still looks like new! https://bit.ly/3iYiXzO

      1. Thank you! I know black and navy is very stylish together and looks great on others, but somehow I can’t get it to work for me! Old habits die hard!

  3. I’ve been wanting that MM LaFleur jacket since it launched but it feels like *such* a huge splurge. Do you it’s worth the price point? Does it feel like it’ll hold up? Are you going to do a post with it? 🙂
    Love this whole post. It inspired me to invest more in my WFH fashion for all the reasons you stated. Gonna get that Bauble Bar necklace ASAP…

    1. I had the chance to do a virtual style appointment with MM LaFleur and will do a post about it and in it share this sweater… if it doesn’t hit the blog or Instagram before it! It feels amazing, super soft and it’s thick but not stiff. It feels decadent, like wearing cashmere but not so fuzzy.

      1. Thank you! I actually can’t wear cashmere (I overhear too quickly for some reason), so maybe I deserve this splurge…
        Looking forward to that post!

  4. Love this capsule!

    I wish the Athleta leggings had pockets, though – I really need somewhere to put my phone as I wander around my house. Any suggestions for a similar cozy legging with a phone stash pocket or two?

  5. I really love your blog, but so many of your posts recently are written as though working from home is now universal but that is not the case – many of us don’t have the luxury of working from home and are back in the workplace (or have never left it). For example “But I encourage you to find ritual and routine in getting dressed each day”. Those of us who were never able to work from home or whose employers have required that we return to the office HAVE been getting dressed every day, but there is barely a nod to that reality in this post. I only mention it because usually you are so inclusive and thoughtful, and that is one of the things I enjoy most about your blog.

  6. I’ll second those Allbirds slip ons!

    Lots of great stuff here – I imagine I’ll be adding a few things to my closet!

  7. I had just this week referred back to your “best Breton” post to order several to try. Thank you, Alison, for all you do!

  8. The Taupe Sweater-Jacket is nice! If you aren’t wearing it belted do you tie the belt in back?
    I like the shawl collar, that could easily go outside with a scarf if the dog needed a trot around the block.

    1. I don’t, I just let them hang, they’re not too long and the sweater has substantial knit loops on each side to hold it in place. Since it has a nice weight it looks nice.

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