CastCoverz Review as a Happy 2X Customer

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You know how Facebook shows you posts from the past and asks if you wish to share them? Recently, Facebook brought up a photo from when I had my broken arm, and I was wearing a hot pink and black zebra-print cover over the cast. My twice-broken arm isn’t one I wanted to relive, but it did remind me of how much better the experience was thanks to CastCoverz. I just had to do a CastCoverz review for others who may also experience a broken bone and/or a cast.

CastCoverz Review

a collage of four photos of Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen wearing CastCoverz over her broken arm cast.

My sister tipped me off about CastCoverz. Just days after my first surgery, likely still hopped up on Vicodin, I placed an order for two full-arm Armz! cast covers from the company – leopard print (of course, leopard IS a neutral!) and a sparkly shimmery gold.

Placing an Order and Making an Exchange with CastCoverz

The CastCoverz arrived quickly along with a hand-written note thanking me for my order and wishing me a speedy recovery. The stretchy cast covers were well made, high quality… and I ordered the wrong size. I emailed them, and they immediately wrote back, and an exchange was super easy.

Wearing a Cast is Not Fun… In Fact It's Gross

Casts are gross. Sure, when you first get it you can often choose a color, but they get dingy, smelly, and they catch on clothing and irritate your skin. Little bits of the plaster and bandage will stick out and I’d end up with scratches and welts all over me and tears and snags in all my favorite clothes. The covers from CastCovers! not only made the cast look better, they also made me feel better.

About CastCoverz and Its Founder

I ended up connecting with Annette Giacomazzi, the founder and owner of CastCoverz! I can’t recall now how, likely me mentioning her brand when I shared one of my fancy covered cast photos on Instagram or Twitter. Annette started CastCoverz! when her daughter broke her humerus, the large bone in the upper arm. Annette pulled out her sewing machine and made a few slings and cast covers for her daughter and a company was born.

As her company has grown, Giacomazzi has kept that personal touch, even offering custom cast covers and personalized consultations so you make the right purchase.  Outside her company, she's equally as kind and giving, checking in on my healing and even emailing me HARO opportunities for which she thought I was a good fit.

Collage of four photos of Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen wearing printed covers over her cast for her broken arm to share a CastCoverz review.

When my arm re-broke and I had to go through the process again, CastCoverz! kept me looking stylish with a wardrobe of Armz! covers once I graduated to a short arm cast.

Other Cast-Wearing Products from CastCoverz

From them I purchased the CastCooler which is a MUST for anyone in a cast (and a phenomenal get-well gift!). The CastCooler connects to any vacuum cleaner that has a hose/nozzle and by sucking the air, it cools the skin under the cast without causing any irritation or damage. It's genius, and I wish I knew of it sooner.

The only product that kept my cast waterproof without cutting off circulation was the DryPro, which is also available at CastCoverz. I tried several products and DIY hacks to protect a broken bone cast from water with terrible results. However, this one worked so well I could take showers again and even went in the pool and to the beach wearing it.

CastCoverz! also carries slings, products for slings, boots (my husband wore one when he was in a boot for a stress fracture), crutch covers, bags to attach to walkers, and plenty of other comfort accessories for those using mobility devices or wearing casts, braces, and slings.

Take it from me, someone who spent 27 weeks in casts, slings, and braces for a broken arm and complications: It really makes a difference to have some control, comfort, and style when in such a situation. And to have products like CastCoverz come from a woman-owned, American-made company that has heart and truly cares about its customers? That’s priceless.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I want to thank you again for this information, which I read 5 months ago, and find myself needing today. I was in a boot for a foot fracture, but found out yesterday that the bone had separated rather than healed together, so now I’m in a cast. I can’t thank you enough for posting about Castcoverz!

  2. Though I have never been in a cast I have had children who’ve needed one. This information is amazing and I’m definitely bookmarking it, because ya just never know.

  3. Last time I broke my wrist/hand, I wore a short arm cast. After I got the initial clunky plaster e.r. cast off and a proper fiberglass cast on, I was so happy. It was light and strong and the cast technician did a black wrap for me for New Year’s Eve to match my black dress. I was almost sad to get it cut off after I healed. I felt like I could have pounded nails with that sucker.

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