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Friday Favorite: Shoes of Prey

Fashion Advice Friday Favorite

It’s frustrating when you see totally cool and unique statement shoes but they’re not available in your size or width. Whether you have narrow feet or wide, when you leave the land of M or B width shoes, selection diminishes and the options often veer toward Frumpville. And if your foot is smaller than a 6 or larger than 11, you’re often out of luck. Enter Shoes of Prey, a…

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Friday Favorite: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Friday Favorite

Years ago, there was a big difference between drugstore beauty products and that of department and specialty stores. Consistency, longevity, ingredient list… you got what you paid for. No more, when many drugstore brands have better ingredients, better manufacturing practices, and make their products often in the same factories as their more expensive sisters. I used to be a hair product snob, and only bought what was sold by my…

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Friday Favorite: Adult Coloring Books

Friday Favorite Lifestyle

I’m a doodler. Look at my work notebooks and my paper planner and you’ll see squiggles, boxes, and flowers in the margins. My tattoo is of a swirl design I have been doodling since high school; that doodle I used to draw as a teenager on friends' jeans and jackets with fabric markers and they would sometimes pay me for the work. Doodling, like writing longhand, helps me listen, focus,…

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Friday Favorite: My Penny Bracelet from Coin Collection

Friday Favorite personal life

I didn’t have many long-standing female relationships during my school years. Sure I had plenty of besties, but things always faded away or crashed and burned royally. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing relationship with my sister who I have considered my best friend even when we were younger, but I never could relate to women who had lifelong best friends that were like family, there when…

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Friday Favorite: The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel

Beauty Friday Favorite

From fall 2001 to the beginning of 20014, I was a trainer for The Body Shop stores. After many years in apparel and merchandising I desired a change. I was making a concerted effort to get out of debt, and it would be easier without temptation around me and the need to be dressed in the latest and greatest (hello all-black dress code!). And it worked, I not only got…

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Summer Hair Rave: OGX Coconut Water Conditioner

Beauty Friday Favorite

In the winter my hair is like a sponge, gobbling up as much moisture as possible yet still looking dry and dull. Come summer, my heavy moisturizers just make my hair look greasy by noon yet don’t seem to do a thing for battling frizz. And let’s not talk about trying to cleanse and style hair with your non-dominant hand and having your other arm wrapped in plastic! So color…

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An Ode to Revlon ColorStay Foundation

Beauty Friday Favorite

All the magazines say summer is the time to lighten your makeup. Switch from concealer and foundation to a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream. I say… who are these people who come June have shrunken pores, their zits disappear, and have invisible redness and dark circles? it’s 2014 and any smart woman knows that tanning is terrible; come summer my skin is the same, only sweatier. I still want to…

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