Mother Daughter Matching Soma Embraceable Pajamas

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Soma Embraceable Pajamas review

It's wild how fast time goes by, it feels as though just last year my daughter was a toddler in a car seat. And now, she's almost my height and sitting up front in the car with me. I miss the baby, but I love the person she is turning into.

And I also love that we're at an age where we can shop from the same retailers. We're both big Soma pajamas fans.

Soma Embraceable Pajamas review

Last year I found out by chance that she was able to fit into adult sizes when Soma accidentally sent me a pair of their cropped Cool Nights pajama pants in size XS. They said I didn't have to return them so I had her try them on and they fit! We bought her the matching top and so began our joy of having matching mother daughter pajamas.

Shop Soma Embraceable Pajamas:

I have raved many times about Soma Cool Nights Pajamas, a fabric that seems to regulate temperature with a lightweight silky knit finish. They continue to be my favorite but I also love Soma Embraceable Pajamas which are a heavier weight knit much better for when the temps drop.

Soma Embraceable mother daughter pajamas

I got my first pair of Embraceable Pajamas from Soma in 2018 and I've been a fan ever since. So now that my daughter is the age to fit into them, I had to get us matching pairs! We're wearing this top and this bottom.

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This print is great because it's not holiday specific. The snowflakes are a goldenrod color, silver-gray, and a few are metallic silver. Pearlized buttons and an off-white silky trim on the top matches the fabric of the drawstring on the pants. They also have the same print in shorts and a sleepshirt.

Soma Embraceable mother daughter pajamas

I recently bought a new pair of pajamas not from Soma. The print is cool, the fabric nice, but I noticed three things:

  • The pajamas weren't built for curves. I bought an XL which fit in the bust and rear, but I ended up with too big of shoulders and too long of sleeves. I don't experience that with Soma. I have many friends with a straighter body than I who also finds Soma pajamas to be a great fit so I just think they are smartly made, designed for a woman not Juniors or unisex.
  • The pajamas didn't have pockets. I'm sorry, but everything needs pockets. And in this world sleep to spreadsheets (I just made that up, it's like the 2020 desk to drinks) we all need a place for our phone, and maybe a tissue, and possibly a lip balm.
  • It's really nice to be able to buy separates. This brand didn't have separates, and I know I am not the only person who sometimes needs a different size on top than on bottom. I also know I often just like pajama bottoms to wear with a different kind of top, especially in the summer.
Soma Embraceable mother daughter pajamas

Soma pajamas never let me down, always having functional pockets and smart details like an elasticized waist and a drawstring, a sleeve cut that looks good if it is wrist-length or bracelet sleeve-length, and often offering a variety of bottoms and even lengths of the bottoms.

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Soma Embraceable mother daughter pajamas

And Oscar just HAD to get in on the fun! As soon as he saw my husband with the cameraphone he jumped up on the bed to get into the shot. Bashful would never be a word to describe our dog!

Soma Intimates Fit Notes:

If you are not familiar with Soma, they offer sizes XS-XXL in their sleepwear and apparel. I am a size 14 and comfortably wear their size L. Many styles of pajama pants, leggings, and lounge pants come in inseam options.

Soma is known for its bras, bands 32-46, and cups A-I. They have undies in sizes XS-XXXL with free exchanges and returns on full-price bras.

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Shop My Picks from Soma:

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I have a couple of Soma pj tops that I wear as shirts. I figure if you can buy a blouse in a pajama style why not just wear the real thing? Soma’s fabric is soooo soft and the prints are gorgeous.

  2. You look adorable and I also love your lamp and the framed album covers!

    On a whole other note, I just tried on the Universal Standard Seine mid-rise 27″ inseam jeans in True Blue that you recommended during their $25 sale. First pair of US jeans I’ve ever gotten. Already loving them — definitely right for working from home! Thanks for the recommendation, Alison!

  3. Your Soma bra reviews made me try that brand that I always saw advertised but had no idea if it was any good.

    It is. I’m loving their bras, after being a Wacoal-only customer

    Your stay at home capsules & cool nights reviews got me to try their cool nights PJs & robes when an especially pretty one was for sale. I went the coordinates not sets route to get the pieces that would work for me. I’m sold; the PJs work even in a late Southern summer.

      1. I like the enbliss for around the house, & I think it’s the embraceable for around the house/walking/running errands

        For work & stuff like that I have to have an underwire

  4. You introduced me to Soma PJs and I ended up Kondoing almost any other piece of sleepwear I own to rotate through my Soma tops and bottoms.

    The thing I love is that you buy a different size top and bottom. I generally need the size L for my larger bust, but the M pants are a perfect fit.

    I need to buy some new tops, but nothing has really excited me lately. I’ll give it another try today.

    Happy Holidays!

  5. Love these Soma PJs and agree the fact you can b=purchase as separate is awesome. I also love their cropped summer PJs too!

  6. The PJs are pretty but I just love that there is so much love between you and your daughter. It shines through so brightly! She is lucky to have such a great Mom and role model.

  7. I had written off Soma for a while because their bras just do not work for me, but your many posts caused me to cave and try their leggings and I am so glad I did! I now cannot live without their essential leggings and cool nights pajamas. There is no going back to sleeping in an old t-shirt for me – I have become thoroughly spoiled.

    And your daughter seems like such a lovely young woman – the photos in this post bring me much joy!

  8. Aren’t daughters fun? I have three, and each one is different. Except they are all the same when it comes time to have fun with me. I adore them, and now that they are all adults (24, 19 and 19) we always have fun when we’re together. And your daughter is lovely! You both (and the dog too) are adorable in those PJs.

  9. What an awesome gift a daughter is! Mine is 37 now but we have had a close relationship her entire life…pyjama days, girl’s lunches out and of course shopping trips I love my girl❤️ Also love my leopard robe from soma….so cozy and soft!

      1. Ditto! Please tell. Sweet pics of you two and great pj’s! But it is the bedding that caught my eye! Link us up?

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