Gift Guide for Your Feminist Friend

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Gift Guide for your Feminist Friend

She’s your ride or die, the meaning in your life, she’s the inspiration. Maybe she’s your childhood bestie, your work wife, your neighbor, your mentor, the mom of your kid’s friend, your neighbor, your coach, your sister. She inspires you with her activism, her ethics, and her dedication to the feminist movement. She’s an amazing woman who makes your life better and she deserves some recognition for her awesomeness.

Here is a gift guide for your feminist friend: gifts with a message reminding her that she’s strong, special, and a total badass most from companies owned by and/or supporting fellow women.

Gift Guide for your Feminist Friend

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This is just a snippet of the great gifts out there; I recommend clicking the links to visit the online stores for additional ideas along the same feminist vein.

If you know of a great gift idea not featured in this list, do share in the comments! Your suggestion may be just the thing another person is looking for as a gift for another!

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  1. So, apparently I have resting bitch face. If I had a dollar for every time a man told me to smile, I’d be rich. I WISH I’d had that ball cap to wave in their faces, instead. So happy to know this is a “thing” and I’m not alone.

  2. Perfect timing–I need to shop for a birthday gift for one of my very best friends. I already got her (and me) a Metal Marvels bracelet last month, when you posted about them–a “just because” gift because we both tend to express seentments like the ones on those bangles, and I thought it would be fun to have the same one. (It’s the one that says “Silence is violence.” Now you’ve given me more ideas. . . Thanks!

  3. Hooray for Otherwild! I don’t know if your SisterResister shirt survived your closet purge but I know I will be wearing mine tomorrow! I am a white cis het lady and I absolutely love their offerings and have purchased skincare, mugs and apparel from this very cool store for several years. The clothing lines are not cheap but they support artists and fair wages. There is a neat “Radical Lovers Forever” design and purchases from that line support all sorts of artists (see The mugs are on the smaller side but my sister and I raise a mug of tea to each other virtually and the t-shirt or tote are worth consideration! Thanks for another great list, Alison!

  4. This post DELIVERS! I covet that RBG bottle to give to my bestie. And I was just feeling a little sad, seeing BFF heart halves in the donations, while browsing thrift-store jewelry yesterday… Can we nominate the Keep Fucking Going bracelet as the new friendship-bracelet?

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