Gift Guide for a 14-Year-Old Girl (by my teenage daughter)

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gift guide for 14-year-old girl teenager

Raise your hand if you've been presented a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation by your teen in an attempt to get something they really want. A phone, a gaming console, a special event with friends. Well, my 14-year-old created a gift guide and presented it to us parents to give us an idea what she may want as a Christmas gift, a birthday present, or what she'd buy herself when she gets a job. I felt it was good insight into what she as a 14-year-old girl would like in 2023 and may help others who are shopping for gifts for a teenager who may have similar interests.

I figured no better expert to craft a gift guide for a 14-year-old girl than the 14-year-old who lives with me. So I took some of the items from the gift guide she made for her family and crafted the list below. Some items can be stocking stuffers, some items may be splurge gifts, and plenty of items are great options for aunts and uncles, grandparents, and other relatives to consider if they aren't quite sure what their teenage loved one may want this holiday season.

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Gift Guide for a 14-Year-Old Girl (by my teenage daughter)

I don't expect all 9th grade girls or 14-year-olds to have the same taste as my daughter. She is a fan of pink, of bows, of beauty products, music, video games, and comfy unrestrictive fashion. And this is her wish list, not things I will necessarily purchase her or consider even buying due to the price. But if you are shopping for someone who is a similar age and has a similar aesthetic, I hope this gift guide will steer you in the right direction.

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  1. The PowerPoint my 14 year old daughter made for me last week was a presentation on why we should get a kitten! Lol, a classic!

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