Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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I was in the elevator and a coworker from a different floor gets on.

“So, any great plans for going out tonight?”

I had to stop and think why she would think I would have plans on a Wednesday night. Oh yeah, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day.

I mumbled something about having to watch the baby, I couldn’t admit at that moment that my life no longer has room for green beer on weeknights.

But if I had the chance again, I would be more honest about it. For, I really am okay with not having a green beer on weekdays sort of life.

Today I took my lunch in the park across from my office building, wishing I had my sunglasses so I could People Watch without people realizing it. A few party buses drove by – those converted school buses that now have more neon lighting in them than an Isuzu Amigo in 1992. I remember riding in one of those busses for a bachelorette party – we had a bar crawl, matching tee shirts, boas and the bride-to-be wore a plastic tiara. I looked in the windows of the party bus and saw young girls in green metallic eyeshadow, flipping around green boas as they giggled and screamed to one another. They must have called out sick to their jobs… or maybe college classes? I can’t properly gauge age any more. I can’t tell if someone is 21 or 35 any more. And I have no clue if I look 30 or 40.

I think I may leave work early today – I came in early the past two days. I look forward to celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day by hanging out on the front walk with Emerson, letting her play with a piece of bright green non-toxic sidewalk chalk. We did that last night, taking advantage of Daylight Savings time and a rain-free evening. I drew circles and hearts and stars, she chomped off the tip of the orange chalk (that’s what we get for offering her carrots as teething sticks) and wouldn’t let go of the aqua one, making delicate squiggles all over the step.

A year ago, I was sad that I no longer had the lifestyle that allowed for green beer, Kegs and Eggs, skipping work to spend it in an Irish pub. But now… I wouldn’t want it even if I could.

And nope, no green today. Black crewneck sweater from Banana Republic, black trousers from Semantiks, black patent Mary Janes, chunky silver necklace from Ann Taylor with my silver cuff and hoops. An outfit that is me, not someone I am trying to be.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Just delurking to say that you can still be a mom and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. Just in a different way. As a mom of three I can tell you that my entire family was wearing green. Like Candice the the leprechauns came to our house and dyed our oatmeal green. At school, my kids made traps for them and received gold coins. For dinner we all dined on Guiness beef stew and Irish soda bread and mom and dad enjoyed a pint of Irish ale. Not a party bus full of revelers but fun none the less.

  2. Randa, I totally linked to that article on my Facebook page! Fantastic!

    And did anyone else see the new issue of Real Simple? Tells you how to make Crocs into a planter and Uggs into potholders! Fab!

  3. Kids make St. Patrick’s Day more fun!

    Those naughty leprechauns dyed all of our milk green, (and our toilet water!), hung our green toys from the chandelier and left a trail of pennies from our son’s room to a small gift they had left to make up for all the mischief!

    Green eggs and ham for dinner. Green milk for the kiddo and a nice beer for mom and dad. 🙂

    Soooo much better than drunken revelry at a pub! 🙂

  4. Oooh, I have plans! Getting off work NOW and off to sushi happy hour with the hubby. Baby is at grandma’s so we get a quick little adult person date. Still no green beer though!!! 🙂

  5. “I can’t properly gauge age any more. I can’t tell if someone is 21 or 35 any more. And I have no clue if I look 30 or 40.”

    Me either!~ No idea.

    I don’t mind that I am going to go home and enjoy an evening alone (my husband is on a much needed holiday. I am going to read, watch my stories, maybe make a pasta bake. I don’t know. I enjoy my quiet life.

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