Jockey Skimmies Slipshort – An Unbiased Review

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Jockey Skimmies Slipshort Review

I’m a gal who deals with chub rub (chafing between the thighs especially during hot weather); when I saw so many bloggers recently promote the Jockey Skimmies Slipshort I was curious. I receive free product in exchange for reviews on Wardrobe Oxygen and know how hard it is to be unbiased in such a situation.  I decided to buy a pair with my own money so I can be as honest as I like and share with you!

Truthfully, I expected to be disappointed in the Skimmies because I’ve tried the Jockey “Preferred by Rachel Zoe” line before and was not impressed (and had to write a sponsored review hence my desire to try on my terms). But my beloved black Kmart bike shorts from 2007 (have never found a worthy replacement) are getting threadbare and summer is here so I was ready for a replacement to wear under dresses and skirts to prevent chafing.

There are four types of the Jockey Skimmies – regular, anti-static, wicking, and short length. I decided to go with the regular, and because I’m petite, also grabbed a pair of the short length. I purchased both in Light (beige) and both in size Large (Jockey says this is equal to a 10-12 or panty size 6, but reviews online said these slipshorts run large).

Both are made exactly of the same material, and fit pretty much the same except for leg length. On my size 14, 5'3″ frame, the regular ended 2.5” above the top of my knee, the short 6.5” above my knee. As for the fabric, it’s opaque enough in case you have a Marilyn moment you won’t look as though you’re wearing cutoff pantyhose but obviously more lingerie than gym wear.

The Pros:

The fabric is awesome, it is silky enough to have knits slip over it, but doesn’t get gross with sweat and heat. The waistband doesn’t bind at ALL, they feel as though I’m not wearing anything. The legs don’t dig and there aren’t any visible seams; you could wear these under lightweight pants and slim knit dresses without any lines. “Light” is a perfect match to my light to medium skintone. They don’t stretch out at the waist or legs and they don’t make me feel hotter with an extra layer.  The Large is extremely comfortable from top to bottom.  I need to again mention how utterly comfortable these are, you truly feel as though you're wearing nothing at all.

The Cons:

They claim to have a cotton gusset, but it doesn’t seem like it; it’s same color, nubby, and doesn’t breathe any better than the rest of the slipshort. This means on a hot day with a lot of walking, it can get a bit… swampy down there.

The regular length Skimmies didn’t ride. AT ALL. I wore them for 11 hours straight and they didn’t shift or sag or bunch, they stayed exactly in place, even when I got hot and sweaty, even after walking for 20 minutes straight. However they are so long on me that they can only be worn with midi and maxi skirts.  Even a knee-length skirt is too short if I climb stairs or cross my legs.

The short Skimmies… they ride.  When I stand from my chair I want to tug at them, when I walk a block I want to tug at them. The good thing is that it’s usually only one leg at a time that rides up so I still end up without chub rub, but if you don't get a chance to tug down that one leg and sit again, both will ride up and they become useless.

Final Verdict:

Close… and closer than anything else I have tried but not perfect. I like them enough that I’m going to try the wicking version in black, and for long days and music festivals will likely wear a pair of cotton underwear under them. However for shorter dresses, I'll wear my one pair of short Skimmies but I'm still on the hunt for something better.

Have you tried the Jockey Skimmies Slipshorts? Do you have another product you find perfect for battling summer chafing and chub rub?

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  1. Wanted to post a quick update to this. I finally got a pair and I love them. I got the wicking in the regular length, and got a large (I wear 10-12). They weren’t hot at all, were very comfortable, and did not roll down at the waist. However, I wanted a bit more support, so I got my next pair in medium. They tend to roll a little at the waist when I’m wearing a dress, but stay put when I’m wearing a skirt. So when I wear a dress, I wear the large, and wear the medium with skirts. When I first put them on, I do feel that they’re shorter in the back than the front, but then I get used to them and they feel fine. Regardless, I love these things. They’ve been a life changer for me.

  2. OK, I had to come back here and find the post and comment. I got a pair to wear on vacation and holy moly, I’m thrilled!!! Just say no to chub rub!! The dress I wore didn’t cling to them at all, they didn’t budge once I had them where I wanted them, and they didn’t make me hot or crampy like Spanx. Of course, they didn’t have the suck-it-in-ness of Spanx, but that’s OK. Over all, very glad to have them and will probably get another pair or two next time I’m at the outlet.

  3. I’m always looking out for something to stop the thigh chafing, so thanks for this review! Personally I’m very happy with my “panty shorts” from Thigh Society (http://www.thighsociety.ca/) – they’re nice and breathable, and don’t stick to my dresses, plus don’t have heavy waistbands like bike shorts.

  4. Thanks Allie! It seems like there’s a whole army of us wearing bike shorts or similar under our dresses but hardly anyone talking about it. I’m a size under plus size, but I find it much comfier having a layer between my thighs on a hot day. I’ve only got one pair that’s vague comfy though, so I could possibly do with another for when those are in the wash.

  5. I just heard about these and would love to try them out! I used to wear Spanx under all my dresses and skirts, but they started to mess with my digestive system. I’ve been wearing a pair of old biking shorts lately, but they have seams that are visible under the dress/skirt, which is annoying. I’m glad to hear you like these! I’ll definitely have to try them out! Thank you for the review, Allie!

  6. I like the Commando Control Skort. It’s expensive, but gives a nice smooth line under skirts. The slip is attached to the shorts at the bottom, so it stays put.

  7. I have half a dozen pairs of these and love them. I don’t do a summer skirt or dress without them. I am only 5’3″ but I don’t find they show under skirts that hit above my knee, unless they are well above the knee or I yank down the shorts as far as they will go. I do wear my regular underwear with them.

    I also find these are great for travel, even under pants. They rinse and dry fairly quickly, and they put a layer between my clothing and me. So I can rinse (or wash with shampoo after an extra sweaty day) after each wear and prolong the freshness of my clothing. When trying to travel light (carry-on only), it’s a great help.

    The Jockey online store has fairly frequent sales so if you stalk a bit, you can pick them up discounted.

  8. I have two pairs (longer short version and the shorter short version) and I love them. I wear them under all my sundresses and winter dresses. I have tried bike shorts and sweat and feel too warm in them. These are lightweight every stretchy and are not too tight that you feel like you can’t breath. I need to buy another pair in beige now.

  9. I love the skimmies! I found them at an outlet on sale 2/$20, loved them, and have since bought a third pair. I do wish there was a medium length, though. I find the short ones to be just a little too short to prevent rub, and the long ones are tough to wear under knee length skirts.

  10. I’m delurking because I can’t *not* comment on this post. About two years ago, three things changed my life in quick succession: Jockey Slipshorts, Wardrobe Oxygen and Gwynnie Bee (the 3rd was thanks to the 2nd!) I hadn’t worn skirts or dresses regularly for years until I discovered the Jockey slipshorts, which I do wear with cotton panties (i.e. the only thing that comes between me and “my Clavins,” due to my lady chemistry.) The first slipshorts I bought have been washed 100s of times and they have not pilled; on only one pair, the waist seam is just barely coming apart. They’re now a little dingy, but it’s only perceptible when compared to a new pair. I can’t think of anything negative about the slipshorts–except to say that like you, I’m not confident that the gusset is cotton. Just recently, I stocked up on several new pairs of the long length in my current size, and they appear to be the same as my original purchase. Because they fit even better, I only now realize the older pairs ride ever so slightly–virtually undetectable except by comparison. If anyone finds that the long ones ride, I would recommend trying the smaller size.

    And, while I don’t want to derail this particular topic too drastically, I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to thank you, Allie. I don’t enjoy shopping, have no particular interest in fashion, and for years was extremely frustrated with clothing options available/not available in my size. When I took a new job that required a significantly more professional look, I was lucky to stumble upon Wardrobe Oxygen. Your experiences and insight have truly inspired me to approach building a wardrobe differently, and have influenced my whole outlook. I offer you my sincere appreciation, and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  11. Thanks for the frank review. I’ve also seen the run of reviews, and am especially frustrated by reviews on plus size fashion blogs that don’t address how the sizing doesn’t seem to run into plus sizes, or what sizes might fit plus sizes. So not helpful!

  12. Have you tried Bandelettes? I picked up a pair of those a couple months back after reading some reviews by fatshion bloggers and I’m pretty sold on them. They’re basically the top 6″ of a pair of thigh-highs – wide elastic lace bands (though they’ve just come out with a solid/unisex style too) backed with silicone grippy strip stuff. They’re sized by thigh measurement, but size down. I was on the cusp between two sizes and got the smaller of the two, and still had to exchange them for the next one down. But, on the plus side, they’re great about exchanging if you need to.

    Anyway, I highly recommend them. They’re inexpensive, light so it doesn’t feel like wearing an entire extra garment under your dress, and I also think they’re kinda sexy in a way bike-short-type solutions aren’t. I’ve worn mine several times in California summer heat and they’ve been fantastic; I’m able to wear dresses for summer for the first time in years!

    1. I bought some bandelettes and have been a bit disappointed. I feel like I have to adjust them constantly. They ride up or just generally get wonky. However, I agree that they are much sexier than bike shorts…

  13. ,,,while i don’t suffer from chafing…Question, have you tried using some sort of powder? would that be helpful? i’m sure you’ve exhausted most recs. (smile) hope you’re able to find just the right solution. i seldom read blogs anymore but when i do i come back to yours,,,

  14. Also, I would ALWAYS wear underpants under these types of things. I don’t know why, but I have something against wearing hose/tights/skimmies/spanx, etc. without first donning the panties. Goes with the whole potential for a yeast infection I think. Sorry if TMI!

  15. Like you, I have a pair of cotton/spandex exercise/bike shorts and they are the best. However, they don’t work under light colored dresses. I am reluctant to get something that I won’t absolutely love. Maybe I’ll give these a try, but I worry about being too hot. I like my cotton/spandex, and I’m not sure anything else will do. Ugh.

  16. Thanks for the honest review Allie – these sound like just what I need when summer comes around again (I’m in Australia). Do you know if these are available outside the US?

    1. I don’t know what size you are, but I’ve heard good things about Virtu easy breezy shorts (Australian size 12 and up). I’ve just ordered a few pairs myself as they’re on sale for $13 at the moment. http://www.virtushop.com.au/default.aspx?catid=990&pdid=5945

      I’ve also been wearing these long undies by a brand called “sloggi” – might have got them from David Jones? They’re great but the one problem is that have lace around the leg openings and I feel like a grandma wearing them 🙂

      1. Thanks Sarah G – I’m currently an Aus16 and have purchased items from Virtu before. I’ll give those a look. And I’m totally willing to wear ‘retro’ lacy sloggi brand!

    2. I’ve been looking for these in Aus too! I don’t know why they don’t stock them here when Jockey is stocked so many places and it’s hot! Crazy. Anyhow – I’ve found some on ebay in the US that deliver to Aus as Amazon wont.

  17. I only wear the long version – the shorter style feels “too short” on me – but I LOOOOOVE them and buy more whenever they go on sale. I also have found the waist seam has unraveled a bit after half a dozen washes (for $20 undepants that annoys me), but i don’t care. I switch to these as soon as I stop wearing tights in the spring, and wear them in cooler weather with boots too. I don’t stick to my dresses, I feel more covered when the wind blows my skirt up, and I wear them with stretch sport skirts (think Athleta or Title Nine) and find that combo much more flattering and convenient than shorts. Plus I never have any rub or panty line. I have tried pettipants and they felt too loose and floppy.

    Seriously, life-changing for me.

    1. Good idea, but one of the best things about these is the lack of seams, so no itching, lines under clothes, etc. They don’t have a hem, sort of like Spanx etc. where it’s a finished edge. Not sure how it would look underneath. But something to consider!

  18. Like several others, I am on Team Skimmies. I picked up a pair in the U.S. last summer and wore them during a heatwave while I was visiting – they were a lifesaver. They do double duty in the winter as an extra layer of warmth, too, instead of or with a petticoat. And yet they don’t overheat one in the summer. Thanks for the heads up on the “riding up” of the shorter length one! I will stick with longer ones for my next purchase.

  19. I have a pair of regular and wicking, the longer length. I like both models.
    I had some spandx shorts on earlier in the week and by lunch I was dying from the constriction. These shorts aren’t as tight so they won’t smooth you down a size but you get smoothing and can wear them all day without feeling squeezed. I have some Danskin bike shorts from Walmart that I”ll wear on weekends under really short dresses, but they’re bulkier at the waist than these.

    Almost anything at the crotch will get hot in 90 degree weather if you’re walking very far. If it’s really hot I’ll wait until I get to work to put them on.

    Can’t wait for the petti-pant review!

  20. Thanks for sharing, Allie. I’ve yet to buy anything to wear under dresses out shirts because it’s been a while since I wore any. But, this summer the plan is to wear them and wear them often. I’ll give these a try based on your experience. I am a 14 @ 5’6″ so the regulars sound like a winner for me.

  21. I’m not sure if what I have are these or a predecessor (picked them up a few years ago), but I’ve been really happy with them. Especially with a little girl that seems to forget what she’s doing and pick up my skirt on occasion, they’ve become a wardrobe staple.

  22. Love hearing honest reviews… I just got a pair and have yet to really review or wear them to be honest. I rarely wear skimmies and things like thsi — and it gets SO hot in Florida — but I’m finding more and more it would be helpful. Now motivated to give mine a whirl.


  23. Long time follower, first time commenter. LOVE your blog. Re: skimmies, I love the originals in regular length, but agree — the short ride up (and I’m 5’7″) and are basically unwearable for me. After a year of frequent wear, my regular length ones were looking a little ragged and the seam at the waist came out, so I purchased the anti-static ones in the regular length and they were terrible! Could be because I have a smaller waist and large hips/rear, but the waist came up higher in the front and lower in the back and they slide down to the point of almost falling off, requiring constant adjustment. I read reviews online, and I’m not alone in this experience with the anti-static. I just ordered a new pair of the originals in regular length, but hope you will update once you’ve tried the wicking.

    1. Unrelated, sort of, but I’ve encountered a number of items, mainly workout clothes, that ride down in the back but not in the front. What is that all about?

  24. I still like pettipants unless it’s a super form-fitting garment. Prevents chub rub but are also airy enough (made from a slip material) so that they don’t get swampy.

  25. I reviewed these last summer after finding them in a Jockey Outlet. I think they’re fantastic! I was previously wearing athletic shorts from Walmart under skirts & dresses but they’ve been replaced by the Jockey shorts.

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