Lands’ End Friends & Family Sale: My Picks

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Lands' End Friends and Family beat picks to shop the sale for women, for home, and more

If there's ever been a best time to shop Lands' End it's right now.  They excel in spring and summer fashion and gear.  Even better, their Friends & Family sale started with 40% off full price purchases with promo code FAMILY and PIN 6894I've been a fan of Lands' End for years; they do classic style well along with good quality and a nice size range. This sale is so worth it, I decided to dedicate a post and search the Lands' End site for the best products for you!

Must Buy – Lands' End Swimwear

I've raved about Lands' End swimwear before.  The size range, the quality, the options for cup sizes and mastectomies and the variety of swim bottoms for your level of comfort and activity… I have Lands' End swimwear that is a decade old and still looks great and performs well.  As I've mentioned in other blog posts, no need to buy your swim top and bottom from the same retailer. Most are the same fabric and mix and match with ease.  Lands' End has the best variety of swim bottoms with regular, petite, long, and plus sizes (up to 26) but also such a great mix of lengths, fits, and needs for modesty, comfort, and activity.  For tops, Lands' End has the best mix of necklines, cup styles, cup sizes, and fits for different activities and needs.  I'm also a fan of their one-piece suits which are chic, stylish, timeless, and high quality. As an FYI for my links below, I focus on pieces that will work now and summers from now.  I am not linking to clearance pieces since the size range is limited, and no textured pieces because they usually only work best with other textured pieces from the same year and collection. However, if you're looking for a specific size or color it's worth it to visit Lands' End and use their filters as there are so many available that I haven't shared! 

Lands' End Swim Bottoms: My Picks

I didn't share one-piece suits, but do know they have several styles that are quite gorgeous, practical, and timeless.  Click here to see all their options!  For reference, this is my Lands' End Tugless swimsuit review.

Lands' End Rash Guards and Swim Coverups: My Picks

I love that rash guards are now stylish.  It's easy to find a variety of prints and styles and no one looks twice if you're wearing one for modesty, sun protection (Lands' End rash guards are UPF 50), or to have fun in the surf.  But don't keep rash guards like these just for the water; the prints and silhouettes make them wearable for other casual activities!

A good coverup can add style, comfort, sun protection, modesty, and make it easy to head to the snack bar or a beachside cafe at lunch. Lands' End has great styles that are quick drying and can also do double duty as a casual summer dress.

Must Buy: Lands' End Beachwear

Towels, and water shoes, and totes oh my!  If you've been reading for a while and follow me on Instagram, you know our family LOVES Lands' End beach towels.  I have some over a decade old that are still thick and soft with saturated color.  And my favorite beach (and farmer's market and Whole Foods and dry cleaning and taking food to a friend's potluck and camping) tote is from Lands' End.  Below I'm sharing what I actually own and can personally recommend.

  • We have this rugby striped beach towel in two colors, and we have both of them monogrammed (because why not?).  If you're thinking of a bridal shower gift, a pair of these towels would be a nice one! 
  • We have a previous year version of this reversible towel and find it plush and richly colored.  Yep, it's also monogrammed!
  • I love their canvas totes.  They're a nice weight with straps long enough to go over your shoulders even if it's stuffed to the gills. While we have a few in different sizes, our XL one with the zip top gets used the most (and it too is personalized with our last name). That's the bag I mentioned that is used EVERYWHERE.  And this is also a great gift for a grad, a bride-to-be, or even a parent-to-be (use it as the gift bag and fill it with beach towels and honeymoon supplies, dorm room essentials, or baby necessities). 
  • This insulated tote is amazing.  It's stylish enough to be used as a regular bag.  Take it to the market to hold frozen foods, use it for your lunch at work, it's great for wine festivals and outdoor concerts when you can bring your own food.  No need to keep it just for cold stuff, I've used it as a regular tote too!

I love a water shoe that looks like a normal shoe.  They're great for the beach where you want to keep the sand out, your feet comfortable on the bottom of the ocean, but also want to walk up to the boardwalk. I wear them when we go canoeing or kayaking because I don't need to change when we go somewhere after for lunch.

Must Buy: Lands' End Bags and Luggage

Lands' End makes fantastic luggage and stands behind their quality and durability.  I have bags decades old that still look and work great, and newer bags of just as great quality.

Must Buy: Lands' End Dresses

I have Lands' End dresses in my closet that are older than Emerson.  I still wear them, and each time I wear them I get compliments.  How many pieces in your closet can tell the same tale? 

I love their elbow sleeve ponte dress and have owned a couple over the years. It looks polished, works year round, can dress up and down, and it has pockets!

Clearly, this isn't all that is great at Lands' End.  I wanted to concentrate on what I know best, pieces I've worn or owned or I know people who have it.  If you take advantage of this sale, do let me know in the comments.  And if you have a Lands' End favorite not mentioned share that as well!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation on the Lands End shift dress coverup. I’ve been looking for something like that to wear in my backyard, basically a step up from pjs when I check out the garden in the am, or want to wear something loose & cool after work. The price was right. The fabric was a heavier, higher quality than I expected. But 2 caveats: the armholes are very deep, so the sides of ones bra are visible. Not a problem if over a swimsuit, but it means I will never wear it outside my home. And the darts are laughably bad.

  2. I have a few swim dresses and several regular and maxi fit and flare dresses. You’re right that they last for years and still look great. I have to talk myself out of ordering too many. I have a bad habit of stocking up on things that work well for me. Then I realize I’m ending up wearing the same look all the time.

  3. I am a big fan of LE but have found some of their sizing to be inconsistent this year. I bought 4 dresses in the same size, many of the same styles you presented. I returned two, one had a crossover wrap top but it wasn’t sewn to the waist in the front. That was really weird. It was meant to drape down over the waist, I think, but just didn’t seem right to me. I did by the black/cameo floral ponte dress and kept it. I think it will make a great transitional dress across seasons.

  4. I had not purchased nor worn swimwear since 1986 but because we were going to the Sea of Cortez this spring for a whale watch cruise that included zodiac rafts, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling and other activities, I decided to try Lands’ End as I have liked other garments from them (including several of their parkas and cashmere sweaters). I am now a fan of their swimwear. I bought the 5-inch swim shorts and liked them so much, I bought a second pair as they work great for running. I bought a tankini top (higher square neck with racer back) and three rash guards (include the one you referenced with the black stripes and floral on the sleeve). I am wearing them just as regular tops as they are insanely comfortable. I also have used them for yoga. I have not actually swam in any of these items (I did not snorkel) but they are working great for me as workout wear. I did return the one-piece leggings/skirt as I thought the skirt was wonky but I like the concept (I usually wear running skirts over leggings, and have a CABI item like this). One thing I liked is that the colors work well together so if you are a person who wants things to match, most items will match to other things across the brand.

  5. One more comment on Lands End: I wash all of my swimsuit pieces from LE in the washer but on the delicate cycle. Then I hang the pieces to dry–I’ve never put them in the dryer. I do think this helps extend the life of the suits (but I’m not hand washing them; just don’t have the time or space and feel like it never really gets a swimsuit clean enough).

  6. I’ve commented before on my own Lands End swimsuits; the quality really is good! I’ve got a few tankinis that are probably 12 years old—and I still wear them b/c they really are made so well. The cover up with the stripes that zips up–so cute Alison! I have 2 much older versions of that, in gray and aqua blue, and they are still chugging along after many years of wear. After you last post on LE, I ordered myself a new tankini and went with regular bottoms rather than my usual skirt (the ballooning thing is REAL!). I’ve not worn it yet but am taking it along on a summer trip that will involve snorkeling. It should be perfect. And, I found a rash guard from LE that has 3/4 sleeves and it zips up! Can you tell this makes me happy (easy on and off)!! Thanks for sharing so many great pics.

  7. Lands End has been a staple for decades for us. One item that comes to mind are the coats. My kids used to wear the squall coats. At that time the quality was such that 2 kids and a neighbor could get use out of one coat as hand me downs. I still buy some things but feel overall, with most products, the quality isn’t the same as the old days. Today I ordered myself a couple of pair of Starfish capri pants, and men’s tall undershirts for my husband. I like the fit of the pants but only buy them on sale because they will fade and only be worn in public one season. My husband is tall and thin; these shirts fit well as packaged undershirts are usually short and wide. But like other items, the undershirts used to be of higher quality fabric and he misses that. I will always be a lands End shopper. The fit of their products are generally very good. But we would certainly buy more if they would step up to the old ways of quality fabrics.

    1. I find across almost all retailers a reduction in quality. A big issue is us customers – we aren’t willing to pay more, we want sales and free shipping and free returns and the cuts have to come somewhere. Also our shopping habits have changed so drastically where it’s commonplace to replace a wardrobe after one season. I don’t know if customers would be willing to pay what it would cost in 2019 to make 1999 quality. But you’re right, the quality on some of their pieces as well as the fit just isn’t the same as it used to be.

      1. I must be an outlier. I would prefer the quality over the sales and perks. I have a set of sheets I got in 1984 for high school graduation that are still in the linen closet. They are thin but keep on going. Their seams wouldn’t think of busting out. They were on my daughters bed for years. They have traveled to every overnight camp imaginable as my kids were growing up. I keep them, I think, to remind me what once was. 😉 So goes Rome. 🙂

        1. You’re not the only outlier! I’d prefer quality over lower price and free shipping (although I love free returns, but mostly because it’s easy because the label is already provided). Then again I don’t shop online that much especially not for impulse stuff.

  8. I love my Land’s End Tankini, going on my 4th summer with it ! We only buy Land’s End backpacks and lunch bags, they take a beating from the bus to the locker etc. My son had a zipper break on his backpack after using it for a year and they offered to replace it….great customer service !

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