Trying Le Tote: My Experience with the Clothing and Accessory Rental Company

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You all know my love for Gwynnie Bee, but many of you have asked if there is a similar program for those who are smaller than a size 10. Le Tote is also a clothing rental company, but with a different concept.

A review of Le Tote by Wardrobe Oxygen. Opinion as a size 14 and discussion on whether the clothing is a good fit for women over 35. Le Tote helps you curate a box of not just clothing but accessories. For a $49 monthly fee, you receive a box with three garments and two accessories. You can keep items as long as you wish, and anything you love you can keep forever and Le Tote will charge your card. Send items back, and get news ones – you have unlimited Totes for your subscription fee. If you love and choose to keep everything in your shipment you get a free month of Le Tote. Le Tote wants you to love what you receive; you fill out a style profile upon joining, you can customized your delivery and know exactly what you will receive, and Le Tote has stylists on staff to help choose the perfect items for you and your personal style.  Not only that, when you go to the page for a certain item, you can see photos from other Le Tote members wearing the piece, helping you decide if it's a good choice for your figure.

I received the opportunity to try out Le Tote free for one month. When you join, you will fill out a survey about your size and style and from that certain items will be suggested. However, you can look at all items available and add anything you desire to your virtual closet. Unlike Gwynnie Bee, you can choose exactly what items will arrive in your next shipment – this is great if you’re planning around an event or travel. Like Gwynnie Bee, shipping is free and return packaging and shipping label is included. While it’s called Le Tote, my items arrived in a sturdy Le Tote branded box, wrapped in tissue. Le Tote is big on communication – you’ll receive emails and texts when your next tote is ready to customize, when it ships, and more. You have the ability to control what kind of communication you receive.

le tote review

A few of the Fall 2015 New Arrivals at Le Tote

Le Tote features popular department store brands like Vince Camuto, Max Studio, French Connection, and BCBGeneration and some lesser-known brands that I have seen at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. While Le Tote offers clothing up to an XL or 16, pickings get slim when you go larger than an L or 10. While the majority of the vibe of Le Tote is relaxed simple fashion, they do offer a few cute dresses or jumpsuits for a night out, and lots of separates that would be office appropriate.

I tried out LeTote at the end of August and had a very hard time finding anything I wanted in my first collection. The accessories weren’t my style – very delicate, simple, a bit too trendy, and as a 40 year old professional, a bit too young and cheap looking for my taste. The clothing felt very… basic. One thing I love about Gwynnie Bee is that it often forces me out of my comfort zone and introduces me to new brands, silhouettes, and prints. Le Tote is simple clothing, which could be amazing for one who doesn’t like or have the time for shopping or really isn’t into fashion but felt too simplistic for me. I ended up going with a black and white striped knit tee shirt inspired dress, a spaghetti-strap midi dress, a blazer, a delicate necklace with a pave circle, and a pair of ear jackets.

Everything fit like Juniors. The black and white dress was a nice heavy weight and well constructed, but so short it hardly covered my bum. The midi dress was a gorgeous teal color and one of those convertible pieces that has a smocked bodice that can be worn with the adjustable straps, styled strapless, or slid down and turned into a maxi skirt. It was fine, but it really felt like something I’d see on the rack at TJ Maxx for $19.99 in 50 different colors. The jacket was very tight in the arms and shoulder, unlined, and just looked and felt cheap. The same with the accessories; the necklace was pretty but looked like it was from Claire’s Boutique and the earrings were a weird overly yellow shiny gold that just looked too cheap for me. The only piece I wore was the teal midi dress, and it was because I was going to be outside volunteering at a fair and knew it would be hot out. It was perfect for such a situation, but not awesome enough to keep or even wear a second time.

I hate to dismiss Le Tote because it truly could be a great option for some. If you are a size 10 or smaller, if you’re not terribly tall or petite, if you’re under 35 and you’re looking for a reasonably priced way to add a bit of variety to your wardrobe without looking too trendy or outlandish, Le Tote could be a great option. The price is also pretty great – it's easy to spend this much on a sweater or casual dress that only gets worn a handful of times; with Le Tote you get three garments for the price of less than one plus two accessories to complete the look.  And like Netflix, send back and get another one right away.  Le Tote could prove to be a great way to shop and build a wardrobe as the company will adjust recommendations based upon your reviews and what you choose to keep. Just don’t expect to find any garments that will stop people in their tracks, transform your personal style, or find a ton appropriate for weddings and more formal social occasions. Their fall collection looks more promising and stylish than their summer selections, if you did want to try such a service this looks to be a good season to do so.

If you're interested in trying out Le Tote, use code LETOTEME and receive 50% off your first month's subscription.

Have you used Le Tote? What are your thoughts on the clothing and accessories rental service?  Do you think it's worth it for me to try it again?

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  1. I have tried Le Tote and 8 thought that the clothes were of high quality brand names. There were a couple of items that the stylist had picked out that I wasn’t sure about on preview but I took a chance and really end up loving the items so much I kept them. I would never have picked them out myself. I also have stitch fix and so far I prefer Le Tote subscription.

  2. Not sure what about the clothes felt cheap to you. I’ve been using Letote for 3 years and the clothes are all name brands. So if BCBG is cheap quality to you then I guess. Also I was just looking at Gwynnie Bee and they literally had some of the same outfits that I have rented on Letote! As for the jewelry to compare it to Claire’s is so harsh! I am in my 20s so I am a recent graduate from Claire’s lol. Le tote jewelry actually surprised me because I didn’t know statement jewelry could be such high quality without being real gold and diamonds. So I guess it’s “cheap” because it’s not a $300 gold necklace, but I don’t need that high caliber, I’m not JLo. Anyway I love Le tote and feel almost every single item has been high caliber and high quality! I tried Stitch fix too and I’m NOT in to buying new clothes every month! I love that Le tote let’s me be stylish AND a minimalist! I can own like 20 things in my closet and still look like I own a whole wardrobe. I’m ALWAYS getting compliments on my stuff!

    Also Gwynnie bee is a MAJOR disappointment for me because they only do size 10 and up. Le tote caters to everyone! Although I am sure Gwynnie bee can do a much better job for size 10 and up because it’s their niche! But I would definitely say if you are lower than size 10 Le tote is for you!

    Also the issue with cancelling. I have cancelled my second account before and yes sometimes their phone rings forever and won’t answer, but call again during different times of the day, not lunch hour and not 30 min before closing. Also if you email them and ask that your email be directed to a manager and tell them you called and can’t reach anyone that will help. They reply back in 1-3 days via email every time.

    But I don’t know why anyone would want to cancel since you can always put your account on hold until it works for you again! I have two accounts with them because I want double the speed and double the clothes! It’s awesome!

  3. Just in case someone is trying to cancel, here’s my experience: I actually got a few outfits that I liked in the beginning but then I started a job that had a uniform so I wanted to cancel my subscription. I tried to cancel by email but was told it could only be cancelled over the phone. Despite several phone calls, I have been unable to reach anyone. I have only managed to put the account on hold for three months. When the last “hold” was up, and they sent my “tote for review”, I started making calls again. After two days of making calls and getting no one, they sent the tote as is and charged me $50. I sent it back and put the account on hold again. That hold is apparently up again. I just received this text and gave this response today.

    Hi Dana, your tote is ready to be customized! View it here:

    I want to cancel this account. I started a job that required a uniform and don’t need it at this time. If I could have cancelled on-line the same way that I signed up, I might have cancelled and then tried again at a point when it would have worked for me. I tried to reach the company by email and was told that I can only cancel my subscription by phone. I’ve sat on hold trying to cancel my account several times. I have a job that doesn’t allow lengthy periods of phone use. The last couple of totes I recieved, I have paid for without being able to use. I can’t be on the phone at my job for an extended period of time. However, I can be on the internet. Therefore, I will contact every high profile blogger and social media guru I can find to tell them about how this company manipulates people into signing up for a monthly fee that is easy to sign up for but incredibly difficult to get out of. I will sign every review with this: DO NOT SIGN UP WITH LETOTE UNLESS YOU WANT TO DEDICATE $50 A MONTH TO THEM FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!!

    I’m so fed up with this company. While the concept is great, it’s not great enough for it to be an authentic system to draw customers without “bait and switch” manipulation.


  4. I tried Le Tote for one month bc I received a 50% code. I was really disappointed, and my expectations weren’t even that high. I received at least 5 totes in that one month, and only 2 clothing pieces were actually worn. I did keep one pair of earrings. I canceled it (which requires a phone call, FYI) before I was charged for another month.

    My main complaints were that sizing was majorly off and items in my “closet” were not available. I had a hard time finding clothing pieces that were my style, which is obviously a personal issue that others may not have. Also, my daily accessories are a watch, my wedding rings, and a pair of earrings — sometimes, maybe, a necklace — so the 2 accessories in every tote was a waste for me. Also, timing was not on my side. Le Tote was just starting to offer their Fall pieces, but I live in south Louisiana! I wanted the sleeveless tops pictured, but were apparently not in stock anymore.

    My one praise of the company is that shipping was super fast.

    Anyway, if GB decides to add more sizes to what they offer, I will be the first one to sign up.

  5. I too appreciate your honesty. Have you considered reviewing Stich Fix? It shows up a lot on Pinterst. I apologize if I missed it.

      1. Allie, I am plus-size (I wear about a 16/18 in pants) and I do Stitch Fix. I’ve received dresses and pants in size XL and 14s. Depending on the brand some items may run small, but even after gaining weight and having to change my style profile to reflect the largest sizes 9which go up to XL and 14), I have been able to buy tops and dresses that fit me since then. I definitely encourage you to try it! You can also opt out of receiving tops, bottoms, dresses, etc if that works better for you. Since I have gained weight I only ask for tops and dresses. 🙂 Thanks for an honest review of Le Tote! I am trying it right now and it’s just so-so. The turnaround time is sooooooooo slow!

  6. “Shroud of sadness” LOL It seems like one of the advantages of a service like this would be the chance to try different things, get out of the “uniform” rut, etc. without risking a lot of money on something you wear once and decide isn’t for you. Thanks for the reviews ladies!

  7. I have been curious about Le Tote because I do Stitch Fix and actually love it. When I tried Stitch Fix, I thought that it would be exactly like what you described above, with cheapie stuff at a premium price, but I have been very pleasantly surprised. I will say that I think there is something to be said for stuff just showing up at your house, without you having to think about it. The funny thing is that left to shop for myself, I will buy the same black ankle pants, button front shirts, wrap dresses and wool mini skirts every.time. With Stitch Fix, my husband has even commented that he likes that I have some different things that I normally wouldn’t even try on. In fact, my favorite thing they’ve sent is this dress that I would never have looked at a second time on the hanger, but that I adore now and have gotten so many compliments on. I like clothes, and I love to dress up, but I hate to shop, so these kind of things are really good for me and my lifestyle, personally.

    That said, the reason I haven’t tried Le Tote is that when I filled out the quiz, I didn’t really see anything blew my dress up if you know what I mean. I hope they do get some new–maybe a bit trendier–things. I definitely got a “shroud of sadness” vibe from some of their dresses.

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