This Weekend and Monday Apr 28, 2008

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Picture+004What a weekend!

Friday I dashed home from work to let out Ruckus and feed him dinner, then drove to the wedding. It was a nice time, the bride was gorgeous and it was very fun.

Woke up early the next day for yoga, and then a crazy day of errands. Target, grocery store, pedicure, bank, dry cleaners, make pasta salad, upload photos from the wedding we shot, laundry, clean the house…

I wore my black, lime and aqua print matte jersey faux-wrap dress from Maggy London, my black “Sandy” flops from Reef and my silver cuff. Hair was washed, conditioned and air dried. Makeup was only tinted moisturizer, mascara and Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey.

No pic of the face (battery died and in a rush).

That night the hubby and I were so exhausted we had some veggies, hummus, crackers and watched Juno and passed out around 10pm.

Picture+022Picture+025Sunday we had to wake up early again for yoga, but it ended up being rained out. The hubby headed to the park to let people know, and I started pulling summer clothes out of the attic and packing up winter pieces. We then got dressed to head to his Aunt's house to celebrate his grandmother's birthday.

– Black cotton wrap shirt from Ann Taylor Loft
– Tan tweedy trousers from Ann Taylor Loft
– Black leather heeled thongs from Mossimo
– Silver cuff and hoops

– Used the Croc wet-to-dry to straighten
– Jonathan Silky Dirt to smooth

– philosophy – The Present, and The Supernatural concealer trio in Light
– Cover Girl – Smoothers Tinted Mosturizer in Light/Medium, and LashBlast mascara in Black
– Cargo – Matte BeachBlush in Tenerife
– Body Shop – Eye Color in Granite (lid) and Slate (crease and lash line)
– Clinique – Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

After the birthday celebration, we headed to another town to the 1st birthday of our friend's little son. We got home late, had another dinner of veggies and hummus and passed out.

Oh, forgot to mention during all this activity on Sunday I BROKE MY CAMERA! I tripped over a chair leg, the camera went flying and smashed into several pieces. Lens shoved into the body, unable to turn on, and various pieces of silver metal and plastic all over the room. I wanted to cry. “Are you hurt?” my husband asked when he saw me crumpled on the floor, tears welling up. “No, but how am I supposed to BLOGGGGGG??????”

Not to fear, a new camera has been purchased and I should have it this week. So today… no pictures. Hair was washed, conditioned, and dried/straightened with the Croc flat iron.

Makeup is exactly the same as yesterday.

Attire – black merino shift from Banana Republic, tan “Bern” boots from Duo, silver cuff and hoops, orange crinkle silk scarf from Banana Republic.

Today has also been crazy – phones are down in our office so we had to catch a cab and dash to our Virginia office to conduct a webinar. It's raining cats and dogs out, and my supervisor and I had to cart around several laptops and equipment for this meeting. Due to the extra time this took, I am super behind in my work. Had to have a quick late lunch and post, but now I have to go back to work! See you tomorrow!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Aaww poor camera and you 🙁

    I don’t remember if I left a comment on your blog before (it’s been one of those weeks), but just wanted to say I love it. It’s good to see how other people make an effort to dress nicely rather than pick some some janky tee-shirt and jeans. Although there are days when all you need are a good tee and flip flops 🙂

    Oh, and I love the Clinique Black Honey — I rediscovered that this week, too. Works great with South Asian/olive skin.

  2. Ok, I might sound like a dork but, I am just going to comment everytime I see an outfit that just wow’s me.

    This is another one that looks great on you. The black wrap shirt is a great fit for you. And the color of the pants with the clean lines drape your legs perfect! I like the color as it seems to not be your everyday khaki color.

    We have emailed each other before and I have been lurking but keeping comments to myself. I think I will just be brave as I wish someone would comment on my style which could use major help but that’s beside the point.

    SAHM of four

  3. I clicked on an ad too – I NEVER do that! To be honest, I don’t even register them… anyway, I did it cos I totally feel your pain. We went out to dinner last weekend, I accidentally left my camera at home, and we ate at he same restaurant as Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr! Grr.

  4. How do you “pack away” your winter clothes? Do you put them in bins? That’s a good idea! I should do that too…

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