What I Wore: Madewell Linen Skirt

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madewell wrap skirt

Summer is the season when you need to relax a bit.  Accept the wrinkles, the sweat, the rumpled result of a day in the heat. It's a lot easier to bear when you're wearing breathable clothing, and clothing that is socially acceptable to be wrinkled.  Hello linen, but this linen look has a bit of assistance built in to keep it looking like a crumpled paper bag.

madewell stripe skirt

Linen Shirt: No-Iron Linen Shirt c/o Chico's (Size 2) | Linen Skirt: Madewell (L and on sale; plus size alternative, similar concept skirt) | Shoes: Nine West | Bag: Monserat De Lucca (old; similar concept from same brand) | Earrings: Jenny Bird | Bracelet: Had forever (budget-friendly option)

Monserat De Lucca clutch

madewell wrap skirt nordstrom

You've seen this shirt before in this blog post, and if you know me in real life you know I wear it quite often.  Like regular linen, it has softened with each wash, but has remained relatively wrinkle-free.  These photos were taken after about four hours of wearing this shirt, running around town, driving to errands, all in the Maryland summer heat and humidity.  One look at my hair and you can tell what kind of weather we had that day!

madewell skirt

I bought this Madewell linen skirt a while ago from Nordstrom; it's sold out there now but I linked to it on the Madewell site.  I bought it thinking it would look cute with a t-shirt and sneakers.  I don't like it with that combo.  The skirt is a higher slit than I expected, and the pockets kind of bow out a bit.  I wore it this day… and I am not sure how often it will be worn again.  It's not what I was really looking for to wear on casual run around days.  Below I've made a gallery of the kind of skirts that I do think are good for casual summer days, paired with a tank or tee and sandals or sneaks.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Oh wow, this is a stunner !!! You look lovely – and I have to say that even though summer is my all year round weather I cannot deal with wrinkles.

  2. Perhaps I am swimming against the tide here, but I really love this outfit on you! I think it’s really elegant. Perhaps not a fun look for a day of running about town, but I think it is perfect for a “meeting friends for lunch” or “BBQ after work” kind of day. It looks lovely to me!

  3. Boy I just hate when I get something for a specific intent, like casual wear and then my vision doesn’t work out at all. I often end up keeping it past the return date to try and make it work but it’s usually a mistake

  4. I like the colors of the skirt, they look cool. It ‘s nice to have pockets, but I can imagine that between the slim cut of the skirt and the lightweight fabric that they might have structural deficits.
    I have been known to stitch pockets shut if I think they’re going to droop or add bulk at the thigh – or require ironing to not look rumbly. It sad to lose them, but if I really like something I’ll live with it.

  5. How do you sit in that skirt? The location and height of the slit looks oooh so seductive…when you are standing. THat same sli though looks like it leaves very little room for functional activities like sitting, driving, picking something up if it drops, even taking too long strides…. I like the idea but I need to be able to move in my clothes.
    You pull it off though! You look cool and chic and that’s not easy on a hot summer day.
    I will admire the idea of the skirt , because it’s an interesting design, but from a safe distance.

    1. I would love to know this as well! I purchased a dress from ASOS last year that had a similar skirt/slit, and the moment I sat down, I was in danger of flashing everyone. Granted, I’m 5’10” so maybe that makes a difference, but it was an impractical look and it went back.

      I will say, you look absolutely fantastic. Chic and effortless!

      1. Thanks Amy! The skirt is sewn closed and has an elastic back of waist and the combo of the two keeps me covered from mid-thigh down. A bit more than my usual comfort, but legs crossed it’s not bad.

    2. It’s actually sewn shut so it doesn’t go wider. Also the back of the waist is a wide elastic so it’s a bit gathered so there’s hidden extra fabric to spread when I sit. But it’s still showing more above the knee than I am usually comfortable with.

  6. That outfit looks great on you! I do see what you mean, though, about the skirt not really working in a more casual way. Skirts are something I love the idea of but usually have difficulty pulling off. If they are too long, they look dowdy on me & if they’re too short, they’re just inappropriate. Plus, finding casual shoes can be hard—I like flats, sandals, & cute tennis shoes but sometimes those contribute to the dowdy look.

  7. I am a linen fan in the summer too, Allie!! I finally gave in and decided to embrace the wrinkles…both on my clothes and on my face…ha ha!!
    And this skirt is so great—It’s long yet not overpowering because of the slit!!

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