Mascaras for the Nancy Drews of the World

Here is an email from one of my friends. I decided to post it here and my response because it could prove quite useful to many of you readers. If you ever have a question, I would be more than happy to answer some of them for you on here! And if you try any of these products, do let me know your reviews. My friend decided to order the Stila and the Almay, I'll let you know the results!

As you know, I am a strawberry blonde, with very fair skin and pale blue eyes. I find that black mascara is far too harsh with my coloring, and most browns are pretty much black anyway. I have been buying an auburn mascara from L’Oreal for years, but they have recently discontinued it. Anyway, I think the color was a bit too red and made me look tired. I even tried the clear mascaras – they didn’t do a thing. What does a fair haired girl do?

Women would kill for your coloring – celebrities like Nicole Kidman are famous for it! It does prove difficult when purchasing makeup. The foundations are not pale enough, the blushes are too potent and the mascaras are all made for those who want thick thick glossy black fringe. That may be fun for a night out, but for day those with fairer coloring need a fairer colored mascara.

I did a bit of research, auburn mascara probably wasn’t the best look – red colors around the eyes do make the eyes look tired and pink. With pale eyes, colored mascaras may be too intense of a look and look too dramatic and artistic for everyday. It’s true, many “brown” mascaras are actually just warmer shades of black, and still too intense for your face. Here are a few brands that sell softer brown colors that would work with your coloring:

Lancome’s Defincils mascara doesn’t clump, gives separated, defined lashes that would highlight, not drown out your fair blue eyes. Their Brown color is a nice medium color that would be quite flattering. Defincils also comes in waterproof for those special occasions where a few tears may be shed. I for example wore this mascara on my wedding day.

Stila’s Major Lash mascara is made to be layered. It keeps the lashes soft and separated, and not only does it come in a nice soft brown, it even has a Taupe color for the very fair haired blondes!

For a very subtle, natural look an option is Sephora’s Lash and Eyebrow mascara. This product gives just a hint of color, but a bit more definition than bare lashes. The product comes in both Blonde and Brown colors!

Almay’s Intense I-Color Volumizing mascara is made with a shorter brush to prevent those dreaded clumps. They offer great colors like Raisin and Brown for the fairer skinned who want to play with color!

Hopefully some of these options will work for you and your coloring!

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