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spot aIt had to happen. Once Proactiv became huge there had to be larger chains that would try to mimic it. We have all seen it with the mineral makeup craze and now it seems to be the time for acne-proofing our skin.

Neutrogena's skin iD is the newest drugstore brand to try to snag away some of the rabid Proactiv fanbase – they even advertyise about how it is twice as fast as the popular infomercial line at reducing acne. From the skin iD Web site:

better and faster than Proactiv at treating acne!
skin iD outperformed Proactiv on all skin types and age groups. For mild, moderate, and severe acne, the results show that a personalized skin iD solution delivers superior results versus Proactiv.
Compared with Proactiv, skin iD™ is shown to be:

Better & faster at treating total acne!
SID clinicals chart1
Better at stopping new acne from emerging!

SID clinicals chart2

The final word? Truly remarkable results!
skin iD™is not only effective at treating your existing acne and preventing new acne from emerging, but it's also proven to be gentle on skin, with less burning or stinging, redness or flaking.
In just 7 days, skin iD stops 85% of emerging breakouts. And, in as early as 2 days, skin iD:
• Significantly reduces pimple redness & swelling
• Prevents new pimples from emerging
• Significantly reduces overall acne count
• Delivers a noticeable difference on your skin

Here's an at-a-glance view of how well skin iD™ addressed different types of acne at different stages of the clinical trial:
SID clinicals chart3
see for yourself
From clinical trials to real success stories, the proof is in the pores. See what a difference skin iD has made in individual lives. Then, experience what a difference a personalized solution can make today with an acne solution made just for you.

I haven’t really been plagued with acne since those tough middle and high school years, but I am interested in finding out if this line is as great as Neutrogena skin iD claims it is. For those who are looking for a solution to skin woes, skin iD is offering $10 off introductory kits on their Web site. The code is NEUTROGENA10 and is valid through June 30th. Kits can be purchased online or by calling 1-866-742-0201.

I would love to have those who have tried this line report back and let readers know how it has worked for you.

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  1. The product didnt work for my daughter… that doesnt mean it’s a bad product. The problem I had was getting a hold of customer service to cancel it. I kept trying several times and would get busy signals which a customer service rep there named Kirbi said no one had complained about that but me. She cancelled the subscription and would not give me credit for a shipment I just received even after I offered to ship back…. she basically said I could but it was a waste of my time. She was trying to get me upset so she could hang up on me. She wouldnt let you finish a sentence… very rude! I will never buy a product from that company again. Don’t auto pay for any product with this company… you wont be able to reach them to cancel and they will call you a liar… try to get you irate so they can hang up on you and they will not credit you.

  2. I got skin id 4 months ago my numbers are 14 32 72 it works GREAT after 5 days of use i had maybe less than 10 pimples when my usual is over 30. Even after noy using it for a a week my face is clear. I want to say that number 32 started peeling my face but it DOES say to reduce use in drying occurs. I would say you should use it often the first week almost everyday to get results but after that you can reduce. That is what worked for me! Im happy I found this its made for YOU I was going to go to a doctor but then i wanted to try one more thing. and it worked! I am 12 and happy i found it. It leaves a soft,clean,clear face. THE ONLY BAD THING: You should not let them do an automattic re-send monthly. I got it not too long ago and i was like but i STILL have some. You should call then and tell them not to do that for you.

  3. I guess when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I figured I could try the product for 60 days like their website said and if it didn’t work I could send it back. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, and unfortunately it didn’t work for me at all. On the main page of their website, it says “Simply try our products for 60 days. If you’re not totally satisfied, return your products – even if they’re empty – for a complete refund of the purchase price (less shipping and handling). What they don’t tell you, unless you go delving into small print, is that they count the 60 days from when you place the order, NOT from when you receive it and actually start “trying” it like they say in the big print on their website. So when I tried to call to return it, they told me that I was charged on April 9 and so would have had to return it on June 9, and according to my tracking number I did not even receive the product until April 20! They would not work with me on the phone even though I talked to the supervisor and insisted they weren’t doing anything wrong. Well, I’m letting you know now, don’t make the same mistake I did! It doesn’t work, it DEFINITELY doesn’t moisturize (I had to buy other moisturizer), and there is no 60 days of trying the product and being able to get your money back. They are just trying to trick you into buying their wayy too expensive product every 3 months.

  4. I use skiniD and it’s great, here’s a promocode I used to get $10 off introductory kit: ANDREWD10
    use and share to heart’s extent

  5. I ordered Skin Id last Sept. And it worked great. My skin was soft and my acne was gone. I tend to break out around my jaw line, mouth, nose, cheeks and temples.

    I decided to reorder it and to my horror right after using it my face became itchy and red and was even swollen. It was the exact same products. 25-32-72. I called and got a refund and closed my account.

    My mother in-law ordered me something off HSN. it should be here in 4 to 5 days until then i’ll just have to deal with my dry,peeling ,red ,swollen and itchy face..

    i have read in several places that after the first shipment of skin-id that many other people have had the same problem.. 1st shipment great 2nd shipment awful.. For $50 IT SHOULD ALWAYS BE GREAT..

  6. I tried Proactiv and got very little benefit from it.

    I thought I would give skinID a try because I’ve had decent results with Neutrogena products before. My regimen was 14.32.72. I received it 3 days ago and tested it over the last 2 days on different parts of my face. I have very sensitive skin, and one of the products in my kit contains benzoyl peroxide, so I figured I might allergic to it.

    I was right. I got red, itchy rashes in the places I tried out the products. I was disappointed because I indicated in the skinID evaluation that I have very sensitive skin, so I didn’t think they’d give me something with benzoyl peroxide.

    I called this morning to cancel and get a refund, and it was a long and arduous process. They were asking me tons of questions about my allergic reaction and what might have caused it. I felt this was a little unnecessary, but they said they needed to document all adverse reactions to the products. They told me I’d get a credit on my card in 3 to 5 business days, and they said they cancelled my account. We’ll see.

  7. Yes, proactive sucks! It didn’t work. All it did was dry out my skin and made it more sensitive. My sister also tried Proactive and her skin reacted the same. She is now using Skin id #14 32 53 and I have seen quite the difference. Her skin is no longer dry or red. It’s starting to clear up nicely. She’s been using it for about a month now. So, I’m thinking of giving it a try as well!

  8. I can see how a lot of people would have same or similar skin types. I did use Proactiv for a couple months and it cleared up breakouts as they occurred but prevention wasn’t all that great and it really dried my skin out. Going to give SkinID a try and see how that goes. I’ve read a lot more positive reviews on SkinID than Proactiv so far.

  9. Okay skinid sucks. I haven’t tried it but i just took the evaluation and there is no way that every person that posted on here is 07-40-32. What are the odds? They are just packageing the same thing and saying that it’s “personalized”

  10. Hey mine is 07 40 32 also! hmm are they just givng us numbers? but yea i think i might try it.. nothing else worked so far..

  11. SkiniD personalized acne treatment, Not a chance! If the recommended products don’t work the sales agents tell you to retake the evaluation in case you got the wrong products! If it’s too drying they tell you to cut back on the ‘acne treatment’ as its too strong.

    And to go from bad to worse it seems like now the SkinID 60-day money-back guarantee doesn’t apply beyond the first refill kit. And did you know that even if you do return the first or second kit for a refund it can take up-to 30 business days after they receive it before they will even issue a refund.

    The other regular Neutrogena acne products (@$18.99) are just as good as SkiniD(@$39.90+shipping) at with a new ‘brand’
    See: Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Complete Acne Therapy System

  12. I’ve heard a LOT of excellent things about skinID. Very few things have worked for my awful, awful, embarrassing skin. I get every single type of blemish they ask about on the site, including the cysts that can last forever. La Roche Posay/Biomedic works temporarily but then my skin becomes immune again. My face is so oily that once I put makeup on in the morning it is oily within two hours and even with blotting pads it feels disgusting by the end of the day. I ordered it yesterday and am looking forward to trying it. A lot of people have complained about drying, but I think this product is geared towards skin like mine where that probably won’t be an issue.

  13. i just started using skinID and i dont seem to see any difference yet, but my face feels so smooth already and hopefully i can see a drastic change. just for a warning : if you start using it , your face will dry up a little so lower it down by washing your face only at night until the dryness disappears. im really hoping skinID can give me a healthy & beautiful skin.

  14. I ordered skinid and the test was good. Later in the store I saw the same products on the shelf but under Neutrogena’s other brand names. Different looking package, but same size and same ingredients. Why am i paying higher prices for skinid? Take the test and go to the store.

  15. I ordered neutrogena skin ID on 9/15 I used the normal delivery and received it on 9/19. I used it right away and I have been using it everyday twice a day since I received it. I never had trouble with acne and now here I am in my 20’s and I have the deep cystic acne. I really wish I took a before picture because my face is so smooth and clear. I have yet to have a new breakout since using my skin ID -07-40-32- This was a miracle product. I too tried all the ance products out there and nothing worked as well or as fast as this did. I love it and you should try it too.

  16. I am currently using SkinID && it doesn hurt & i like how they customize it for you. I havent seen any real difference yet since i have only used it 2 days but ill get back to you & let you know how it all goes.

  17. I used proactive for a year and was not happy with it. I kept thinking I would give it another month, and if it didn’t work then I will go see a doctor about it. I have never had good skin, and I have been to the doctor many times in previous years. I just got so sick of daily pills and routine visits. Anyway, Proactive dried my skin out and did not show impressive results.

    Not even a week ago I received Skin ID. I love it!! I have noticed a large improvement all ready. My husband even tells me that he has not seen my skin so clear since he has known me. I am very happy with the results. It is less expensive then proactive and it shows results! I recommend it to anyone who is interested.

  18. I am happy that for some of you topical treatments have helped! For me, most of my acne/skin problems don’t have much to do with what skin care regimen I use…my acne is an internal problem. I have tried Spironolactone, and it worstened my acne. Birth control also was a disaster for my face. Dermatologists gave me antibiotics, and my body eventually became resistant to them. I have made an appointment to see an Internal Medicine doctor…I hope she can help me!

  19. I talked to my mom about getting this for me today and she thinks that if I just use a mask 3 times a week that my face will clear up. She also tried to say that I should use proactiv again, which never worked in the first place. Is this something I should try to convince my mom to buy or should i stick with masks and face soap?

  20. these comments helped alot! i wasnt too sure about buying the product but now i think i will. ill call and ask to walk me through the evaluation so i dont end up wasting my money.

  21. I am going to try our Skin ID and post updates about my progress in my blog, You can check out how well its working for me so it will be easier for your to decide whether or not to buy Skin ID. We also have coupons for Skin ID!

  22. I started using skin id about two weeks ago and it is working for me. I disagree with some of the comments above, going to a dermatologist isn’t always the best option. I went to one for three years and tried various perscription medications and still had acne. I tried proactiv, which i am sure works for some people, it just didn’t work for me. When I started using skin id my skin was really bad, but skin id started to clear it up. I would suggest trying this.

  23. I have tried it – and love it!

    Did the dermatologist routine and didn’t see enough difference for the price and the sun sensitivity. Tried proactive, tried a natural route. Removed dairy from my diet and that seemed to make the most difference and I was using that and some over the counter products now for a couple of years. But this came out and I decided to try it.

    I recommend you call them to have them walk you through the process because the people on the phone are very informative and helped me pick out the right kit for me. The first week, I saw nothing different and really didn’t like it. By the end of week 2 I saw a big change and now a month later my skin is how it was a decade ago. It is soft, acne free, has color to it, feels good and looks good.

  24. My son has had problems for years and has been seeing a dermatologist the whole time. Even with the prescription topicals and antibiotics, he still has problems. His was the horrible cystic acne. Proactive didn’t work. I stumbled onto skid ID and sent it to him. (He’s away at college now). He used it for 2 days before coming home for his sister’s wedding. Frankly, the only improvement I could see was that the redness was gone. The next weekend, he came home again for a meeting and I could tell a tremendous difference. His face looked wonderful. No redness at all and very few “issues.” This was after only a week and a half!

  25. Hey, this is Justin. K, I have used Proactiv before and it was just hurting my skin, makin it dry, pain, stress, you no! I tryed Clearasil… no good, oxy.. that’s a negative… now I am trying Skin iD. I haven’t gotten it yet, but I am gunna try it and I’ll letcha know!

  26. This is for an9ie (and any others who suffer from cystic acne as she does). Unlike you I have been suffering with acne since my early teens, however it has taken several different forms. I am now in my early twenties, and suffer from cystic acne on my cheeks. I am also on an oral contraceptive, however my dermatologist put me on Spironolactone. If your acne is being controlled by birth control, than I’m guessing it is hormonal, and Spironolactone addresses just that type of acne. Just a thought to try, it has worked miracles on my skin!

  27. i’ve also using Neutrogena’s Anti-Stress Acne and it helps..but now knowing that they came out with SkinID, i just ordered some to test it out…hopefully it will make the acne goes faster…

  28. I have used Proactiv for about three years with great success. I would love to try something else as that it seems my skin is getting used to Proactiv. I don’t have the really heavy acne seen in the Proactiv before and after commercials, but enough that it really bothers me, especially during That Time Of the Month.

    I am happy to try something new since my skin seems to have gotten used to my current choice. May try this and let you know how it goes!

  29. You’re right, i had the same problem since I was about 13 and my mom use to buy me all kind of things, paying alot on them and seeing no difference in the end.
    You’re advise is the best one possible.. for those who have this problem go and see a dermatologist, don’t waste time and money on stuff that won’t help you.

  30. Hey Allie, I subscribe to your blog’s feed and read it every day. I have a job interview next week and your post on dressing for interviews is excellent! Thank you so much 🙂

    Back to the topic at hand: I was acne-free all through my teens but am paying for it with a vengeance now. I have adult acne (the scarring, cystic kind – one pimple takes weeks/months to heal and can leave a pitted scar) which is currently being controlled with the oral contraceptive pill. However, I can’t stay on the pill all my life, so I’d be looking forward to controlling it with a product like this – if it works!

    To any readers out there, please take it from me, if you have severe acne, don’t spend hundreds of dollars “self-medicating” with over the counter products and hiding your blemishes with makeup. Go and see a medical professional, it will work out a lot cheaper in the end, and will be more effective. I wish I had started seeing my dermatologist ten years ago!

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