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Over the years I have learned a few things from trial and error, many from fellow bloggers, and a heck of a lot from you readers. A few style-based lessons I have learned that have improved my life that I thought may also help you:

beauty and style tips

Apply Dry Shampoo Before Bedtime. Colored dry shampoo can drip and gets on my hands if I forget and scratch my head and “invisible” dry shampoo makes my brown hair look ashy. One of you readers suggested I try applying dry shampoo before bedtime and let it work its way into my roots while I sleep. Brilliant! I prefer Klorane Dry Shampoo because it has a soft mist and subtle smell, but this also works with cheaper brands like Salon Grafix and Suave. I apply, I don’t really rub in so I go to bed looking as though I have gray roots. However when I wake… awesomeness. Enough time for it to really work in, not leave an ashy look, it’s not as sticky/dry feeling and gives that dry/full look I desire.

Buy Leather a Size Too Small. Leather stretches. Even lined leather stretches. My lined pleated leather skirt I almost returned because I bought a 10 and it was skin tight and I couldn’t fully zip it. So a couple days after work, I came home and changed into it. Made dinner, watched TV, and stretched it out enough to zip. Three nights and the skirt was ready to wear to work. Since then, the skirt has grown even more to where it sort of sits on my hips. Same holds true for leather pants – all my size 10 leather pants (that I shall wear again!) are actually 6 and 8 because they stretch and I broke them in with this method.

Buy Boots a Half Size Too Big. A little more room in the boot means you can wear thick cozy socks without an issue. Come winter, I often wear a pair of knee-high socks and then a pair of thick snuggly anklets over them so I have warm tootsies; the extra space gives my feet plenty of room to wiggle with all the layers.

When Line Drying Pants, Hang Upside Down. Fold the legs seam to seam and hang them in this manner, use those hangers with clips, and the waistband won’t stretch out and you end up with a nice clean crease down each leg.

Store Costume Jewelry in Plastic Bags. Fake gold and silver tarnish easily, and don’t shine back up like the real thing. If you store in Ziploc baggies (or save the plastic bags from purchases and shipments) you can see what you have and also make it look nicer longer. This especially holds true for rhinestones, which can dull over time. So you don’t have a pin-worthy jewelry collection, but at least your collection will last more than one season!

Polish Silver Jewelry with Toothpaste. Works so well, gets the job done fast, and you don’t have to dig around under your kitchen sink for the solution or in your junk drawer for the polishing cloth. Paste, not gel. Rub with your fingers, rinse off, dry with a towel or soft cloth.

Get Out Any Stain with Peroxide and Dawn. Here’s the recipe, and yes, it works like a charm on most any fabric, stains old and new.

Wash Your Makeup Brushes Regularly. When is the last time you washed your makeup brushes? I wash mine once a month with baby shampoo, swirl them on the bottom of the sink to get out the suds, and let dry on their side with the brushes hanging over the edge of the counter or back of toilet so they get good air flow. Try to not get the metal part of the brush (where the bristles are attached) wet, but wash regularly for better pigment, more even application, and fewer breakouts.

Coconut Oil is Awesome. I get allergic reactions to metal from time to time, usually on the back of my neck or on my fingers. This especially happens on my hands, and I’ll end up with raw, red, flaky and burning skin. I have tried cortisone, prescription creams, and the only thing that has really worked is coconut oil. Take off my wedding bands, apply some coconut oil, go to bed and wake up with happy skin. I also use it on my hands and elbows as an intense moisturizer, as well as a hair conditioning treatment. My friend also told me it cleared up her Keratosis Pilaris (those little bumps on the back of upper arms). We use coconut oil in place of butter and most oils at home, so it’s easy to stop in the kitchen and scoop some out for beauty use. Google or Pinterest search coconut oil and you will be amazed by all its health, beauty, pet and home benefits!

Don’t Fold Your Bras. It’s so tempting to fold your bras, especially if they have molded cups, but this stretches them out and changes their shape. Lay them flat in your drawer and they will maintain their shape longer and be less likely to have the wires poke out of the fabric.

Stitch Witchery. It’s the bomb. Tear off a strip, stick it in a fallen hem, can even make it work with your hair iron. Good stuff.

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  1. I wish I had seen this post earlier! I got married last Saturday and the one thing I couldn’t figure out was how to get rid of the tiny red bumps on the backs of my arms. I didn’t even know there was a term for it until I read this post. Live and learn!

  2. I saw the ziploc bag in the bloglovin feed and rushed over to see what this was about. This is a great post. I am especially grateful on the leather tip. I have a pencil skirt that I’ve been meaning to sell on eBay but refuse to let it go. Ok, I promised my readers that I would try coconut oil and I will be heading over to Whole Foods tomorrow to find the extra virgin one like the one pictured here. If it smells too strong (that’s my fear), I will just use it in the kitchen.

  3. I wear mostly sterling silver and have never had to clean any of it since I started storing it in my Laura Greiner jewelry box:$uslarge$
    Some of the reviews are negative. Ignore those. MIne does have a loose knob but I got it “as is” for $20 so can’t complain. It is so nice having untarnished silver and I have had mine for several years.

  4. These are great tips! When I wash skirts (especially A-line or denim that wrinkles easily), I will hang them wet, upside down on a hanger with grippers, so they will dry without wrinkles, like the pants.

  5. I store costume jewelry in a two-sided, hanging jewelry organizer I bought at Marshall’s. I think it cost $12, and has about 40 individual clear plastic pockets that can hold a bunch of bangles or a necklace each. I wouldn’t know where to store the ziplocs!

  6. It is probably the least glamorous way to store jewelry ever, but if you want to keep your collection clean, untangled, and easy-to-access, ziplocs really are your best bet. And if you want smaller ones, Amazon is the place to go.

    My other random tip is cut up old tights into rings and use these rings to corral your tights in your drawer (fold tights twice to make a rectangularish shape, and then keep together with the ring from your old tights). You can also distinguish further by having one color ring for tights/nylons without any runs and tights/nylons with runs that don’t totally ruin them (eg, if you’re wearing leggings or a long skirt anyway, a small run near the knees doesn’t really matter). This system also makes it very easy to see if you need to add tights to your shopping list.

  7. I use coconut oil as eye makeup remover. When at all possible I try to use all-natural beauty products, so this fits the bill there, plus it’s the only thing that has ever truly removed all my makeup.

  8. For cleaning metal jewelry quickly and easily, I recommend a 5-10 minute soak in warm water with a denture tablet. Cleans quickly and no scrubbing (same principle as toothpaste). Great tip about the ziplock bags- I’ll do that tonight!

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