My Wardrobe Today – Tuesday

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Black Knit Moto Jacket – Gap (no longer available online but you may find in their stores in black or gray)
Black Ponte Dress with Exposed Back Zipper – LOFT (no longer available online which is a shame because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress!)
Belt – Ann Taylor (bought a couple years ago)
Black Patent Mary Janes – Nine West (see below)

Shop your closet, folks. Shop your closet!

I have been spending this week doing a hardcore closet clean-out.  I dumped everything out of my bureau and only put back that which I like.  I made one bag of things to donate, and one bag of things to put on eBay.  Now I am working on my closet.  I took everything out that is too small, too big, too ugly, too worn.  There's a pile of items to repair, and then I added to my two bags.

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I am putting all my shoes in boxes on the shelf, because the floor of the closet it a bit of a No Mans Land. My dogs sometimes like to take a nap in there, my husband uses it as a place to throw things and close the door when people come over, I often find Emerson's books and toys hidden in corners… anyway it's a bad place to keep shoes. I opened each box to ensure the shoes inside match the label on the outside… and found these shoes!

Long-time readers may remember them. I saw them at Nordstrom a couple years ago and HAD TO HAVE THEM. They only had them in 7. I ordered them, and they were far too small. I started searching online for these shoes from another retailer and found then for half the price of Nordstrom, but only in an 8. I ordered them anyway… and they were too big. I think I wore them twice, both times bad experiences with rubbing, blisters, and carefully shuffling from Metro to office. After that, I shoved them in the box, stuck them in the back of the closet and figured I would eventually put them on eBay.

Well last night I found them and tried them on… and now they fit! Not only do they fit, they are pretty comfy! I am so excited because on my shopping list I had a pair of patent Mary Janes. Granted, I wanted all black with a pointy toe and a slimmer heel, but these are pretty stellar. I had a stranger stop me on the street and ask me who made my shoes and two coworkers said they are “Fierce.” Hooray!

Tonight I hope to finish the closet and this weekend hope to tackle the attic. After that I will be posting even more stuff on eBay – check it out!


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  1. After years of reading your blog, I bought my first black ponte dress at banana republic on black friday!! I thought you’d be proud. 🙂

  2. So funny, another reader commented on Twitter that she too bought these boots after I showed them on here two years ago. YES, CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET! Think how many fab things may be lurking in there!?! 🙂

    And yes, I think finding these was a blessing in disguise – the red heels are fantastic, and considering I usually wear all black (and just bought a red bag), it’s a perfect accent! 🙂

  3. OMG! The dress is killer on you! (ANd I wish they still had it at Loft, it would be perfect for work for me( I am a teacher.) BUt the shoes…oh the shoes! YOu seriously just reminded me that I have them….somewhere – you inspired me to buy them about two years ago! I wore them a few times, then they sat in the back of my closet because other shoes got invited to my closet. So I still have those shoes in one of my boxes! Whoo hoo! Thanks for the reminder! LOL! I guess this means I should use my Thanksgiving vacation to clean out my closet?!

  4. I love those shoes – actually, the heel is what makes them, so I think that it’s better that they aren’t all black.

    Not that I don’t love my all-black mary janes, but those heels are what takes them nice to fierce.

  5. Love the shoes, and wish I had that jacket. I don’t own a coat; but could use something cozy on the few chilly days I have. I think I need one of those. Off to eBay I go!

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