My Weekend Mar 22, 2011

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I don't often post about my weekend because it's often pretty boring. If you follow me on Twitter you'll see I sometimes Tweet what I am wearing, and it often includes “vintage jeans” (worn-out Gap Essential Jeans that got too short so I took a seam ripper to the hem) and striped tees (not shocking as that at last count I have seven of them). Events of the weekend are usually showstoppers like trips to the playground, a toddler's birthday, maybe dinner at the same sushi restaurant we have visited since the '90s. Sundays we often do what my husband calls Church, which is where we make a really fantastic brunch and invite over my sister, maybe a friend and spend time together as loved ones, feeling grateful for our lives and relationships.

Well this weekend wasn't so boring…

Friday night the weather was spectacular. As that my sister was going to NYC for the weekend with her friend, we invited her over Friday for Church. We also had over my husband's friend/ex-roommate. Back in the day (we're talking pre-marriage, pre-baby, pre-house remodel when we lived in 700 SF) my sister and J were regulars at our house. We would grill, drink beer, talk about randomness until the wee hours. My husband and I would head up to bed, often my sister and our friend would stake out their respected couches and crash for the night. Over the years, we have all gotten very busy – boyfriends and girlfriends and buying new homes and procreating. This made Friday all the more special – it was like the old gang all back together. We sat on the deck drinking beer and eating our grilled dinner, talking about music, politics, current events, nothingness while we looked at the stars.

Saturday I met with a couple who was looking for an officiant for their wedding.  They are a friend of a friend, folks I had never met before so it was good to meet face-to-face and ensure we were a good fit for one another.  I think it was – they booked me and I just loved them – so cute and a lovely couple.  I am pretty excited about this wedding – the bride is Thai, the groom Korean.  They will have three ceremonies and I will officiate the brief American/civil one.

Saturday night we had a double date with our friends N & R.  They live in our town, and like us they love to support local businesses.  We had dinner at a cafe in the town center, then went to the local theater to see a production of Reefer Madness.  After, we went back to the cafe to enjoy some live blues music.  I could go into detail about the night, but I think my friend N said it best on her blog:

Reefer Madness is an outrageous musical comedy adaptation of a1936 anti-marijuana propaganda film. It is the exaggerated and hysterical story of what happens when one falls victim “to the scourge” that is marijuana.

Our story starts in old-timey sock-hoppy days with all-American teenager Jimmy and his perfect girlfriend. The school dance is coming up and a charismatic stranger offers to teach Jimmy how to dance. Jimmy is then lured into a “reefer den” and persuaded into trying “the reefer.” Dun dun dunnnnnnn…

Jimmy tries it and quickly becomes a hardcore, strung-out drug addict. His immediate degradation puts pop culture's most notable crackheads like Pookie and Bubbles to shame.

What happens next? There is an orgy. A dog is beaten to death. A cat is attacked with a chainsaw. People get shot. Potheads attack and eat people, zombie-style. An old guy gets run over by a car. A baby is sold for drug money. A guy is beaten to death and has his heart ripped out. A woman is beheaded. Yes, all that from smoking reefer.

After the show, we walked a few steps to our local haunt, to catch whatever band was playing that night.  Fortunately, the band playing was great and led by a total showman who you could tell loved being on stage. He played the heck out of his guitar and got all the hippies dancing wildly. He sat on Allie's lap while jamming and Allie got yanked up front by some woman who wanted to dance with her. Allie has a positive and inviting aura so she was a prime target for attention.

When she sat back down, Allie whispered to me, “That woman kissed my ear.” Moments later, R leaned over and said to me, “Don't turn around but there is a Sasquatch  sitting right behind you.”

new deal ryan allie nic
Me, R & N at the Cafe after the play 
(I think hubby was scoring drinks while we took the pic)

Gotta love our town!  And yep, still wearing a striped tee, but I paired it with dark narrow jeans, my DUO boots, my ginormous H&M scarf, and in place of a coat I wore my big chunky taupe cardigan from Ann Taylor.

Sunday, my best friend S and her husband M came over for “Church.” We spent the whole day together and it was awesome.  We don't see them as often as we would like, and it was great to catch up.  No major plans, just hanging out.  The guys went for a hike at one point and also went to the market to get us some beer for dinner; my friend and I played with Emerson and talked about how to redecorate our office upstairs.

It was a really stellar weekend because we got to get out, see friends, I got quality time with Emerson and also QT with my husband.  Working so much and wanting to give my husband a break from his all-week Emerson detail, I usually have extremely low-key weekends so I can spend it with Emerson.  She's still taking a nap in the middle of the day, so big outings aren't really possible, and to go out in the evening requires scoring a babysitter.  I really don't want to book up my weekend anyway since I don't really get time with E during the weekn.  It was wonderful to have it all work out in one cool weekend!

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  1. I love calling it “Church”. My Honey and I had Church with our friends on Saturday night. My outfit consisted of an embellished tee and jeans. Really exciting. Our Church session included burritos handmade by my Honey and pomegranate margaritas by me. 🙂

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